September 17, 2014

Angels Are Real---Message for Sept 17, 2014

Today's emphasis is on money and relationships and why you can't hold on to either.

From the time you wake until the time you close your eyes, you're continually telling yourself that you're always broke. This mantra is running in the background of your mind. It propels you to take action that will ensure you stay broke.
The same holds true for your love life. You ask yourself when will you find that right guy or girl, and you say it hundreds of times a day. This runs in the background as well, and propels you to take action which will ensure you DON'T find love.

Examine what you're telling yourself all day long. These sneaky thoughts hold tremendous energy and emotion and will attract just that. Catch what you're saying to people; be it friends, relatives, or coworkers. Your words, backed by how you're feeling about what you're telling yourself and others, hold the key to creating your life. Change what you're saying. Eventually, you'll begin to believe it. And when you do believe it, your feelings will change.

Remember, the law of attraction is all about feelings. Your feelings attract its equivalent.


September 4, 2014

Kundalini, the Energy Queen

The mind and body are fantastic. My dear friend, Bernice, just mentioned Kundalini to me, and now I have this desire to talk about it.

What is Kundalini? Briefly, Kundalini, according to gurus, is a dormant energy that rests in the root chakra, which is at the base of your spine. Awakening this energy is key to spiritual growth and happier expression. We are energy. 

Energy. Our existence is nothing more than intellectual energy. It's the makeup of every single thing in existence on earth.

Think of yourself as a battery. Opening your chakras and awakening Kundalini is like charging yourself. Moving your energy will help to alleviate pain. It will bring up emotional issues which need clearing, and in clearing them, will give you greater clarity and peace.

The mind-body is what you are. Your experiences each day are your choice of how to express yourself. Think about that. You get to choose how to live; how to express your thoughts; how to relate to others.

Who are you? What are you? You are more than a person who walks robotically each day, who performs your daily chores with habitual actions. You are more than the banker, the clerk, the auto mechanic. You are energetic beings who can perform magic. You only need the desire to find out more.