December 28, 2012

Geeezuzzz it's Only a Pimple

Today started like all my days. I got out of the bed, headed into the kitchen to turn on the coffee maker, traversed through the hall to the bathroom, took a sharp left after that and went into my office.
As I stared into my computer and at my emails, I suddenly became aware of an ouch. Ouch! I put my hand to my chin and touched the skin around my mouth. Nope. No pimples. I moved up and around my cheeks. Nope. Nothing there. Then I tapped the tip of my nose. OUCH!

Oh God. Please don't let there be a pimple.

I jumped out of my seat and hurried to the bathroom. And there it was. Right there. Right in front of my eyes. It was small enough where I had to get in closer to see it, but it packed a punch. A solitary pimple.

Sometimes, it's all about the pimple. A simple, uncomplicated malfunction of life that is just ridiculous enough to drive you crazy.

December 21, 2012


My eyes shot open at 4 a.m. and as I gained full awareness, I heard the rain tapping against my bedroom window pane--sounding like tiny pellets of ice. I pulled the covers closer to my chin and snuggled into my warm comforter. And as I did, I relaxed back into that glorious state between consciousness and coma---the state where total chaos resides, where you're on the edge of existence. I was just about there when I jumped into attention and thought, Am I still alive?

I flipped over to look at the time and as I did, pushed the covers to the side and sat up. As I stared into the darkness I made a silent huff. Yeah. That's right. I'm still here. And if I'm not here, then wherever here is, is now where I am. And if this is death than death is exactly like life because nothing feels out-of-place or wrong.

I got out of the bed and went into the kitchen to turn on the coffee pot and as I proceeded into my office to turn on my laptop, I couldn't help but think that it's the fault of man that we, the people, are always put into a state of panic.

I blame the media. I blame all those well-meaning broadcasters who think they are doing the world a great service by giving us the gruesome details of how man is destroying himself and his planet. Think about it. If people didn't turn on the news, or TV for that matter, then they wouldn't know about a crime committed on the other side of the world; which would then go unnoticed by them, and not reenacted in their minds . . a gazillion times, causing them to suffer the fear that whatever they watched or heard could be done to them. People wouldn't have ideas planted in their heads on how to commit the perfect murder that they just watched on the news--as they stare at their significant other and think, I didn't know you could inject cyanide into a banana ... hmmmGood to know.

If people didn't listen to the media, they wouldn't be gathering in churches and groups, praying for redemption, and begging God to forgive their lifes' indiscretions. Seriously? What the f$$?
I am sick of the freakin' media. I am sick of hearing about how wrong our world is. I am sick of everyone discussing it day and night. I am sick of being sick. So, here's what I'm going to do. I am not discussing Sandy Hook or Hurricane Sandy. I am not discussing September 11th. I am not discussing Pearl Harbor nor the Texas massacre or Jesus being crucified 2500 years ago. I am not. If you want to live a happy life, you have to let go of the drama and focus on what a beautiful world we were born into. I can't bear to hear it anymore. I don't know about you, but I'm done.

It's 9:23 a.m. and I AM STILL HERE. And until the good Lord takes me, I'm going to do everything in my power to belief in the goodness of man and this beautiful life I was given.


December 18, 2012


While you read this, please follow along. There will be a point at the end.

Okay, guys. Question. Have you ever had surgery or dental work, or any situation which required that you be put under anesthesia? Yes? Okay, great. Please follow along.

Now think hard on this. When you were put under, did you know anything? Did you know of pain? Did you hear the doctors talking? Did you see anything? Did you smell anything? Did you feeling anything? Were you conscious?

For the moments that you were under anesthesia, you were not conscious. You were not aware. You were not there. You  remember being prepared for the surgery, and you vaguely remember coming out of it. But while you were under, there was nothing. Correct? For those moments, the world ceased to be. For those moments, you ceased to be. For those moments, time ceased to be. Yet when you began to gain consciousness, suddenly you became alive. Your eyes began to focus on your surroundings. Your breathing was noticable. Your mouth sensed dryness and your tongue started to move to activate your saliva glands. You were existing, once again.

For those moments that you were under anesthesia, you were not in existence. Nothing existed for you. You were not I AM. But the moment you gained consciousness, your mind slowly focused in on you, and your first thought, whether you remember or not was I AM.

You are the existence that matters. You are the I AM. It's all about you. Because if you cease to know anything, then nothing matters. It's only when you are conscious that anything matters. You are the I AM, and simply put that means that without your participation, NOTHING EXISTS. If you aren't conscious, NOTHING EXISTS. The world outside of you exists because YOU EXIST, and you only exist when you are conscious and can think I AM.

What I am telling you is the most important, yet fundamental universal truth a human can learn. Without knowing how important you are, and without understanding that your life is about you, you simply can't participate in manifesting all good things. If you cease to exist, the outside world still lives. It goes on without you. Therefore, you must understand that it's because of you that YOUR world exists. You are your world. As long as you're conscious and can say I AM, you are the only element that matters. You must take care of you-- the I AM. You must praise you--the I AM. Because without you being conscious of your I AM, there's nothing.

