October 31, 2011

Keeping Your Mind in the Immediate Moment--Law of Attraction and FEAR

Good morning. When we last spoke, I told you about my huge revelation concerning the law of attraction. I told you the story about how I wanted canned tomatoes and couldn't find them at a good price. I went on to say that I had these canned tomatoes on my mind for three days, wanting them, but not fearing that I wouldn't get them at a good price. With keeping these canned tomatoes on my mind, wanting them but not fearing that I wouldn't get them, I was led to find them at the same grocery store which I had previously checked the day before. There they were . . . on sale. I couldn't believe it. I got my canned tomatoes for an amazing price, and I stocked up.

Now, when I thought about the canned tomatoes and how I wanted them but didn't fear not getting them, it made me take a step back and examine what I've been studying for the last seven years: metaphysics and the power of the mind. For many of you reading this, you know it as the law of attraction.

To give a quick recap, the law of attraction, or, the way we make things happen in our lives, is a universal law that governs the physical world. For anyone who doesn't know what the law of attraction is, it states that you will attract anything that's equivalent to your vibrational frequency. Everything in the universe, everything that exists, vibrates at different frequencies. And it's been scientifically proven, and known, that the universe, and everything in it, including humans, is made of energy. And energy swirls and vibrates at different levels. If your vibration is low, you will attract other people and events whose vibration is low or equal to yours; and when that happens, you're undoubtingly attracting some pretty bad stuff. To learn more about our universe and how it's governed, read Power vs. Force or go back to my previous blog A Huge Breakthrough in the Law of Attraction and read up on it.

Now, since the tomato incident, I've delved into my past, as far as I could remember, and thought about all the incidences where I wanted something and got it. I'm talking about all the things in my life that came to me; when the fear of not getting them wasn't an issue.

When I was younger, mid-twenties through to my late thirties, whatever I wanted, I got. I never gave it thought as to how I would get it. I just got it. If I wanted a job, I got it. If I wanted clothes or jewelry, or a car, I just went and got it. I didn't worry over how I'd pay the car loan or how I pay my house bills. I just knew it would all work out and went on with my day.

BUT!! when I got older, and life became real---real meaning, I lost my parents to cancer, lost my home, got sick---it was then when I made the promise to myself to learn about me and why my life got so messed up. I couldn't understand what was happening to me. What happened to the happy girl who had it all and didn't fear the worst?

Let me explain a little about fear.

Fear is innate. It's the part of our psyche that keeps us in survival mode. But over the course of man's history, we've evolved into a species who collectively created numerous branches of fear, which ultimately became a part of our DNA. This innate fear, which was intended only for survival, morphed into phobias, anxiety disorders, and various forms of psychoses. 

As man progressed, he observed the fear of not having enough from watching other people who were suffering from lack, and as he observed and contemplated the possibilites of it happening to him, it ultimately did; thus, man's knowledge that his needs could NOT be met became a reality, which turned into a belief, which was then passed on from man to man, generation to generation, and eventually embedded into his DNA. It grew and became an insidious monster. And soon, man's inherent instinct to survive was blown out of proportion and became a reinvented, learned emotion which attacked him and brought him to his knees.

Once you let fear into your mind, it takes over and raises doubts in every aspect of your life.

Let me give you a small example: 

I never feared getting speeding tickets, and trust me, I've gotten my share. At one point, I had so many speeding tickets that I was a hair away from having my license revoked. Do you think it bothered me? Nope. I told myself I would just drive without the licence. But here's the thing. I was young and stupid, and thought I was invincibile. I didn't care about tickets or the fact that my insurance went up. I knew I would somehow be able to pay the increase and pay the tickets. 
But when I bought a house with my mom, and saw that many things became attached to the ownership of the house, my carefree attitude slowly began to change. I now had responsibilities, which included sharing expenses with my mom. I had bills up my wazoo. And when I saw my insurance premiums go up because of my driving record, which not only affected me but my mom, I stopped in my tracks and thought, holy cow. I better get my act together. I suddenly had to grow up. And when you grow up, you get a big, fat dose of reality. And reality equals the fear of CONSEQUENCE. And this fear extends into every aspect of your life. For instance: It spills onto your job, and fills your head with the idea that one day you could be replaced, and if that should happen, how would you  pay the bills? After all, you're not twenty any more, and who wants to hire a forty-year-old when a twenty-year-old does the job just as well, and for less pay?

Fear comes into your life as you come to realize that life dishes you back what you put out; it comes to you when you understand that there's an ending. And as you mature and see the people around you dying, and your friends struggling, and co-workers, who've you known for years, having problems with their marriages and their kids, life takes on a different meaning. It's no longer this experience where nothing matters. Everything becomes relevant. And sickness and death become thoughts that scare the hell out of you. Life is suddenly this thing that wipes away your smile and leaves you with the fear of how will you survive?

