December 12, 2012

#TwelveTwelveTwelve and I'm Still Here, I think

I just woke from a restless sleep and got out of bed. I do what I always do and that's walk over to the coffee pot, which I had set up the night before, and hit the ON button. As the coffee pot begins to make it's gurgling sound, I go into my office and turn on my laptop. Then it hits me. It's December 12, 2012 and I'm still here.

The coffee pot gurgles its final spewing sound which alerts me that it's ready. I go back into the kitchen, pour a cup, and slowly sip that first delicious sip of the day. And I think, Hey, I'm still here.

I walk back into my office and log onto the internet, and find that all is well. I take another long sip of my coffee, and it occurs to me once again that I'm still here. But then I wonder. AM I STILL HERE? What if I'm dead and this is heaven?

I drain the last of my coffee from the cup and get up to get more. If I'm dead, then all I can say is thank heaven that heaven has great coffee . . .

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