When you wake each day and become conscious, know that YOU ARE; therefore, you are the most important thing in existence. Because without you, there is no world for you. Without you, there is no life. Without you, there is no feeling. Without you, there is no pain. Without you, there is no love. Without you, there is no laughter. Without you, there is no suffering. Without you participating in the I AM, there is no truth.

Without you, there is no you.

Know this. Learn it. Understand it. You are the world.

December 16, 2012


When I stop to reflect on my life, I see a tree on the verge of blossoming. I feel myself ready to conquer the world. It's a feeling that resonates within my heart. I know it and therefore, I am it.
There is nothing more powerful or supreme than knowing what it is you came to earth to do. There is no greater feeling than knowing who you are. Yet I can say with certainty that not many people know who they are.

Years ago, I was a girl who was lost. I didn't know I was a valuable person who had so much to offer. I punished myself on a daily basis, filling my own head with thoughts of how I had failed in life. I was negative, unhappy, but mostly, unfulfilled. Where does a person fit into this life if they can't find their purpose?

Sometimes our search is the purpose. Sometimes, people like me who seek knowledge are here on this planet to seek all the knowledge we can absorb, and maybe it's so we can teach what we know to those who want to expand.

I say this with the utmost regard for humanity. It's not who you know. It's what you know. Because 'who you know' can leave you and fade away from your existence. But 'what you know' never leaves you. It can't. It becomes etched into your soul.

What you feel in your heart you shall become. This is the universal law of God. If you want success and abundance, good health and love, then planting seeds of love and worthiness is what you must start with. Thinking these wonderful ideas will then take root in your heart if you continually nurture them by repeating them often. Soon the feeling of power and confidence will flourish in your field of God's mind. And with diligence and faith, the feeling of purpose will follow.

Pay attention with all your might to the words you use everyday. Each one can either make you or break you. Pay even more attention to how often you use those words--as by thinking them, they get planted deep within your heart, soon to become the truth of who you shall be.

Think beauty. Speak beauty. Feel beauty. For if you do, you will create all you desire.

December 12, 2012

#TwelveTwelveTwelve and I'm Still Here, I think

I just woke from a restless sleep and got out of bed. I do what I always do and that's walk over to the coffee pot, which I had set up the night before, and hit the ON button. As the coffee pot begins to make it's gurgling sound, I go into my office and turn on my laptop. Then it hits me. It's December 12, 2012 and I'm still here.

The coffee pot gurgles its final spewing sound which alerts me that it's ready. I go back into the kitchen, pour a cup, and slowly sip that first delicious sip of the day. And I think, Hey, I'm still here.

I walk back into my office and log onto the internet, and find that all is well. I take another long sip of my coffee, and it occurs to me once again that I'm still here. But then I wonder. AM I STILL HERE? What if I'm dead and this is heaven?

I drain the last of my coffee from the cup and get up to get more. If I'm dead, then all I can say is thank heaven that heaven has great coffee . . .

December 10, 2012


Here we are once again, almost another year gone by. Looking back over this last year, and observing what I've accomplished, I'd have to say I have plenty to be grateful for.

My life has meaning because of who I am. And it's because of who I am that I am grateful. The "I AMs" in this existence of life belong to me and to each of you. Each person on this planet can claim "I AM". And with that beautiful statement, consisting of the two most powerful words in this physical world, it's my hope that each of you will attach meaningful, positive, loving words to those two most powerful words of I AM.

Everyday of your only life should begin with I AM made in God's image.

Everyday of your only life should be spoken with beauty. I AM beautiful inside and out.

And everyday of your only life should be held with the utmost respect. I AM deserving of all good things.

Speak kindly and lovingly about yourself. You represent your creator, here on this plane of existence. And as such, you are perfect even if you feel flawed. Say I AM me, and I love who I am.

I wish you all peace, love, and abundance for 2013.

I AM Valentine deFrancis, and I AM grateful to know all of you.


December 5, 2012

into the deep

At the end of the day, I wearily drift into the psychotic chaos of my subconscious mind. My existence as a human has vanished. I am NOT any longer. Instead, I am a thought in the field of God's dimension, observing my own existence from a different part of my soul, watching the fog of darkness unfold, as it creates.
This field of darkness becomes illuminated simply by what I say, and instantly, I become that which I think to be, and soon find myself flying through time and space, slaying monsters along the way--climbing mountains with ease and grace. I stand on the edge of God's mind, knowingness filling each sub-atomic particle of which I AM, and I observe that I AM this formless consciousness of static who just is. 

The magic of I AM can only exist once I awake into the physical world and compare it to who I was in that psychotic world. Until I open my eyes and become conscious of this world, I AM NOT of this world. 

To be or not to be. That statement makes no sense. I can only be when I AM here, participating in my own awareness. When I AM in that other dimension, I AM only in that dimension and therefore do not exist in the flesh.