December 24, 2014

We Each Have the Gift of Being Psychic

My friends,

This last year has been a pivotal point in my life. I've made changes that have broadened my knowledge about people's behavior. This knowledge has given me the understanding that we each do what we have to do to get by each day. I've learned that petty drama doesn't work for me, and that those who display it are to be forgiven, even when they show jealousy and anger toward me. I've learned that there isn't anything more important than doing what makes me truly happy, and that, if what I do isn't what anyone wants to be a part of, it's fine. My purpose in life is about becoming the greatest me that I can be, and that this journey is about loving myself as much as I love the Lord.

Friends, I am truly blessed, for the Lord has given me psychic, healing abilities that are immeasurable, and I plan on using them to my fullest--to help people in any way I can. It is my wish that each of you find what works best for you and to build upon it. Forget petty judgments that bring you down. Forget the drama of being mad at friends because they don't come around and tell you what you want to hear. Forget revenge, for revenge always comes back to haunt you. Only one thing matters, and although it can be the hardest thing to do in this life, it all comes down to this: love who you are and you will have the capacity to love others next.

Friends, each of you are psychic! Each of you are healers! Go to God and ask Him to show you your abilities. Trust me, you can have the life you want.

Merry Christmas to each of you. xxx

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