May 16, 2010

Entourage's Ari Gold--Where the Hell Are You?

I'm a snob--I admit it; and I pride myself on that fact. I'd like to believe that I have discriminating taste when it comes to food, books, and TV; and yet, I find myself shamefully addicted to two shows that I normally would NEVER consider watching. The first, as you may already know, is The Real Housewives of New York, which, if I had the chance, I'd love to rewrite. (and don't tell me that it's not scripted somewhere along the line)
But getting back to why I'm writing this article---I have a confession. *deep breath* I love Ari Gold. Yes, I know, don't lecture me. I love him, I do. If loving him is wrong, then I don't want to be right. If you don't know his character, Ari Gold is a super successful Hollywood agent played by Jeremy Piven in the HBO series, Entourage. Now don't go judging me and saying that I'm a loser. I'm not. It's just that Ari is so damn hot, and he's so real, and plays the part to perfection. It's because of him that I now find myself in this predicament. Entourage has me so hooked that just the other night, I watched twenty shows, back to back, and still couldn't get enough.

When Entourage first aired, I wasn't the least bit interested. It was a hyped up, yo yo yo bro, badboy player show, focused on the glitzy, druggy, partying lifestyles of celebs. And as out of character as it is for me to be interested in a show such as this, I fell in love with Jeremy Piven's role as Ari Gold. Jeremy Piven is so freakin' fantastic in this part that he should have his own show. . . maybe a spinoff of Entourage called, The Real Agents' of Hollywood and Their Assistants. Ari Gold's assistant, Lloyd, played by Rex Lee, makes the show. Between his funny gayass self, and Ari's comments such as, "Lloyd, get in here. I want to tongue kiss you," man, lol, it's just the best damn show on TV. Yep, I gotta say that Jeremy Piven is Hollywood's best kept secret. He's such a powerful presence on the screen that he should be playing lead roles in big movies. And kudos to the rest of the Entourage cast, and to Mark Wahlberg and Stephen Levinson, as the show's co-producers. It's a dynamite show. So I want to know one thing: Ari? Where the hell are you? Get your cute, badass, screamin'-mimi-self back to work--and Lloyd, that includes you too. *smoothing hair and taking a deep breath*

So, did I mention that I'm a snob with a discriminating palate?
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May 1, 2010


I never thought that I would be saying this, let alone be writing about it, but *deep breath* I've become addicted to Bravo's Real Housewives of New York. I know, I know. It's awful and embarrassing, but at least let me explain.
First of all, I'm a Hamptons buff. I love the place. I love its history, the beaches, the fields, the homes . . . its alluring mystery. I can't get enough of it. So when I found out that The Real Housewives of NY is partly filmed in the Hamptons, I had to watch it. Anyway, once I started to watch the show, I was shamefully drawn into how these ladies were acting towards each other. I COULD NOT BELIEVE all the backstabbing, the whispering, the finger pointing, the jealous gossip, the smear campaigns---OMG! Is that what money does to people? Or should I say, *Luann, this is for you, girl* CAN MONEY BUY YOU CLASS? Obviously it can't. I believe Luann de Lesseps' new dance hit is quite apropos, considering how juvenile and bitchy this rich group is. BTW, I'd refer to Luann as "Countess", but to be a "Countess", one would at least have to be married to a Count. So anyway, where was I? I posted a picture of THE HOUSEWIVES, up above. They're a good looking bunch, aren't they? So why are they so miserable. They have money and success, friends and families. And when I'm watching Jill Zarin about to pull one of her 'poor me, I'm the victim' routines, I'm actually on the edge of my bed talking to her: Jill, don't do it. Don't do it, Jill. Don't go there. You're doing it. Jill, you did it. WTF is wrong with you, woman?

So here's my question. Are the ladies putting on an act for the sake of ratings, or are they really that mean and petty? Somebody tell me, please? Because honestly, these ladies are the kind of ladies that you just love to hate. They're great!!!!