November 21, 2017

25-Year Challenge. Try This If You Dare

It seems like challenges have become the big thing recently, despite them being done through the decades. Challenges are designed to make a person see themselves enough so that they can step up to the plate and own their issues.
Some challenges are for losing weight. Others are for gratitude. And some to loving yourself. All these challenges are designed to help a person discover that they are groovy people who deserve good things.

Here's a challenge.

For the next 25 years, when you need to find yourself, when you need to find your divine purpose, or gratitude, go within and thank the Lord.
Every time you feel that weakness, go within and thank the Lord.
Every time you feel like shoving food down your throat, go within and thank the Lord.

Because it seems like people have truly forgotten who they are, where they came from and what their powers are.
Because it seems like people have bowed to the pressure of trying to be on top, bowing to be something they're not, bowing to the desire of competing with others.
Because it truly seems like people don't know their deal—so much in fact—that they have to challenge themselves in order to discipline themselves, when all along, they have been placed on this earth for one reason: to act like God.

Learn who you are in relation to the Creator. Learn this. Understand your divine-ness. Understand that you are SPIRIT who got born into a human body, just so you can experience your own power through creating.

You want a challenge? I just gave you the biggest challenge you'll ever know. Stop looking outside of yourself and begin asking Creator to show you more.

Just sayin'

Blessings from my angels and guides

November 17, 2017

Why You Don't Let Your Issues Leave You

The issues we hold onto serve us. People write me to ask why they can't seem to let go of debilitating issues. My answer is always the same.
When issues stay with us—and keep in mind the issues can be anything from health, love, to money—it's because the issue is actually a defense mechanism to keep us from moving forward.

Why would we NOT want to move forward in our lives, especially when we tell ourselves we want money, love, success, and health?

Under our layers of living are our foundation core beliefs. These beliefs are the key to our interaction with life. If we have a core belief that revolves around ANY major fear, unworthiness, or a vow, our psyche will ensure that we don't achieve our conscious desire. Under it all, we attract all situations that will ultimately bring us back to NOT achieving. Most of this happens through the choices we will end up making; which are all governed by the deep core belief.

When we hold onto a health issue, most often we're gaining an outcome from it.
When we hold onto a money issue, most often we're gaining an outcome from it.
The same with love.

You'd be amazed at the beliefs that are tied into people's current life issues. I've uncovered stuff that shocked my clients. Stuff that if talking to them they'd deny. It wouldn't be until we muscle tested that they'd discover the REAL reasons for not having love, success, or health.

Let me give you a quick example: A divorced or single woman with three adult children might find herself lonely and worried about her golden years. She finds herself sick quite often. The sickness garners attention from her three grown children who no longer live with her. The attention is what she seeks, and so, she keeps herself sick ( done on a deeper level ) to ensure that she sees her children, which in turn, has her temporarily convinced she won't die alone.

Life is what we make it. They say, FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT. I used to like that statement, now I see that when you THINK you have made it, the truth is right there waiting.

November 14, 2017

Say This Throughout Your Day!!!

TODAY'S MANTRA ( say this throughout your day)
I don't have to explain who I am. I don't have to ask for forgiveness for my ideas and beliefs. I don't have to jump through hoops for you to like me. I don't have to make attempts to fit in so you will accept me.

I am who I am. And if you can't love me for that, then it's your problem, not mine.

You know what I found out about me? I'm okay and I don't need to prove it. I don't need to pretend. I don't need to beg. I don't need your friendship. At best, if I am your friend, you are one lucky person.

I love me! And if you don't love me, that's perfectly okay.

November 13, 2017


Welcome to "Just Sayin'" ( my overly analytical view of life )

Ok. So, God gave each of us a brain, right? And with these brains come insight and reflection, the ability to filter all the bullshit, cow shit, horse shit, and any other shit out there.

When you see something that doesn't feel right, you question it.

When hear something that doesn't sound right, you question it.

When you're preached to, and it doesn't align with you, you question it.


Because God GAVE US THE ABILITY TO REASON. He gave us free will. He gave us ideas. USE THEM. If you don't like the teacher, find a new teacher.
You are to question all your teachers. You are to ask, ask, ask. You are not to take what you hear at face value.


Because each person has a distorted view of life. That's right, kids.
D I S T O R T E D.

You must question what you hear, see, learn, and follow. It's your God-given divine right to take what works from teachers, use it, question it, add to it, or dump it.


Just sayin'

November 2, 2017

When Do We Stop Searching?

November 2, 2017

I've been doing a great deal of soul searching.
So many ideas cross my mind and it's sometimes difficult to determine if it's divinity or just me.

I woke at 3 am this morning, having coffee, scrolling through my feed. I see so many people struggling. So many healers doing their promo work. So many angel card readers offering freebies. It makes me think "What do people want out of life?"

Recently, someone I know suffered a horrendous stroke which left him speechless and incapacitated. I talked to the Lord and told Him that I'm going to perform my healing modality—not to step on the Lord's toes, but to do what I came here to do. The man couldn't speak and didn't recognize anyone. I did this remote modality on a Saturday last week, and he started to say a couple of words that day. This doesn't mean that I healed him. In fact, it doesn't mean anything. When I heard he spoke a few words, I did the modality again. He's now recognizing his family and talking more. The doctors had said he wouldn't make it but now there seems to be hope.

Here's the deal.

You come to this world to do your thing. You spend half your life looking for that place—that niche which will give you fulfillment. Many people don't know what their purpose is and allow outside forces to influence their path.
I believe I'm here to heal people. Whether it's mental or physical, I believe I can. Not everyone is a healer, even though every human has the ability. Not everyone is a writer, even though every human has the ability. Not everyone is a banker, even though every human has the ability.

We all have the ability to be anything: we are all psychic. We are natural healers. But most people don't go that route. Most people are afraid of who they are and push down their greatness. Those who seek to be healers, and find it difficult, may be going down the wrong path. Those who seek to be card readers and find it not promising, may be going down the wrong path. Those who seek to be coaches and find it not working out, may be going down the wrong path.

You may take courses to read angel cards. You may take courses to be a healer. You may take courses to be a coach. THESE COURSES MEAN NOTHING if it's not your calling. People resort to taking courses when they can't figure out their lives—when they're desperate to fit in. We go from class to class, course to course, teacher to teacher, in search of that place that will fill our emptiness.

We're all desperate at times. At times, we all hit rock bottom.

We spend our lives searching for that group who will give us inspiration; who will get us to that place. In the end, none of it works. No one can get you there. It must be done internally, by you.

If you're not finding your niche, you may be looking in the wrong place. Looking at the outside world may give you ideas and inspiration. But if you're not feeling it, then it's not what you should be doing.

You want answers? Go to the Lord.