July 29, 2014

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Angel message July 29, 2014

Your emphasis is on moving up. You don't understand how you can achieve this when you're caught in what seems like a no-win situation. Please take 15 minutes, three times a day, to calm your mind, giving it instruction to focus on the Creator, who gives all, and not on how your feats will be achieved.
When you continually ask how something will be achieved, you are blocking that thing from coming to you.

All your money, all your love, your health, and your relationships come from within, not from someone outside. If you understand that only God, the creator, can arrange for all your comforts to come to you, you will let go of the idea that you must bow to others to get what you want.

July 27, 2014

How Do You Get More Money?

How do you know if you have a money block? When you try to get ahead and somehow, something comes up where you end up spending what you had saved. If this happens repeatedly, you have a deep money block that must be cleared

July 22, 2014

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You're not doing what you're supposed to be doing. Money is your main focus and it's there, waiting for you to allow it in. You have the ideas, now you have to take action. Your fear of not being qualified enough is just that... a fear. It holds no value other than to keep you from taking that first step.
Money is waiting. Blow up the wall and walk through it with confidence.

July 17, 2014

Peace of Mind Is a Choice

So many people I talk to say they want peace of mind. I've said it too. But I never really understood that in order to have peace of mind saying it just isn't enough. Saying to yourself, or to anyone who'll listen, All I want is peace of mind, is like saying I want a million dollars but not taking any action to acquire it. Words are useless if there isn't any action backing it up. Words are not enough. You have to act it out; play the part. You have to make decisions that will bring you peace of mind. Every thing you do must be geared toward achieving peace of mind. It's a deliberate choice to seek it.

I never fully got this until recently. About two years ago, I was told by my guide that in order to have anything I wanted, I had to feel it first. I had to become it. Thinking it wasn't enough. But how do I act like I have peace of mind when I don't?

If I tell myself that I want peace of mind and then a few minutes later engage in nasty gossip, I won't have peace of mind.

If I tell myself that I want peace of mind and then later in the day curse out a driver who had cut me off while driving home, I won't have peace of mind.

If I tell myself that I want peace of mind but then pick an argument with my significant other, then I won't have peace of mind.

If I tell myself that I want peace of mind but then go to a rave party then I won't find peace of mind.

If I tell myself that I want peace of mind but look for reasons to hurt another by seeking revenge, then I won't find peace of mind.

Peace of mind is a choice. It's saying to yourself, Do I really want to spread Jane's secret just so I can look important or fit in with the crowd, or do I keep it to myself, like I had promised, and move on with my life? If you choose to move on and keep it to yourself, then you're on your way to having peace of mind.

Peace of mind comes when you make a choice to not engage in any activity that causes undue stress or drama. Peace of mind comes when you set out to be loving, caring, and thoughtful. Peace of mind comes when you make the decision to not engage in a fight; when you tell yourself to walk away. Peace of mind is achieved when you realize that you're the only one living in your head and that this is your only life.

It's all about making choices. It's all about letting go of the drama. It's all about understanding that you don't have to prove how big, bad, or tough your are. It's about loving yourself so much that you'll take your life by its hand and lead it down the glorious path of who you truly are.

Peace of mind. It's all anyone really wants. But are you willing to deliberately hunt it down? If you answer yes, you will find true peace of mind.

#Angelmessage #Moving on

Angel message July 17, 2014

You keep giving someone the benefit of the doubt, hoping that you're wrong about them. It's time to let them go and for you to move on. There's a fine line between loving someone and obsessing.
The only person to love is you. When you understand that, you'll attract the perfect mate or relationship

July 16, 2014

#Windangel Whispers

Angel message for July 16, 2014

A situation is unavoidable. You envision the worst; however, you must step through it because it must happen. If you think it through, you will realize that if it works in your favor, it was meant to be. If it doesn't work in your favor, something bigger and better is meant to come along in its proper time.
Don't allow the fear of "what if" to keep you from moving forward. Move. It's what you're supposed to do.

July 14, 2014


Angel message for July 14 2014

You want to know if something is true. Your gut is telling you one thing, but your ego does not want to accept it. Know this, all beloveds, always follow your immediate gut reaction. This is where you will always find the truth to your question.

We are always here for you. Just ask and we will answer.

July 13, 2014

Excerpt from HOUSE OF INTENTION--- The Apartment


Montauk at night is eerily mystical. Fog horns, sounding in the distance, can conjure images of abandoned boats rocking back and forth on deserted bays, or empty streets lit by a solitary lamppost, or even lonely hearts waiting by their windows for their long-lost loves to arrive. Yet the mist that fills the night air, although haunting, is also intriguing. It piques one’s curiosity just enough to make them want more.
No matter where you’re standing when in Montauk, you could hear the waves rushing to the shoreline. They carry a peaceful hum during the day, but in the dark, the sound of the waves almost seem menacing.

