January 13, 2013

House of the Dead

I've been receiving a tremendous amount of emails asking when the sequel to Master of the Realm will be out. I thought it would be easier to post the info here for those who are interested in its release.

First, for anyone who's not up to snuff about my books: Master of the Realm is my true account of how I connected with the other side. After its release in 2007, I've received over one-thousand emails asking if I'd write the sequel. It seems people were fascinated with how I made the connection.

If you're hoping for your own connection, as many of you have stated in your emails, and want to get a deeper understanding of what really happens when spirits inhabit a home, read it. House of the Dead delves into the details of what was going on with my life; the thoughts that consumed me, and how they trickled into attracting help from the spirit world. Some pretty scary stuff. You want a real ghost story? I got one. Stick around. Hopefully out this March or April 2013.

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