September 9, 2012

Letting Go~~~Nothing Left to Lose

Not escaping the clutches of man's powerful grip
it renders me trapped with no way out
Bars of interwoven thoughts--energy made of steel
it seems I can't will it away
their links are not of this world

I can only imagine peace
I dream of when it will come
lavished in wealth beyond any measure
my freedom dome
to the stairway of my heaven

But unless I give you the power to break me
I can't be broken
Nor will you be able to threaten my world
or tear it down

Real freedom comes when you know you have nowhere to go but up
When you've sunken so low that you become aware that you have nothing more to lose

It's when you've come to grips with the idea that everything you're afraid of losing has power over you; that if you would let go of those things . . . then you will be free


Randy Colwell said...

Good stuff as always, love the words and message

Valentine said...

Thank you. I knew you would get this!