In the dark is when it all happens.

The sandy lanes just off the ocean are quiet at night. Nothing seems to move except for the dunes. They loom larger than life—sculpted into pristine pyramids that glisten through the hovering fog. And if you stare at them long enough, you can almost see the shadows of those who hide during the day, now coming back to life.

James, Drew, and I headed down the sandy narrow path toward the apartment. On the way, James set the scene on what transpired there a few years earlier.

It seems that before James took over the motel for his aunt and uncle, he stayed down the road in an apartment also owned by his aunt and uncle. This group of efficiency apartments was occasionally used by guests when the motel filled up. And people didn’t mind staying there because the apartment had beautiful amenities and was less than a minute’s walk to the beach.

James began his story by telling us that when it was only him and his little girl, he stayed in one of the apartments. Before moving in, he had heard the urban legend about a man, who had lived there back in the 50s, who had shot himself. James, being a young dad at the time, wasn’t affected by the story and didn’t think it was reason enough to not move in, so he did. Well one night, while giving his little girl a bath, the sudden stench of fire tickled his senses. He poked his head through the bathroom door and panicked at the sight of huge flames spreading through the living room and kitchen. He pulled his daughter out of the tub, wrapped a towel around her, and ran through the smoke and out the front door, onto the street. As he stood on the side of the road with his daughter in his arms, waiting for the fire department to arrive, he witnessed the apartment going up in a blaze.

After an investigation, it was determined that the cause of the fire was faulty wiring within the heating system. It had been turned up to its highest setting, although James explained that he never touched the heating thermostat as it had been summer. After the apartment was rebuilt, James reluctantly moved back in with his daughter, but because of an eerie feel within the place, moved out and into the main motel where he took over for his aunt and uncle.

Drew and I listened quietly as James continued his story.

“Ever since then,” he said in a hushed voice, “whenever I have to go into the apartment, a sense of dread surrounds me.”

“Surrounds you how?” I asked.

“There’s someone in there, and I know it’s the guy who committed suicide. I know he set the apartment on fire. He had to. Crazy things were going on in the apartment before the fire, but I kept dismissing it as mind over matter. That fire was deliberate. He wanted us out, and he started the fire hoping to kill us or force us to leave.”

His story set off scary images in my head, and soon, I began having second thoughts about going in. Did I want to venture into a place where a negative entity lived? “I can’t believe he set the thermostat to its highest level,” I said, shuddering at the thought. “The fact that an entity can literally manipulate physical matter is freakin’ scary.”

He nodded slowly and said, “I know. It’s damned near frightening.”

We were now standing in front of what appeared to be an abandoned motel, consisting of three apartments on the ground level and three above—all dark, all empty, and all freakin' creepy looking. “So, we’re going in the apartment?” I asked, hoping he’d change his mind.

“Yep, we are,” he said, looking up at the top apartment. “I want to know if you feel anything—if someone else can detect its presence. There’ve been plenty of people over the years who’ve stayed here after the fire, and I never heard of any bad incidences or complaints.”

“I see,” I said, staring up at it. “And that’s why you think the fire was meant for you. This entity hasn’t bothered any of the guests, and because of that, you believe you were targeted for some reason, correct?”

“Yes, absolutely correct,” he whispered.

“How long ago did this man live here?” I asked. “These apartments look relatively new.”

James shoved his hands into the pockets of his jeans as he calculated the timeframe. “Well, it was back in the late 50s when he killed himself. My aunt showed me pictures of what this place looked like back then. It was a small boarding house, and this guy lived in the corner room—the same room I lived in a few years ago. It’s hard to tell as it’s been renovated a few times over the years.”

He cast his eyes back to the apartment, which now looked even more hauntingly forbidding than before, and looked back to us.

“Ready?” he asked, letting out a long courageous breath.

I looked over to Drew. “Ready?”

Drew glanced up at the dark, empty apartment, shaded by the groping branches of an overgrown pine tree, and said, “As I’ll ever be.”



July 11, 2014

The Law of Attraction will Attract Your Deepest Feelings

Angel message for July 11, 2014

Your deepest feelings will manifest. You must stop in your tracks to ask what these feelings are, before they do manifiest. Are you feeling hatred, anger, resentment, or jealousy toward a situation? Remember, these are MAJOR FEELINGS. If you are feeling these feelings, do what you can to catch them and then ask yourself why you are feeling them.
The law of attraction is based on your truest emotions and will bring you more situations to match those emotions.

Remember this, and learn about who you are. YOUR TRUEST FEELINGS---NEGATIVE OR POSITIVE---WILL MANIFEST VERY QUICKLY. Catch them, and change your feelings, so that you will manifest what you truly want instead of what your ego is lashing out at.