So, why am I talking about fear? Because fear is this intangible thing that keeps you from getting what you want. It's the thought form that plays like a broken record. It tells you that you can't handle things. It tells you that life is hard. It tells you that you're not good enough. It lies to you and feeds off others' fears. And when you fear you aren't that carefree person who can have the world, guess what? You won't have the world. You'll only have more of what you fear.

You must be thinking, Val, where the heck are you going with this? Telling you about fear is to make you understand that it's the key ingredient in the law of attraction. When you understand how the law works, and that your thoughts produce symbols that your subconscious mind reads, and that your subconscious is the DIRECTOR OF YOUR LIFE, and that if you have negative thoughts, it sinks into your subconscious and reaffirms the original negative beliefs, and that it's these beliefs that create more negative thoughts, which exude your being (because they're pure energy) and go into the universe and ATTRACT its equivalent in vibration, you'll know and want to know everything that there is to know about how your mind operates and how the law of manifesting works.  Are you getting this? Your thoughts are pure energy which exude your being and go into the universe to begin manifestation. This happens without your consent. You cannot stop this from happening. You cannot hold it back. What you think, good or bad, begins manifestation within three days. And if you keep your mind on whatever it is you're thinking, it will absolutely come to pass. Either way! Good or bad. You might ask, well I have so many thoughts. Will they all come to pass? No, they won't and I'll explain why.

You can only hold one thought at a time. Did you know that? It may seem like thousands of thoughts are zooming through your mind, BUT, only one thought, at any given time, can occupy your mind. You can have a good thought followed a nano second later by a bad thought, but they both can't exist at the exact time. The reason why all your thoughts don't manifest is because there are so many of them, and as they exude from your being into the universe, they collapse. You haven't kept your mind on any particular one of them long enough to begin the manifestation process. Only thoughts that you can't shake, that you're focusing on in the now, that you think about for a minimum of three days, will come to pass. The more focused you are on a thought, and the more feeling you put into it, good or bad, if kept on your mind, will come to pass.

Okay. I'm going to stop here for today. I want you to get this, and if I keep writing, it will hurt your eyes. So, I'll continue this during the week and tell you about my test on the law of attraction and how five different desires came to pass within hours. Meanwhile, if you have any questions, feel free to ask. Leave a comment and let's get to talking about this.

Bye for now.


Valerie said...

Cannot wait to read about it...

Valentine said...

Hi, I'm just about to start writing it. Check back this afternoon :)

Valerie said...

waouh....amazing, true so true..
As I told you I am experimented the three days,since yesterday..this morning woke up thinking..ok let's go why not..I am happy,I feel happy,I haven't got any fear of how I will get that,because I know I wil..just seeing me getting it and sharing this joy with my husband,seeing me dancing (yeah..)I am just happy...and it's true that I felt so well,no thinking in nothing negative,my fears out,well as I went to the store ,met a friend of mine,she was so pleased to see me,I was too,we havent met for 2/3 weeks and she works next door..then we had a little talk,that was nice;further on I still feeling good,the sun is shining,too hot (25·),and went by a way I never go usually,but need to walk,and I met a lady I know,we talk gently..and sundely a niece of my husband appeard with her new baby and her husband,I am still talking to this lady just like nothing was going on,I repeat I am feeling well and free,and nothing,neither I push myself from the pavement or feel fear or saying myself,God what shall I do,no ,not at all,just letting go,and they passed their path,and I ,I thanked this lady for having that little conversation and go to the store,and I thought to myself...hum hum ..if that is not a wink from the sky,or a test from up there,telling me,lets see if its true that your really feeling good and youre letting go your fears..well I am sure it is..Oh may be ,surrely you don't understand what I am saying,it's just because my family's husband and us we had a discussion and since (year and half) we don't speak each other...and we live just 2/3 streets near,so that's why I am a little bit affraid everytime I met one member of the family,may be because I don't know how I have to act..anyway today is a great day,for once ,and Thank you to you Valentine,I 've learned to be free,to feel good for real,and I ve learned that if we are really able in our mind to decide and go thrue leaving our fears ,really good things happened ,even if it's an insignificant fact,for little is it,it doesn't matter,for me,for me..it works,so I will follow that way..tell you more ..Thank you again Valentine for teaching us how to feel better,and find our path..be blessed.

Valentine said...

Wow, thank you Val. I didn't finish writing about my experiments and I hope you'll come back to read about them.

I know this information was given to me to help others, now if they'll only read and listen to me. Everyone can do this. It's our birth right.

Sarah♥ said...

My entire life is consumed by fear :(

Valentine said...

Hi Sarah,

Are you speaking rhetorically, or are you a panic sufferer?