April 23, 2010

Why The Secret Isn't Working For You

I've studied the mind for more than half my life, and I consider myself an expert in the field of anxiety disorders. I've conquered agoraphobia twice in twenty-four years with just the use of my mind, and I know why our minds do what they do and how to repair the problem. So when I tried to put The Secret into use and was coming up with zero results, I had to know the reason. I prayed and meditated, and asked God to give me the reasons why it wasn't working for me. And He did. He led me to read many books on the subject, and I now have the answers. I am going to tell you, straight-up, why The Secret, The Laws of Attraction, and any other books you've read haven't worked for you. Here we go.

The reason why these books and courses haven't worked is because they are witholding the fundamental truth. They've selectively omitted certain words that are crucial for the understanding of it. They haven't used the words, SUBCONSCIOUS BELIEFS, anywhere. They haven't stated that your core beliefs are responsible for all your manifestations. They haven't stated that you must find out what these core beliefs are, and then change them, if you want to manifest your desires. The law of attraction is dictated by the SUBCONSCIOUS MIND AND ONLY THE SUBCONSCIOUS MIND. What this means is simple: you can consciously think positive thoughts all day long, but unless your core beliefs (your subconscious) line up with your thoughts and desires, you're wasting your time and energy. It's a simple fact that The Secret doesn't exactly tell you. Yes, The Secret tells you that you have to believe in order for it to work, but it doesn't tell you that your core beliefs are responsible for what you are manifesting. It doesn't say that what you believe underneath is how the universal laws are governed.

Take a look at your life. If you've been practicing The Secret, and it's been a few months, and you're still broke, still over weight, still alone, then something is definitely wrong. If you've been thinking wonderful and positive thoughts and nothing's happened, then you have to ask yourself why. The reason is simple. The law of attraction is a universal law that's always perfect, either way. It doesn't discriminate and it won't give you an argument. If your core beliefs are negative, then you will attract just that. If they're positive, then you'll attract just that. This law is constant and never changing. This is how the physical world operates. Your life as you live it, right this very second, is the manifestation of your subconscious beliefs. It's what you believe about yourself and about your life that governs what you're attracting. So if you were a heavy kid who was constantly ridiculed and made fun of, who didn't have friends because of your weight, then I can bet that your subconscious belief about yourself is that you're a fat, no-good loser, who will never be thin and successful. Don't believe me? The proof is in how you're living your life. If you've been practicing The Secret and still haven't lost weight, then something is holding back the progress. Your outter life is the result of what your subconscious is dictating--EVERY TIME, EVERY DAY, ALL DAY, NO EXCEPTIONS---EVER.

Now, I know there are hundreds of books, lectures, seminars, and courses that teach the tricks of the trade to get you to manifest your desires more quickly and easily. They want you to pay big money to learn what is inherent in each of you. You each hold the knowledge and key to healing yourselves and to reaching your goals and dreams. So why are these gurus making billions of dollars? Because they know the deal and are dangling the carrot in front of your noses, desperately trying to get you to buy their products. I'm all for making money; we have to have money. But here's what gets me: people across the world need help. We need each other. If I can help you change your life, I'm going to, without charging you. I'm a writer and I write books. Yes, I want to make money off my books. That's my career. And if I'm writing fiction or non fiction, I'm giving you my all--no holds bar. But claiming that you're trying to help people, and are only giving them PART OF THE CURE, well, to me, that's equivelent to foreplay without the main event. We need help from people who truly want to help us. I know that these gurus want to make their money, but they should be telling you everything . . . all the words, all the key points, not just a piece of the puzzle, leaving you wondering what you're doing wrong.

Listen, you're not doing anything wrong. All you need to do is start digging into your life. Begin by being honest with yourself about how you really feel about life and about yourself. Write it down and really examine it. When you unmask the truths about how you feel about money, success, love, and your body, then you can begin to change these negative core beliefs with positive affirmations and meditations that will reprogram those damaging negative beliefs into constructive positive beliefs. And when you begin to change your core beliefs, which nine out of ten times aren't true, which were planted by circumstances and good meaning parents, you can then start the process of deliberate intention of manifesting good things.

You've been searching for answers everywhere. You've spent countless hours online, looking at web sites that are trying to sell you their products. You click on the site, and then scroll through five pages of promises, only to have you hanging at the end. They don't divulge the answers. So you buy the product and are still left with questions. Don't you find it amazing how all these gurus are coming out of the woodwork promising you that they know what The Secret didn't tell you? And most of these gurus were mentioned in The Secret! Why didn't they tell us everything in the book?

