May 9, 2012

If Only

The meadow was open and endless,
the sense of tranquility whispering a secret
each step cushioned by thick, lustrous strands of green velvet
so damp and sweet
wild flowers growing unevenly in between
as white clouds hang low slowly blending
and all that can be felt is the certainty that speaks

ever-so softly in my mind

I just know

I walk alone surrounded in this surreal splendor
trying to comprehend the balance that truly does exist
trying to fathom perfection and the reason why we are here
and how the planets stay aligned
never falling from the universe that's as dark as pitch
complimenting each other
the plan was too perfect to be a coincidence

The sun is comforting as the wind gently brushes my skin
and the only sound that I can hear is sweet and barely audible
stillness I think it is,
or perhaps the contentment that I feel
I've known this feeling
I've felt it once before
yet I can't recall its connected bliss

There before me I see forever
Gardenias' parfume flood my senses
days of standing at the dunes staring at the faraway places
recalling the recesses of my mind
a life left behind

The constant rush of memories in black and white
like faded pictures dusty and lost
they erode my fortress and carry it off into the sea
to the bottom
only to be conjured another time

Butterflies flutter past me
their parchment-like wings carry their metamorphic frames
and in slow motion I witness their angelic flight
just like the planets, they stay perfectly balanced in the stillness
while I walk past old tombstones chipped and white
weather beaten from centuries gone by
and I still can't help but to wonder why

I reflect

I remember that I once walked this very field


The planets stay up in the heavens and never fall

they remain constant

as do I

May 6, 2012


I was wondering how I was going to broach this topic. When it comes to God and the law of attraction, and free will, people get confused and leery as to whether they should contemplate the existence of these ideas. They even fear being blasphemous---that entertaining the idea of the law of attraction goes against God.

Having said that: if this subject rubs you the wrong way, then please feel free to exit from this blog. If this subject causes you stress, then please feel free to exit from this blog. And lastly. If talking about God brings up the need to debate His existence, or lack thereof, please exit from this blog. For the record, I will not debate God's existence. I will not debate religion. And I will not debate my beliefs. So, if you're a debater, you're in the wrong place. This is a place for exploration and deep reflection. This is a place where hopefully, you'll find some answers. This is a place that's deep within my being--- located in a non-linear plane whichs knows no space or time, nor bars or walls. This place is my mind. So you're either willing to listen or free to go. It's all good. 

Moving on . . .

If you've read my previous articles, then you know I'm an advocate for the law of attraction. I've been studying the mind for more than half my life. Does that make me an expert? It does . . . in my world. But I don't want to come off as a snooty know-it-all. Becoming an expert in any field is based on one's willingness and perception TO know it all. Everyone is a know-it-all when it comes to their own life. Indeed they are. No person can tell you more about you then you. When it comes to you, you are an expert; hence, so is everyone else, including me. The only difference that may exist between you and me is that I go to tremendous lengths to find answers, and I don't stop until I get them. Which is something that benefits anyone who'll listen. Again, I'm not tooting my horn. I'm just stating a fact. 

Hundreds of geniuses have written articles concerning their experiences with God and the spirit world. They've documented their findings in an effort to help man achieve his purpose---in order for him to reach his spiritual evolution. These masters, dating back thousands' of years, before Jesus and even before Buddha, knew about God and man's direct connection to Him. They've transcended their earthly ego in order to find God. They knew about the law of God, which simply put is: we are made in His image, and included in that image is his ability to create. (I'm stating a line from Master of the Realm--a true story I wrote of how I connected with the spirit world.)

After going through my own spiritual evolutional metamorphosis and coming to the conclusion that we are made in God's image, including His ability to create, and then after having spirits lead me to study what I was told, only to find out that the greatest minds in the history of mankind said the very same thing, well, that was good enough for me. Of course, I just didn't let it drop there. I've been talking to God every day of my life, asking a gazillion questions about Him, about me and Him, and about the laws which represent Him: such as the law of gravity; the law of cause and effect; the law of attraction; the law of abundance, and so forth. These laws aren't some hokey-pokey nonsense created to pacify man's reasoning. These laws aren't some analogy to justify man's iniquities. Heck, no! These laws ARE GOD, through and through; therefore, they must be studied and applied by us--those who are made in His image. So, it's like this:

If God is everything---the universes, the planets, the beings on those planets, the animals, the skies, the oceans, the vegetation, the rock and clay, and all filament, AND if all these attributes are in  perfect harmony, each being what they are, doing what they're supposed to be doing, existing with each other, moving with the flow, in perfect timing, in sync, then that means that God must be a part of them, or even perhaps, HE is them.


If He is them, then that means that He is us and we are Him; each given the ability to create anything we want. It's not blasphemous to state: I AM GOD. We are God, here on earth, in the physical. And as God, we have what's called free will. You know this. You know you can pick and dismiss anything in your life. That's free will. So, if we can pick and dismiss all things in our existence, and if we are made in God's image, that must mean that God is free will.

So . . .

If God is free will, and we are made in God's image, that means that we can create whatever we want. That means that we can pick and dismiss what we want. That means that we can be what we want. If God is free will then that means He will not stop you from creating what you want because YOU are made in His image and given the freedom to create whatever it is that YOU want to create. And if you know about the law of attraction---ENERGY VIBRATION SEEKS ITS LIKENESS OR EQUIVALENT, then you understand that . . .

if the law of attraction exists, and it does. And if we are the creators of our worlds, which we are. And if we're made in God's image, which is true, and if free will is a part of it, then that means: GOD WILL NOT STOP CATASTROPHES, which you've created. HE WILL NOT STOP POVERTY, which you subconsciously created. HE WILL NOT STOP PAIN AND HEARTACHE and SICKNESS, which you've created by picking and choosing your desires and battles. DO YOU GET ME?

God has given YOU free will. He won't interfere . . . UNLESS YOU CHOOSE HIM.

What if . . .

God goes either way? What if He's here--deep within us, but stays away if we don't ask for help? If He's free will, then He's waiting to be called upon. He's waiting for us to pick and choose Him---all that is good. He's the law of attraction, who will not stop what you're subconsciously searching for, which is what you're attracting in your everyday life. So, why are you attracting catastrophies and heartache? It's your thinking and core beliefs. Combine it with free will, and guess what? God is not to blame. YOU are to blame.

People want to know why the world is so wrong--why their lives are messed-up, and why God has forsaken them. I'm here to tell you that God is divine; He's pure love, and if you're not looking for Him, if you're not seeking love, if you're not practicing picking and choosing love, then free will is gonna costya.

I have ideas. I have insight. I ask questions. I seek answers. I want more. I want to rise above life's chaos and bullshit and live the best life I can. The big question is . . . do you?

Learn about the law of attraction. Learn about your mind and its power. Learn what you are. What else is possible should become your mantra.