November 22, 2011

Hokus Pokus--All You Have to do is Focus

Valentine deFrancis breaks down the law of attraction and explains it step by step.

Hey guys. If you've been following my progress on the law of attraction then you'll want to read about today's topic concerning focusing your attention. If you need to catch up to where we are, you can always go to the right of this post and click on the archives.

Okay, so I'm going to talk about focusing. Now I know I don't have to go into a deep explanation of what the word focus means. We all know it means to direct our full attention to an object or to a thought or to a situation. But there's more to the meaning of focus than meets the eye. No pun intended.
Anyway, when we focus on an object, we're zooming in on the object, not diverting our gaze anywhere else; we're just keeping it on that object. We're staring at the object. We're studying the object. We're giving it our full attention. But if someone calls our name and we turn from the object to answer them, we're no longer focused on that object. Right? Our attention was broken from that object, therefore, we would probably forget about the object and move on to a new thought. UNLESS the object is of the utmost importance to us . . .

Follow me on this.

Let's say you have to go to the grocery store. You have your list made out, you know what you need, and you head out the front door to go to your car. You get in your car, turn it on, and take off. You have one thing on your mind: you have to get to the store. Your focus is directed on getting to the store because you need the items on your list.

But what happens if while driving, there's a car accident, or you hit construction? You go around the accident or construction, and return your focus back to getting to the store. In essence, you really never lost your focus; you just had a minor distraction. Your focus on getting to the store was so strong that even though there was a distraction, you got right back on track and made your way to the store. Getting to the store was your intention, and you let nothing stand in your way of getting there; including the distractions. There wasn't any fear of not getting to the store. You just did it.

Well, when we want to use our inherent power of the law of attraction, the key is to be focused upon the desire we wish to obtain. If your desire is to get a promotion at work, and you want it badly, you'd probably think about it all day long. And when other issues of the day got in your mind's view, you'd deal with them, and then divert your attention back to the idea of wanting a promotion.
Through your day, in the back of your mind, your deep desire of wanting a promotion rules your thoughts. You want it. You deserve it. You need it. You're going after it. You're not going to stop until you get it. And when daily issues get in your way, you handle them the best you can and then return your focus on your desire. You probably didn't know this but if you continued to keep your focus on getting a promotion for a minimum of three days, the law of attraction begins to kick in. Your deep desire combined with your ongoing thoughts about it, would bring about an opportunity that will ultimately lead you to your promotion.

What does this mean?

Your attention was diverted several times throughout the day, taking your thoughts in a different direction, but because your deep wish is to get a promotion, the thought stayed with you in the back of your mind. It never left you. When you finished with your diversion thought, you automatically went back to the promotion thought. This is called focus. Your thoughts were focused on a desire, regardless of the bumps in the road that you incurred throughout your day. With me?

Things or issues that are of the utmost importance to us will stay on our minds despite the bumps in the road. If the issues are good issues, the good issues will come to pass. You were focused on them, despite the other insignificant thoughts that wedged their way into your mind. But remember; if you're focused on something negative, and you can't get your focus off of it, that too will come to pass. It's all about the focus when we're dealing with the law of attraction. Focus is the magic element. But what happens if we deliberately want to make something happen? How do we deliberate focus on it?

Contrary to what you must be thinking right now, it's very difficult to deliberately focus on something that you want but believe you can't have or don't deserve. If you believe you deserve that promotion, and your thoughts are on it constantly, it will come to pass. But if you believe in your heart that you're not worthy of the promotion and your thoughts are positive, it won't come to pass. Your thoughts and your desire must be in alignment with your true core beliefs.

