July 9, 2014

Did You Actually Attract Losing Your Job?

Did you ever fear something happening, and then after it happened, you had to admit to yourself that you were actually relieved that it happened?

I'm beginning to understand that the thing we fear will happen, and the reason it happens is because we have subconsciously attracted it to happen. And the reason we subconsciously attracted it to happen is to prove to ourselves that we gave power to absolutely nothing. And that is why after it happens, we feel a sense of relief.

We come to this plane to experience God in His totality. We come to feel every aspect of Him. We arrange our charted course before we arrive, and then once we are here, we lose memory of our charted course and fall victim to the opinions and beliefs of others. The problem with that is we are beings who are governed by the universal law of attraction. "We attract THAT WHICH WE FEEL". Therefore, we MUST examine our feelings and learn what triggers them; all to provide a deep understand that nothing is too big or too scary to overcome---and that the reason why we are experiencing what we are experiencing is to learn from it and move on.

We must learn what our feelings mean. When we have a feeling we must immediately ask ourselves, "Why do I feel this way?" and examine what causes you to feel the way you do. Often, our feelings and beliefs don't even belong to us. We'd unconsciously inherited them from our parents and our surroundings.

Our feelings are our soul's way of speaking out---yelling to get our attention. Our soul is telling us, "Hey, this is big. Understand why you are feeling this way. Understand why you are reacting the way you do." You'd be blown away by your findings. You'd be stunned to learn that your beliefs aren't yours and that your reaction to a situation is how your mother or father had always reacted to that same situation.

It's not about what we say. It's always about what we really mean. And what we really mean always equates to how we feel. WE WILL ALWAYS ATTRACT WHAT WE FEEL.

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