Listen, please. This is coming from my heart. Deliberate manifestation will not work if what you're wishing for is going against what you believe deep inside. I repeat: THE LAW OF ATTRACTION WILL NOT WORK, IT WILL NOT WORK, NO MATTER WHAT, NO MATTER WHO YOU ARE, IF YOUR DESIRES ARE GOING AGAINST WHAT YOU BELIEVE ABOUT YOURSELF.

April 13, 2010

tell me the truth---you're afraid to fail

So many times, after I’ve posted a blog, some one will email me to tell me that my blog pertained to them. I’ve received countless emails saying that somehow, someway, I just knew what that person was going through at that particular time; how did I know it? I can’t answer that question. I can only believe that I had to write what I did for a reason. I can wake up and have numerous ideas, yet when I sit down to write, it’s as though my fingers have a mind and will of their own. So why do I write what I write?

Here’s something that came on me strong in the middle of the night. I believe it’s something that so many of you need to hear today. When I was growing up, I always doodled--you know, scribbled stuff on a pad or notebook. I would write and draw anything that popped up in my head—-even if it didn’t make sense. In school, whenever we had to write a composition, a paper, or story, I’d always get an A. My paper was the paper that always got read in front of the class. I was the leader in the writing arena, yet I didn’t understand why. I wrote like everyone else, so what made my words stand out from the others?

As I continued through the schooling process, my writing grew stronger—-I knew it did. But whenever I showed my mother what I had written, she’d laugh and say that it was corney stuff; in other words, it was ridiculous. Well, years of hearing that my writing wasn’t up to the Ernest Hemingway standards had made me not want to write. I was embarrassed and intimidated, yet, in spite of what my mother said, I continued to get A’s on every single paper that I had written. And this continued on through college, where there too, my papers were the ones to get singled out and read in front of a room full of adults. So why didn’t I follow the path of becoming a writer at an early age? In a simple answer . . . the fear of being a failure.
If I could count how many times I stopped myself from doing something that I knew in my gut I was supposed to be doing, I’d be counting in the millions.

Throughout my entire life I knew that I was meant to do something big—something that would be recognized by others—something that would make a difference to the people around me. This feeling was so strong that I was afraid to feel it. Whenever this feeling popped up, I would get so nervous that I would quickly think of something else to distract myself from dealing with it. Years of pushing down the truth and burying it, finally took its toll. I felt unfulfilled and empty. I felt as though life didn’t have a purpose and that there wasn’t a point in living if it meant living a meaningless existence. Then my miracle happened. I got sick, and I became desperate to get well. And in my quest for finding the truth, I found it. I found my purpose. I received my answer. It was in front of me all along, only I was afraid to know it. I was a writer. And my purpose was to write! My purpose was to help! And this purpose could no longer be held down. You see, for all the years that I hovered in my make believe prison cell, I let my dream and my purpose stay buried. I let myself die a very slow death all because I was afraid to fail. Can you imagine? I was afraid to fail! Once God put me on track to find my purpose, there was no holding me back. The fear was there, but I made the decision to walk through it. I took the time to learn about me, and that without taking my chances in this one life that I was given, what’s the point in being here? Because honestly, there isn’t a point in being here if you’re not doing what you are supposed to be doing.

Look at all of your famous artists, scientists, athletes, and doctors … they all failed in the beginning. None of them made it to the top right away. What is the secret that made them the epitome of success that we regular folks don’t know? You want the answer? It’s that they didn’t give up! They went after their dream. They didn’t let failing stop them. They forged ahead with their brilliant plans and lived it! They accepted the challenge and worked through it. They worked through the ridicule and the setbacks. They focused on the neon-signs that blinked success. They let nothing stand in the way of what their gut told them had to be done. And through all of their countless and futile efforts to find their niche, they stumbled, fell hard, yet they got back up and tried again. Man! They followed their dream to wherever it was going to take them. They fell and got cut up, but they dusted themselves off, slapped on a band-aid, and tried again. And they made it! They became stars. They became contributors to this world. They became what they were meant to be. And all they did, and what separates them from us, was not give up!

We can live the impossible dream. We all have a dream that can be fulfilled. Step out of your comfort zone. Life goes very quickly, and before you know it, we are up to our necks in regrets. Go for it. What’s the worst that can happen? You’re not a failure if you fall. You’re only a failure if you never try.

April 6, 2010


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It’s a good thing I couldn’t find a pen.