So it's like this. If you want to manifest a million dollars, a few things must happen. First and foremost, you have to believe in your heart that you're worthy and deserving of it. Then you have to deliberately focus on it. Now here's where it gets tricky. To focus on a million dollars requires a great deal of mental concentration. It's not like that job promotion. With the job promotion, you know in your heart that you can handle it. You're in the situation everyday. You feel it because you're in direct contact with it. But with a million dollars, you have to use your great imagination. Since you're not in contact with it and don't know how it feels to have it, you have to use images and thoughts and words and focus on obtaining it in the now. It would be a breeze if you knew you had a million dollars coming to you somewhere down the road. Keeping it in your mind would then be easy because you know it's here, somewhere in the universe. But when you want a million dollars and it isn't here, in order for the law of attraction to deliver it to you, you must use your imagination and feel it. But how? How do you get to the point of feeling it? How can you make yourself be a part of it? Again, it's not like the job promotion which is within your reach. So how do you keep your mind on the million dollars, feeling it, believing it will happen, without any fear of not being able to obtain it?

You have to break down your thoughts into symbols and words. Yes, people. Words. Words are the power.

Stay tuned. This topic is very tricky. I'm trying to break it down using examples so that you relate to what I'm saying. Don't worry. We'll get there. Just stay with me.

By the way. I want to make mention of a brilliant book I read called Message of a Master. It's here where I got the grocery store story. Read the book. It's extremely powerful.

November 14, 2011

THOUGHTS = POWER: YOUR THOUGHTS Are the Key to Using the Law of Attraction

Valentine deFrancis' test results have shown that every thought we have will manifest itself if focused upon for minimum of three days. Take deliberate control of your thoughts and watch your desires come to pass

Hey, guys. I hope everyone had a happy and productive weekend. Before I get started, I want to thank each of you for reading my posts and emailing me your questions concerning the law of attraction. It fills me with a great sense of purpose to know that I can share my knowledge with those of you who really want to learn about your minds. That being said, I want to quickly touch base on the law of attraction and what it actually means. I'm not going to delve into this too deeply as I had written several articles about it over the last few months. If you need to, you can catch-up by scrolling through my blog archives, which are to the right of this post.

Okay. The law of attraction (which by the way is a recent term used by Rhonda Byrne in her mega-successful book, The Secret) is a natural phenomenon or universal law which states that like attracts the like or, what you think will attract the things you think of. As with the other universal laws, such as gravity and math, the law of attraction, or the law of creating through vibration, is something that not many people know about or give their attention to. The average person doesn't question their physiological and mental processes. All they know is that they were born, learned to speak and walk, and grew into adults who have their own set of beliefs. They live each day without questioning why they are the way they are. They don't give special attention to their chattering minds because their mental chatter to them was always there--always a part of them--from the moment they realized that it was there.

But! and this is where it gets a tad tricky, your thoughts aren't just some "chattering, fleeting things" that are in your brain. In fact, they're not your brain, despite what the majority of humans believe. So what are thoughts?

I'm going to explain what a thought is in my own words. Take note that I'm writing this in the most simplistic way I can; using rudimentary terms in order for you to understand it. It's not that I think you're incapable of understanding scientific jargon. It's just that I don't believe in writing an article using words that most people don't use. I want you to read my work with ease. I want you to get it. I write the way I like to read; and that's with using everyday language. Hey, we're not all scholars ya know. Okay, so, what are thoughts?

Well, there are two kinds of thoughts. There are your conscious, chattering thoughts that you're aware of most of the time. And then there's your unconscious thoughts, which you're never aware of unless you have a reason to dig them up. Before I get into each of these, I can give you the scientific and psychological definition of thought straight from Wikipedia . . .

 "Thought" generally refers to any mental or intellectual activity involving an individual's subjective consciousness. It can refer either to the act of thinking or the resulting ideas or arrangements of ideas. Similar concepts include cognition, sentience, consciousness, and imagination.[1] Because thought underlies almost all human actions and interactions, understanding its physical and metaphysical origins, processes, and effects has been a longstanding goal of many academic disciplines including, among others, biology, philosophy, psychology, and sociology.


I can explain what a thought is by using everyday examples which you'd be more apt to relate to.

