April 16, 2018

Can a Person Accept Change? Angel talk

The things we hold onto.
We all do it. We hold onto all types of stuff. For some of us, it's those memories of back in the day. For others, it's clothes, jewelry, newspaper articles. For many, it's relationships that are stale.
Why do we hold onto stuff that we no longer need?
I'm halfway done with my new book. And I talk about this in great length. In my opinion, we hold onto things in a desperate attempt to shield ourselves from pain.
Old memories that we can't seem to shake keep us stuck in a time warp. Maybe those memories are wonderful and it's all we have in the moment to keep us from loneliness.
Relationships where you're the one doing all the work and the other person couldn't care less is a non-productive, self destructive relationship.
Why are we still in it?
Are we afraid that if we let go we'll have nothing?
The sad truth is, we have nothing either way. If you let go of what isn't serving you, you make room for newness.
So many people fear change. Newsflash. Change is going to happen, with or without your consent.

March 28, 2018



I hear it all the time, and I can vouch that this is true for me as well. All hell breaks loose when you're on the verge of a breakthrough.

Often, when we're at the brink of getting over the edge of our hardships, or when we're at the verge of becoming our groovy selves, we encounter tremendous chaos and fear. And I think this is a universal common reaction to stepping into our designated selves.
When we're about to reach that pivotal moment of being successful, fear comes on strong. We're reminded that if we are seen in the world, we will be judged. We're reminded that to be this great version of ourselves, people will expect more. We're reminded that we can make mistakes—and most likely we will.

All these factors come into play as we get closer to our greatness. Why? To keep us from reaching our goals. Why? Because reaching our goals ensures that we must continue the upward climb. Yep. It's a fear factor.

So, if you're experiencing a myriad of symptoms, such as, headaches, dizziness, heart palpitations, or, you feel yourself procrastinating, ask yourself if you are on the brink of reaching your goal?

It's been happening to me and all I can tell you is that I spend half my day meditating and clearing. I refuse to let anything get in my way.


March 9, 2018


Good morning and all is well,

The angels are happy to be here this morning and they're telling me that they want you to be out in the air today.

Exercise is critical. Your body is extremely important and taking care of it is your job. Eating right and appreciating it, whether it's pretty or not as pretty as you'd like it to be, is the key.

The reason for the exercise isn't for weight issues, although, it helps. But the main reason for the exercise is for the release of endorphins.
When you walk or do any form of exercise, your body gives off chemicals that relax you and make you feel more at peace. This is conducive to raising your vibration.

So, walk in the rain, the sunshine, or go swimming or running. Do anything outdoors and let yourself be.

Your answers will come to you more easily if you do this first before trying to figure out a major issue

Peace xo

March 5, 2018



This is absolutely worth talking about because so many of my clients have suffered with this. I have too.
If you're experiencing dizziness, and you've gone to the doctor and they can't find any cause for it, then it's brought on by your own defense mechanism.

Vertigo is real, but it's so much more than that. When our lives are in chaos, vertigo can come in to show us that we FEEL out of control. The dizziness usually occurs when we feel helpless, scared, or when we fear making a decision. The dizziness is truly a metaphor for chaos. It's truly designed to show us we are out of balance. But more than that? It distracts us from issues that we're afraid of dealing with. How? By making us so worried about why we're dizzy to the point of not thinking about other things. DISTRACTION.

I don't know why our good Lord would give us this very frightening symptom, but the one thing I do know is that it will go away when we deal with our issues.
As I said, if it's not a medical condition and the doctors can't find the cause, it's ego's way of dealing with fear.

Fear of what?

1) Fear of old age
2) Fear of no security
3) Fear of death
4) Fear of being abandoned
5) Fear of being seen as a fraud or not authentic
6) Fear of being judged and isolated.

There are many reasons for vertigo, but if there isn't a medical cause, then start digging deep to unmask what you're afraid of.

I hope this helps.

February 26, 2018


Universal principal: ARE YOU TRYING TO SELL YOUR HOUSE??
Hoarding and clutter
So many people put their homes on the market but don't sell the house!
When you're putting your house on the market there's so much to let go of. Besides letting go of the house itself, there's the emotional contents that needs to be let go of.

First, there's all the stuff inside the house. If you're selling your house, DECLUTTER IT. Declutter means giving away— giving away— giving away ALL THE STUFF YOU NEVER USE. If you have it for over a year and haven't used it, you won't use it. Give it away. Why give it away? Universal principal states when you give, you get. So, if you haven't used your stuff, why not give it to someone who could use it? It's a great thing to do that will reap a harvest for you.

Second: If you're holding onto stuff because there are memories attached, you won't sell your house. Take those things, tell them you love them, are happy to have had them, and then wish them peace and joy. THEN GIVE THEM AWAY and move on.

Third: If the house itself brings up memories—good and bad—now is the time to reconcile what you feel. Letting go of the divorce will help you to let go of the house. Letting go of the memories of your kids growing up, will sell the house—after all, your kids are grown and have moved on, right?

Take a walk around your house, wish all your memories peace and love, and then declutter and watch how the house sells.