December 23, 2011

Sometimes It's Good to Say Goodbye

Hi, my friends, and Happy Holidays.

I hope the closing of 2011 will be the final chapter of any unhappy events that have crossed your paths’. As many of you know, it’s been a tough year. I’ve met so many friends through Blogspot, WordPress and Twitter who’ve shared heartbreaking stories of how they’ve suffered either financially, physically, or mentally. Each of us try to live each day the best we can. We do what we can to get by. We give our best and hope for the best, but sometimes life doesn’t return the great reward that we’ve hoped for.

I want to say that the best is what you will always do. The deeper part of you knows that you’re doing your best. You may feel undeserving, or not good enough, but I’m telling you that each human on this planet is good enough.

Life will always be about one thing; and that’s the learning of all the lessons that it teaches us. I hope that each of you will dig deep within your hearts and learn that you are magnificent beings who came to the physical plane to experience the physical world all for the purpose of your soul’s enlightenment. Each of you, no matter what stage of achievement you’ve obtained, are brilliant, capable beings who were made in God’s image. Just know this, if nothing else, that you can always count on God to get you through the day. All you have to do is ask, and then believe.

May 2012 be your year to shine; to rise above life’s atrocities and to find all the answers and desires that your heart searches for. I wish you all the best and look forward to sharing with you a happy, prosperous, and fun-filled new year.

Until we meet again . . . be well.

Love Val

December 13, 2011


Throughout my life, I'd always heard the expression "The rich keeping getting richer, and the poor keep getting poorer". And I had always bought into it. I had always believed that this was the way of the world. Hearing my parents say the above statement, repeatedly over the years, not only made me believe that if we were poor we were going to stay poor, but that the rich were the only ones who'd continue to grow financially and stay that way. But, recently I've discovered that although the above statement is true, it couldn't be the furthest from the truth. Follow me as I explain this double-edge statement.

Why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer

Here's the deal: It's all about belief. It's all about the words that one uses throughout their day--and throughout their lives. It's all about unmasking what you believe about yourself, and then retraining yourself to believe positive and constructive truths. It's all about what we tell ourselves that will determine if we will become rich or stay poor.

So, it's like this. The rich stay rich because they've conditioned themselves to believe that they will always be successful and that they will always have money; therefore, thinking that they'll always have money paints MENTAL IMAGES which the subconscious understands, which in turn attracts more of what they're thinking about. Remember I mentioned that thoughts are pure energy which vibrate either high or low depending on what the thought is? Remember that thoughts will attract whatever is its vibrational equivalent? Remember I said that we learn from infancy to correlate pictures with words and that our brains see pictures first; therefore, our words are turned into pictures which the subconscious reads and responds to? If our words turn into pictures then what pictures are you sending to your subconscious mind--the part of you that takes orders and then proceeds to attract them into your life?

If you're having financial difficulties, you're probably worried that at the end of the month, you won't be able to make ends meet. Worrying over not making ends meet attracts more negative thinking. It's called habitual rhythm--a term used by Napoleon Hill. Hill clearly states that not only will you attract what you think, but that our thoughts attract more thoughts. Did you know that? Ever notice that you have a thought that won't leave your mind? You've been dwelling on this thought--in various forms--using multiple scenarios--and continue to think this thought for days, maybe even weeks. And it doesn't stop. Over and over and over you have this thought. And over and over and over you play it out using different scenarios. So our thoughts not only attract and manifest what we think, they attract more of the same vibrational thoughts. And the only way to stop it, is to deliberately pay attention to it; because most of the time, it happens without our awareness. We think so quickly that half the time we don't even know what we're thinking. Images and ideas pop in and out of our minds in nano seconds, and if we don't pay attention to what we let in, we could get ourselves in deep trouble.

Okay, back to the rich. The rich have thoughts of money. Over the years, they've worked at becoming successful, staying on track despite drawbacks and obstacles, until they reached the pinnacle of success. They knew the key to success was to never give up and to remain focused on the end result. Once they reached their level of success, and understood that never giving up was the key to it, they felt certain that they could always be successful; and therefore, success was now a word which was used in their daily conversations which was impressed upon their minds. The more they thought about success the more they achieved it. And the more they achieved it, the more convinced they were of always being able to achieve it. And the more convinced they were of achieving it, the more money they made, and the richer they became.

Do you see the pattern? The rich think rich and they grow rich. But what happens to those who struggle financially? Is it because they dwell on their money problems so much that they attract money problems to themselves? Are they thinking about being poor and therefore growing poorer by the day? Yes, they are thinking poor, and it's because of habitual rhythm that they'll continue to do so.

I'm stressing this to you so that you will understand that our words affect our lives. I'm trying to make you understand how our brains work in correlation with our thoughts. This isn't a little thing we're talking about. This is how we exist on this planet. We, and I'm including animal life, plant life, and vegetation, are pure energy which vibrates at various levels. Everything on this planet, and in this universe, is pure energy. Therefore, if our words are sending pictures to our brains, which then gets filtered and deposited into our subconscious minds, shouldn't we be putting better words into our thoughts? Shouldn't we try to deliberately catch what we're saying to ourselves so that we can change our situations and begin manifesting good things?

But how you ask? How do you stop thinking about your financial mess when you're living it?


I'm not going to feed you some nonsense that by thinking rich you will immediately become rich. It doesn't work that way. You'd be lying to yourself and your subconscious mind would know it and give you resistance. You must approach this task in increments. It must be done with deliberate focus and intention. It starts by changing your words. It moves when you say nice words, and when you tell yourself that you're aware of the process and that you are improving your situation everyday by deliberately choosing to do so. It's a step by step, inch by inch work-in-progress. And it's the only way it can be done. In time, and I'm thinking thirty days of doing this non-stop, you're going to start thinking differently. You'll be a little more positive. You'll be choosing your words more carefully. You'll be alert to what you're saying, knowing that whatever words you're using will absolutely affect your life.

One word starts the ball rollin'. One good word. Then another. And another. The human brain creates circuits through repeated performance; in other words, it creates habits. Keep doing something for thirty days and it will begin to sink into the subconscious mind. Do it now. Do it for you. Change your words. Think kind things. You're a great person. And you deserve the best.

One word.

One day at a time.

That's all it takes.

December 12, 2011


The screeching guitar is playing over in my mind. I can see the Atlantic’s waves crashing bottles of booze up against the Atlantic City shoreline. I can see his face–his bulging blue eyes darting from left to right. The music. Jimmy Darmody. Nucky Thompson. Margaret Schroeder. The blood. Dear Father, what will become of HBO’S Boardwalk Empire?

If you’ve been watching HBO’s Boardwalk Empire, the series which depicts the life of Enoch “Nucky” Thompson, the crooked gangster treasurer who ruled Atlantic City back in the 1900s, played by none other than Steve Buscemi, then you obviously watched last night’s thrilling season finale. Okay. So why? Some one tell me why they killed-off Jimmy? I just can’t believe it. And Nucky? Did you see how he screwed-over Margaret Schroeder, played by Kelly Macdonald? Did you see what she did at the end? Nucky’s gonna be one pissed-off person when he finds out that his land was signed over to the church. Tsk, tsk.

Now, if you haven’t been watching Boardwalk Empire, then you haven’t a clue of what the show’s about. And I’m sorry that I can’t get into a full synopsis as it would take way too long. But you can go onto HBO’s site and check it out there. Wait, I’ll get you the link. Be right back. Okay, I’m back. Here’s the link. HBO OFFICIAL WEBSITE Check it out if you have time.

So, did anyone watch it last night? Do you think Jimmy is coming back?