First and foremost, your thoughts, conscious and unconscious, are a deeper part of you which serves the purpose of creating your outer life experience. Yep, that's correct; cre--a--ting your outer life experience. But how do thoughts create? What do thoughts create? And when do thoughts create? Let's begin with your conscious, everyday mind chatter. It's like this:

The chatter that you've come to know, that you never question, is the very essence of being conscious. Being conscious simply means that you are alert to the world around you. From the moment you were born, you were thinking, and as you began to grow, your thinking began to include pictures and images, which were taught to you by mom and dad. They probably dangled a rubber duckie in front of your face and said, "Duckie? Say Duckie for mommy."

Sound familiar?

So, through your growing process, words became associated with pictures; hence, when you think, you think in pictures and symbols. Now. This mind chatter, your thinking process, does its thing non-stop. Ever notice that? Ever notice that when you go to bed at night, sometimes you can't turn off your thoughts? Well, this mind chatter or non-stop thinking is the very essence with which you make choices, take action, plan your life, and think up vengeful plots. Your thoughts are the thing inside of your being which make you, you, and which make you alive, and which make you a part of existence. Your thoughts define you because of where they lead you in life. BUT! your thoughts aren't always right. They aren't always nice. They aren't always beneficial. They can be mean--spirited, negative, nasty, and damaging. But most importantly; they can be totally untrue. Yes, we have thoughts that feed into our already--untrue--beliefs that are buried into our subconscious minds. And it's this lower mind that provokes us into action.

For those of you who don't know what a subconscious mind is, it's the deeper mind that regulates our entire physiological system, or in other words, our autonomic system. In other words: how does the heart know how to pump blood? How do our cuts and bruises know how to heal? How does our body know to grow hair, eliminate waste? How do we know to breathe? Our subconscious mind is in charge of all of our bodies' functions. We never have to think about it. I mean, seriously. Could you imagine having to remember to breathe?
Our subconscious is at the steering wheel, guiding us on a deeper level; but from the beginning of our lives, it knows to take orders from the captain at the helm; from our conscious thoughts. 

Let me explain: You must keep in mind that this is all happening from the time of our births. Between the age of being born to the age of seven, is the mind's most impressionable period. It absorbs all that it sees and hears. It forms opinions and beliefs based upon what it observes from those around it. It doesn't know the difference between right or wrong or good or bad. It just sees its caretakers, mom and dad, doing things and acting a certain way, and is picking up this information and storing it. As you get older, these things that were stored in your impressionable subconscious, cause you to act it out. And it will always have you act a certain way, depending upon what was impressed upon it. As your dual mind continues to function, it will also cause you to seek out situations to validate its beliefs; meaning, if it believes that you're a worthless bum, it will see to it that you'll do things that will make you a failure. You may not want to believe that you want to be a failure, but if it's stored below, you will always sabotage yourself, without fail--all from thinking negative thoughts. And these thoughts are so fleeting, yet so detrimental, that you don't catch yourself thinking them. But you do think them. It all happens so fast, that you aren't even aware of it. And as you think these negative things on a conscious level, (despite not catching yourself doing it) what you're actually doing is re-affirming its importance; thus soon, you'll be deliberately failing. As you have these fleeting negative conscious thoughts, they're sinking down to the subconscious and saying, "Okay. I'm worthless. You heard my thoughts. I'm a failure. Now direct my actions to fail so that I can be validated as a failure."

It's an extremely vicious cycle. Our subconscious is where all our core beliefs about life and about ourselves are stored. And it's these beliefs, that many times, can be nothing but lies that were generated through life experiences. Having enough of these bad life experiences made the lie your truth. I'll give you a small example of an unconscious lie.