Ooh, gotta go. Cindy Crawford is coming on and she has instant face lift in a jar.

April 2, 2010

it's all about you

Forgiving isn't easy. In fact, it's probably one of the hardest things to do. When someone has lashed out at us, or betrayed us, we get this anger that rushes through our bodies and into our heads, and the first thing we think is that we'll never talk to that person again. Isn't that the truth? So we harbor this resentment, and keep our anger towards this person in the forefront of our minds; after all, we have the right to be pissed at this person, and we have every right to show it. Don't we? How dare they betray us! How dare they say those horrible things! We're going to stay mad at them, and we're not giving in. And we're going to tell everyone we know about what this person had done to us and how they've ruined our lives. And we're going to let it fester, and bubble, and grow, until it's the biggest event since the birth of Jesus. AND WE WON'T CAVE! WE HAVE OUR GOD-GIVEN RIGHT TO STAY PISSED.
I know that anyone reading this has been there and done that. So here's the deal. I'm going to break this down and hopefully dissect this so that you can understand why forgiving is the best thing you can do for yourself. Yes, for you--not for the person who has hurt you.

I always thought that forgiving someone would let the other person off the hook--that the person would think that whatever they had done was no big deal and that they had gotten away with hurting me. And this was my belief for most of my life. And when someone hurt me, I kept that anger alive and held onto it for years. But several years ago, when my connection to the other side was made, I was shown the truth about what happens to our minds, bodies, and to our lives when we don't forgive.
Anger serves a purpose. It tells us that we're off track with who we are. It tells us that someone invaded our right to be right. It tells us that someone humiliated us--disregarded our feelings--without caring. But why do we get so angry? Cheating, abandonment, and betrayals are big offenses towards the ego. When it happens to us, we're crushed. And we're supposed to feel the anger. Our anger was given to us as a guide. We're supposed to acknowledge it, question why we're so offended and hurt, and then let it go. But why?

Anger means that someone stepped into our egotistical space and challenged us. If you've studied the ego, you'll learn that our ego wants to play the role of God, here on earth. It believes that it has full control. But it's a facade. Ego is a defense mechanism, and according to the way we were raised and according to our core beliefs, the ego's job is to protect our beliefs---regardless if our beliefs are on or off the actual truth. So when someone invades our ego's space and does something that we have no control over, we torment ourselves because we can't believe that we weren't clever enough or intelligent enough to catch-on to the betrayal. We can't get over the idea that another person would think that we weren't good enough. But here's the catch. Now listen very carefully. When someone does something to hurt you, it's not you who they are attacking. It's not about you--ever. They are thinking of themselves and what's good for them. It's their ego that is feeling crushed or bruised, and so, they will do whatever they have to do to repair it; and nine times out of ten that means seeking immediate gratification to boost the way they feel, regardless of who they're hurting. It's not about you. It's never about you. It's always about the other person. So it's like a chain reaction. Each human is out for themselves. Yes! It's a fact. No matter how you slice and dice it, the bottom line is that each human puts their needs first. They have to. It's the way the physical world was created.

Now, when we don't forgive, it affects our bodies and our minds. It causes mental and physical ailments. It's been proven. Anger causes heart attacks, cancers, back aches, anxiety disorders, panic attacks, and the list is endless. So listen. If you understand what anger does to you, why keep it? You want to feel good every day of your life. You want to be happy and healthy. You want to live your one life the way it was meant to live. You come first in the eyes of God. It's your God-given birth right to create a spectacular life for yourself by learning about who you are and how you can pick and choose what's best for you. Listen up. You can choose to not let someone's betrayal affect you. It's a choice. And it's a great thing to be able to choose to let it go or not let it go. By letting it go, and understanding that people are people doing whatever they have to do to get through the day, then you'll understand that it's never about you. It's always about them. And if you really think about it, you do what you have to do to make yourself feel good, every single day. You may think that you're being unselfish by putting someone's needs first, but deep down, you're putting someone's needs first because you want them to like you. It's about you, every single time; and the same is true for each human on this planet. It's about them.

People, this is deep. This is huge. This is worth learning and accepting. When you learn about who you are and why you are and why you're here, you can learn to forgive. Let the anger go. It's never really about you. It may seem that it is, but it's the other person's insecurities than drive them to do what they do. You were just in the way of the bullet. Let it go. Look to God and He'll show you the way. I swear this to you. Dissect your anger and learn the reason why you're really mad and then ask God to help you. Do it for you, because you come first.