December 5, 2012

into the deep

At the end of the day, I wearily drift into the psychotic chaos of my subconscious mind. My existence as a human has vanished. I am NOT any longer. Instead, I am a thought in the field of God's dimension, observing my own existence from a different part of my soul, watching the fog of darkness unfold, as it creates.
This field of darkness becomes illuminated simply by what I say, and instantly, I become that which I think to be, and soon find myself flying through time and space, slaying monsters along the way--climbing mountains with ease and grace. I stand on the edge of God's mind, knowingness filling each sub-atomic particle of which I AM, and I observe that I AM this formless consciousness of static who just is. 

The magic of I AM can only exist once I awake into the physical world and compare it to who I was in that psychotic world. Until I open my eyes and become conscious of this world, I AM NOT of this world. 

To be or not to be. That statement makes no sense. I can only be when I AM here, participating in my own awareness. When I AM in that other dimension, I AM only in that dimension and therefore do not exist in the flesh.

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