Let's say that while you were growing up, you were bad in math. Your father, a CPA, and your mother, a teacher, were upset and yelled at you. They may have said, "You're going to be a stock boy if you don't get your math grades up." They may have said, "You're worthless. You'll be a failure, like Uncle Buck."
Hearing them tear you down makes you feel inadequate. You start to believe you can't live up to their expectations. After enough times of hearing that you're nothing but a failure, you begin to believe it; and therefore, you begin to act it out--with the guidance of the subconscious mind. So what happens to you after hearing this most of your young life? Well, your parents' harmful and destructive words have embedded themselves into your thoughts; and after hearing their harmful words enough times, you consciously tell yourself that you can't do anything right; which re-affirms what's already stored in your subconscious mind. And as you go about your life, becoming an adult who is out in the work force, it's this unconscious belief that you're a complete failure that governs the direction of your life; making you take actions that will further validate that you're a complete failure. And as you continue to fail, you consciously tell yourself that you are nothing but a failure, which is then re-affirming what the subconscious has stored, which then directs you to fail--every single time.

Ever notice that you can't get past a certain level at your job? Or you can't seem to get to the point of finishing something, like school, for example? You may be just at the brink of success, but then something always keeps you from succeeding? Well, it's your subconscious beliefs, which were originally created by thoughts, that dictate what you are and what you'll become. No matter what you tell yourself on the conscious level (your thoughts), you'll always be directed to take action to validate the truth that's stored in the subconscious mind. Bottom line?

If you think negative, destructive thoughts, you are confirming what is stored on an unconscious level. And since your thoughts are the captain at the helm, and since they validate what's stored subconsciously, your subconscious will direct you to take an action that will lead you to fail. ISN'T THIS HORRIBLE? It is, but this is the way it works.

So, what's the bottom line? The bottom line is that one must learn what their subconscious believes, so that they can change their conscious thoughts toward good thoughts, all with the hope of creating new and wonderful beliefs about themselves. Because now, here's the kicker: thoughts, negative and positive, good or bad, fear based, anxiety based, health based, or abundance based, not only reach the subconscious mind and create more of what you're thinking, they exude your being and go into the universe and attract its vibrational equivalent. And this is what the law of attraction is all about.

Think, and you will have.

With me so far? I'll continue during the week. Think on this and if you have questions, you know what to do.


November 6, 2011

Top 6 Test Results for the Law of Attraction

UPDATE test result # 6

Hi guys. A fantastic thing happened to me yesterday, November 9, 2011, and I believe it warrants your attention. This is about the law of attraction.

In 2007, I wrote my true story, Master of the Realm, and published it in paperback and hardcopy. When ebooks came out, I wanted to format Master of the Realm for Kindle, but life got in my way, and I just didn't bother. Over the last few weeks, I'd been thinking of how I was going to publish my two new novels, and while I had been planning it, Master of the Realm came to mind. I told myself that when I was done publishing Behind Gin Lane and Note to Self, I would revise Master of the Realm and format it for all e-readers.

Yesterday, I had quite a lot of viewers on this page, and something told me to check the sidebar where Master of the Realm is advertised. When I clicked on the link, I was taken to Amazon, and when I browsed the details of the book, I saw that Master of the Realm is now on Kindle. How is that possible? Talk about shock? I couldn't believe it. Someone, somewhere, somehow put Master of the Realm on Kindle. A gift! The universe said, Hey, you want Master of the Realm to be an ebook, you got it.

I don't know who's responsible for turning Master of the Realm into an ebook, but if you're out there and you're reading this, I want to tell you that you have my deepest gratitude.

So, there you have it: the law of attraction at work, doing its thing. Again, let me state that I wanted Master of the Realm to be an ebook, but didn't worry over it. And low and behold, it happened. And I'm grateful and happy. Whover did it, did a beautiful job formatting it. I'm very pleased.

I'm going to keep testing the methods to which I believe manifesting is done. And as I go through each step, I'll talk about it, all in the hopes that you'll learn from what I'm doing. 

As for the rest of this blog,  I'll be posting more info on Monday, November 14, 2011, explaining how to deliberately focus on your desires. So stay tuned. For now, the original story is below. I hope you'll read it.

