August 17, 2012

Pretending is the LAW OF ATTRACTION

It's been many months since I've spoken about the law of attraction. But today, I've been prompted to by my spirit guide. While in commune with God this morning, a revelation so huge smacked me over the head. It's something that I must have known deep within, but didn't make the connection . . . until now. So, it's like this.

The law of attraction is based on your core beliefs--meaning it's based on what you believe underneath your conscious mind. It's these core beliefs that govern your actions. You could be thinking one thing on a conscious level, but you will eventually take action of what your subconscious guides you to. AND THIS IS A FACT.

Now, the law of attraction states that energy vibration attracts its likeness. In other words, it attracts whatever is vibrating at the same level---be it good or bad. But a key question in creating our dreams, and our lives is: HOW do we create?

Gurus state that our thoughts create our reality. Well, yes, but there's so much more to it. Our thoughts are governed by our beliefs. Our beliefs have been established inadvertently through observation. Once a belief is established, our subconscious will guide us to take action that will be in alignment with that core belief. Our actions could start out one way but will eventually go in the direction of the core belief---and most times we don't realize this and become upset when our attempts to be successful fail. The negative results we get will then validate our core beliefs. Our conscious thoughts will then go in alignment or agreement with the action---and we end up telling ourselves that we knew we'd never be successful---which is in agreement with everything we've said, thought, and done. What the heck?

Where does imagination fit into this?

Since we don't have any control over what's been absorbed by our subconscious when we're infants, and since we grow into those absorbed beliefs, and since those core beliefs are running and ruining our lives, how can we change them?

1--by recognizing that something is definitely wrong--- you want one thing but get another.
2--through our imaginations.

Hear me out.

All things come to pass through our imagination. Think about it. From the moment you wake you think all kinds of things. You have pictures in your head of what your day will become. You have images in your mind of what the future will be. You have ideas that your upcoming week will be horrible. You can see it. Feel it. Live it. What are these things in your mind that you're seeing, feeling, and living? They are your imagination. Your imagination is fueled to go in alignment with what you believe. If your belief is that everything goes wrong for you and that you have no luck, your daydreams will be about events that go wrong for you. Your imagination will create scenes that play out your belief. Once you understand that your imagination is your lifeline, your creating software, you can take a step back and see that you've been creating negative scenes in your head, which are in alignment with your negative core beliefs, which then come to fruition due to the law of attraction. And this is why everything goes wrong for you. You imagined it and the law of attraction delivered it. Yikes! How can we stop it?

By pretending.

I know the word 'pretend' makes people conjure up the feeling that they're being a phony. But what the hell do you think imagination is? It's pretending something that finally comes into existence. So let's not use the word imagination, because for most people, it's a hard concept. So let's pretend. Pretending is fun. Pretending is what we did when we were kids. We pretended we were actresses, and astronauts, and that we were flying on spaceships. We didn't judge it. We had fun with it. It was normal to pretend. It was expected. And if society didn't tell us that as adults it was wrong to pretend, then all those pretended things would have come to pass. Even flying to the moon, because eventually, through the law of attraction, events would have lined up that would have put you into the space shuttle program. Pretending is real. It's another word for imagination. The word imagination is acceptable, but it's just another word for pretend.

So let's pretend. It's easier than saying let's imagine. When we allow ourselves to pretend it's like we give ourselves permission to play. And playing is how we create. It's a universal law. It's a universal fact.

Try it. Pretend something fun and powerful for a week. Don't judge it. Don't go off track. Pretend good things. Learn about your mind and spirit and when you understand how humans work in the physical world, you'll begin creating good things deliberately.


KJ Waters said...

Loved this post! The laws of attraction is definitely true to life and is playing out between my sister and I. She always says to me, "Your life is so easy. Everything always lands in your lap."

I live my life with optimism and chose to not worry about things I can't control. She is a worrier and thinks of the bad things that can happen. Our lives do play out differently but I believe it is not because I'm lucky. It is because I look for the possibilities and positives. She looks for pitfalls and negatives. Thanks for posting this!

Valentine said...

You know the LOA very well. It's all about intention and putting your thoughts on the prize. Keeping our hearts and focus on the good things will definitely bring it to us.