August 14, 2018



We've all heard the saying "Timing is everything". And while I believe that, I also believe we create the issues that either forge us into the next level of life with ease, or we create issues that hold us back, thus proving once again that it takes time to climb a mountain.

I've come to understand that we must be internally ready for our advancement. Despite telling ourselves that we're ready for the climb, often we're just lying to ourselves in order to keep up with everyone's expectations of how we should progress. It's this ego lie that makes us react to the judgment and whispers of others.

WE WILL receive our desires when we fully believe we're ready to receive them. Because if we're not ready for growth, and if we're not ready for progress, we will remain stagnant, or at best, begin our climb but get stuck at a higher level.
WE WILL get what we desire when we are ready to receive. We will get love when we understand and accept the love of ourselves.
WE WILL get money when we are ready to receive the money and are willing to be responsible for it.
WE WILL be healthy when we are ready to understand our hates, our judgments, and our faults. When we understand them and come to terms with them, health is the result.

Bottom line?

You're the creator. And when you're ready to accept this, the changes will then occur.

August 2, 2018


When you fully understand you're God, here on earth, you understand that you're supposed to have money, You're supposed to have food and clothing and a roof over your head. These aren't blessings. They're mandatory!
God didn't put you here to suffer. If you're suffering, that's a choice you've made. Every act, reaction, and detail that is currently happening to you is happening by choice aka LOA.

Thank the Lord for assisting you on your path. Other than that, stand tall and command what you so desire, and believe it shall be done.
You're not blessed because you have the necessities of life. It's that kind of thinking that is keeping you from the riches of the earth.

KNOW your inherent place and command from your throne!

When you do, you'll see there aren't any blessings. Blessings are merely superstition.

Just sayin'

July 9, 2018

Law of Attraction Tip:

Intention is the key to your existence when looking to deliberately
create. Your intention is known by the deepest part of you just by how you feel about things.

When looking to deliberately create, ( and I talk about this in great detail in my book, DUST ) your intention rides a thin line.

Don't over intend. What does that mean?

If using visualization for your creative process, do it, then set it and forget it. If you keep overthinking, over visualizing, or over saying it, you neutralize your efforts. When you overthink, or over visualize, you're doing it because you believe you have to stress your point. Why? Because you don't believe in the process. IOW, you don't believe and have little faith.
Don't over intend. I liken it to whipping cream. If you whip too long, you end up with butter.

July 3, 2018

We're born to complicate our lives with utter untruths.
The truth is, WE ARE GOD, HERE ON EARTH.
If our lives are nothing more than illusions, we get to create within the illusion. We create from a point of silence. It's this silence that is our truth.
It's really not complicated. In fact, its simplistic honesty is what we don't allow ourselves to grasp. Why? If we grasp the concept that we create EVERYTHING, we then have to deal with the guilt of why we did it.
Understanding what you are isn't scary. It's vital. It's enlightening. It won't hurt you or make you feel unworthy.
When you understand what you are, you will develop power!!!!
And that's all you really need to know
Read it. Over and over


June 23, 2018


The brilliance each of us possess must be allowed its expression.
Your creativity can't be pushed down. Your gifts are the very essence that you must let out.
If you're the writer, write.
If you're the artist, paint.
If you're the teacher, teach.
Let out what you feel deep down and watch yourself become who you were meant to be!
You are truly fabulous. I wish each of you could see just how fabulous you are.