My best,


Well, here it is, just as I had promised: the test results for the law of attraction.

In my last few blogs, I told you how my immediate desire came to pass. I went into great detail about canned tomatoes and how I wanted them at a sale price. Here's the link if you haven't read it. Keeping Your Mind in the Immediate Moment--The Law of Attraction and Fear

Okay, so it's like this. After I noticed how I got my tomatoes on sale, and after delving into my past and recalling times when I got what I wanted without the fear of not getting it, I then put my discovery about the law of attraction into work. The stories and results are as follows:

Day 1October 24th, 2011.

I didn't have canned tomatoes in my house and I wanted to stock up. I went from store to store but didn't buy them because they were too expensive. I told myself that the holidays were coming and that they'd probably go on sale. I had the tomatoes on my mind for three days, wanting them but not fearing that I wouldn't get them. On the third day, something told me to check a store which I had previously checked the day before, and low and behold, the tomatoes were on sale at an amazing price. I stocked up.

Day 2.

The next day, I had a situation happen where a not-so-close friend and I had a misunderstanding. Although I believed I was right, and she believed she was right, I had no intention of calling her. I always liked her, but wasn't close to her, so I didn't actually fear never speaking to her again. BUT, a deeper part of me couldn't get the situation off my mind because I believed I needed to explain myself. I told myself that this was all I wanted to do; again, not fearing losing the friendship, but just wanting to clarify things to set things right.
By the third day, it was just a lingering thought, but when I received a phone call which led to a new situation bringing the not-so-close friend and I together, we talked it out. The universe arranged for the meeting and the situation was resolved.

Day 3.

During this time, which believe it or not took place within days of each other, my car had been scheduled for servicing at a dealership very far from where I live. I was supposed to bring it on a Saturday but for some reason, it was on my mind to bring it sooner. For three days, I had this car on my mind, wanting to get it fixed, but not worried over getting it fixed; until something inside me just wouldn't let go and I called the dealer on Friday morning to ask if I could bring it in. He gladly agreed, saying that he wanted to make me happy. So I went to the dealer on Friday, which was an hour and a half ride for me.
The next day, which was Saturday, the day I was scheduled to bring in the car, New York had its first major snowstorm since 1952, and had I not gone to the dealer the day before, I'd have been screwed.

Day 4.

I always park my car in front of my house, and my neighbors park their cars in front of their houses. It's a big thing here in Staten Island. People believe they have the right to park in front of their houses as a way to claim their territory. I totally get it and am guilty as charged. Anyway, when a neighbor moves their car, even though the spot is open, the other neighbors won't take it. It's just a tacit thing between them.
On the day of New York's first snowstorm, which was October 29th, I had my loaner car parked in front of my house, but the snow and rain was so bad that the tree branches were coming down. I feared something happening to the loaner car so I went out and moved the car all the way down the street, to where there weren't any trees. Later that night, someone took the spot that would normally be mine, and when I saw who it was, I knew that this person would more than likely leave his car there all week; because that's what he does. He owns multiple cars and when he parks, he leaves them for a while. This bothered me, but then I told myself that although I want my loaner back in front of my house, that I willingly moved the car which opened the spot for anyone who wanted it. I don't own the street so I had no claim. I went to bed telling myself that I really wanted that spot back but if I couldn't get it back then oh well. I'll live.
At 4:30 in the morning, something woke me up and told me to go to the window. When I did, the spot was opened. I threw on my jacket and shoes, went down the block to get my loaner, and brought it to my house. As I got out of the car, and looked around, I saw that the block was totally filled up and that my spot was the only one open. Get it? The universe woke me and said, get up! Your spot is open.

The week of . . .

During one of the nights when all these things were going on, my boyfriend and I had gone to JCPennys to look for dress shirts and slacks for his job. They had a major sale going and we bought what he needed. But as we were leaving the store, we passed some very nice slacks that we hadn't noticed while we were shopping. The price was $70.00, which was marked down to $29.99. He looked at me and said, "I have to have these. They're perfect for work."

