September 2, 2010


I think I'm going to have a BF! A big-ass bitch-fit. That's right. This girl is disgusted with what's been going on with Entourage this season. First off, who the hell does Sasha Grey think she is? She gets with my boy Vince, and gives him drugs and sex, and more drugs, and more sex. He's ruined. He's screwing up big time. He looks like crap and he's acting like a doper. I can't take it. Sasha Grey, go back where you came from. You're poison. I don't like what you're doing to Vince. He was a nice boy from Queens and now he's a sad, snorting, infactuated asshole. That's right. I said it. Be gone, satan! And what is up with Ari Gold? He jumps around like a monkey with his tail on fire. Dear mother of pearl . . . where the hell is Lloyd? I want Lloyd back. Man, what is happening? Even Turtle is acting crazy. He's now a big-shot who's pushing tequila. And Johnny? Johnny bananas? The writers' couldn't come up with another angle? I have to get over to the set. This group needs a dose of 'wake the hell up'. And all this, in thirty minutes? Are they freakin' insane?
I know next season is going to be their last, but come on. They better make a good movie afterwards. Maybe they can hook-up with the chicks from Sex And The City. Could you imagine?

Pheww. Wow. I feel better. How 'bout you?

Entourage . . . the best show on HBO.

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