The problem was they didn't have his size.

All the way home, and the following day, which was Wednesday, November 2, 2011, he kept saying that he really hoped the pants stayed on sale. He wanted the pants, but didn't fear not getting them. When Thursday came, as he took off for work he mentioned that if I should be in the mall, to check JCPennys for his size. After he left, something told me to check JCPennys' website. When I did, I saw a printable ten-dollar coupon, printed it, and headed over to the mall. Sure enough, not only did they have his size, I got ten dollars off the sale price and got the pants for $19.99.

Now, I know these incidences seem so small and insignificant, but that's precisely my point. The things we think of, the immediate things, things that stay on our minds, things of which have little or no consequence attached to them, will always come to pass--for the good. BUT!! the bad things, the negative things which we think about, which we fear, WILL also come to pass. The law of attraction doesn't know the difference between negative and positive. It delivers what stays on your mind. And even though negative things stay on your mind, if there's an attachment of fear with it, it will come to pass because you're constantly dwelling on it; you're enhancing your negative thought by fearing the negative outcome; hence, you're drawing it to you.

Listen. It's like this: As we go about our day, we think. And some of our thoughts are inconsequential and some are extremely important. The thoughts that roll over in our minds all day long, such as, "Gee, I really love those shoes that were on sale at Barneys " is a thought that will probably stay with you until you actually buy them. But think about this. As you think about the shoes, is there a fear of not getting them? Is there anguish and anxiety attached to the thought? No. You just want the shoes, and your desire is in the immediate moment, which brings the universe to line up where you're in a position to finally buy them.

These things that happen to us aren't by chance or mere coincidence. They happen because we think them into reality or into manifestation. Our thoughts are the key to creating our outter world. And the examples I shared with you may seem insignificant, but they're to emphasize a point. The things that happened to me happened for the good; they were things that I wanted to happen but had no fear of not happening. If you want further documentation about the mind and its power, there are many books written by masters, passed down from thousands' of years, all to help man learn about himself.
Take the Bible, for example. Jesus mentions many times about the power of believing and getting what you want. He speaks of heaven (the mind) and how to reach it and how to direct it and use it. People, if you only knew how powerful Jesus' statements are, you'd be slapping your own heads on why you didn't discover this sooner.

Back to what I was saying. So, how do we create big things? Why do good or bad things happen? Why don't we get what we want?

Well, for starters, if you don't know about the law of manifestation or you do know about it but don't understand the mechanics of it, then you don't have deliberate control of working it in your favor. The problem with the law of attraction is that most of us aren't paying attention to the degree of which its happening. Some of you may call your good situations "coincidences". Some of you may not even take notice of them. But listen to me very carefully. What I've mentioned up above is the true testament of the law of attraction at work. The mind is govered by the subconscious mind, where all your core beliefs are stored. And it's your core beliefs that dictate how you think, and how you feel about yourself, and others, and about life in general. And these beliefs cause you to react and to take action, which brings everything into life. This is the exact reason why you must examine your core beliefs first, for the law of attraction to work in your favor.

A big word about fear . . .

The things we don't fear losing, which linger on our minds for three days or more, will eventually come to pass. They have to. That's how the physical world is governed. Take special notice of what you're thinking of. All the small things that you want to do, or want to have, that don't have a negative attachment to it, always happen, just as long as you've kept it on your mind. But big things, like career moves or having more money or meeting the love of your life, why are they hard to obtain? Because these are things that have a fear-attachment to them. You're afraid of not having enough money, or afraid of never finding love. But most importantly, your core beliefs, where all your true feelings about yourself are stored, have nasty, untrue lies embedded in them, keeping you from living and having a successful life.

So where does this lead to? It leads to talking about the deliberate intention of manifesting what you want. It leads us to talking about the way to FOCUS.

Okay. I'll be back in a while. For now, just reflect on this.