We are always here. Look inside yourself and you'll find us.

July 10, 2014

Angel Message #Spirits

Angel message for July 10, 2014

As you proceed to march through your journey, you are bound to be plagued by lessons that must be learned. Please know that you have subconsciously created these obstables in order for your soul to derive enlightenment. Please sit quietly each day and listen to your thoughts, and then ask yourself why you are having those thoughts. You will get to the bottom of why certain situations are happening to you repeatedly.

We are here for you in every aspect. Just reach within and ask.

July 9, 2014

Did You Actually Attract Losing Your Job?

Did you ever fear something happening, and then after it happened, you had to admit to yourself that you were actually relieved that it happened?

I'm beginning to understand that the thing we fear will happen, and the reason it happens is because we have subconsciously attracted it to happen. And the reason we subconsciously attracted it to happen is to prove to ourselves that we gave power to absolutely nothing. And that is why after it happens, we feel a sense of relief.

We come to this plane to experience God in His totality. We come to feel every aspect of Him. We arrange our charted course before we arrive, and then once we are here, we lose memory of our charted course and fall victim to the opinions and beliefs of others. The problem with that is we are beings who are governed by the universal law of attraction. "We attract THAT WHICH WE FEEL". Therefore, we MUST examine our feelings and learn what triggers them; all to provide a deep understand that nothing is too big or too scary to overcome---and that the reason why we are experiencing what we are experiencing is to learn from it and move on.

We must learn what our feelings mean. When we have a feeling we must immediately ask ourselves, "Why do I feel this way?" and examine what causes you to feel the way you do. Often, our feelings and beliefs don't even belong to us. We'd unconsciously inherited them from our parents and our surroundings.

Our feelings are our soul's way of speaking out---yelling to get our attention. Our soul is telling us, "Hey, this is big. Understand why you are feeling this way. Understand why you are reacting the way you do." You'd be blown away by your findings. You'd be stunned to learn that your beliefs aren't yours and that your reaction to a situation is how your mother or father had always reacted to that same situation.

It's not about what we say. It's always about what we really mean. And what we really mean always equates to how we feel. WE WILL ALWAYS ATTRACT WHAT WE FEEL.

July 7, 2014

How Does a Person Get Faith ? -- Excerpt House of Intention



Outside the church, the air was brisk and salty. I pulled my heavy sweater closer to my chest and looked up at the sky for an answer.  

Darcy was next to me checking her cell phone. After noticing that she didn’t have any messages, she closed it and turned to me.

“Listen, Val. I understand what you mean about belief, but I don’t have any belief. I can’t just pull it out of the thin air.”

I let out a sarcastic huff and nodded. “You’re preaching to the choir, Darcy. I know what you mean. Developing belief is about knowing who you are and what you’re capable of doing. It’s like faith, you know, it’s like belief.”

“Faith?” she quipped. “No, I don’t think faith is the same as belief.”

I let out a deep breath and looked to the sky for the best way to explain this.  “Well,” I said, choosing my words carefully, “I know that the masters would argue that belief and faith are separate paradigms, but I’d argue that they’re one and the same.”

“How?” she said, looking at me curiously. “Explain how belief and faith are the same?”

I turned away from the front of the church and looked across the parking lot at the Atlantic Ocean. “Let’s go over to the water. I want to show you something.”

As we got up to the entrance of the beach, I said, “Do you see the beach?” I pointed across the dramatic expanse.

She gave me a curious smirk. “Of course, I see it,” she said.

“When you’re away from the beach, do you know that it still exists?”

She nodded. “Yes, of course, I do.”

“So, then, by the fact that you’ve seen the beach many times in your life, you have a firm belief that it exists, correct?”

Again, she nodded. “Yeah, I know without a shred of doubt.”

“If I ask you, ‘Would the ocean be here tomorrow?’ what would you say?”

She looked out into the sea and said, “Yes, of course it would.”

“And how do you know that?” I asked.

She gave a non-committing shrug. “Because I know. I’ve seen it hundreds of times, and I know it exists.”

“So, then, not only do you believe it, you know it, and you trust that it will be there. And you know it will be there tomorrow and all the tomorrows after that. You have faith that it will, right?”

Again, she looked at me as though I was giving her a trick question and nodded. “Ah, I see where you’re going with this. To answer you, yes, I do have faith. I have belief. Are you saying they are interchangeable?”

“Yep, that’s what I’m saying. The Bible’s definition of faith goes something like this, ‘Faith is the evidence of that which is not seen’. But, what I’m saying is in order to have faith, belief must be established prior to it. When you were growing up, you probably had it pounded into your head that God exists.  You never saw God, but because it was pounded into your head, you came to believe in Him, even though you’ve never experienced Him firsthand. So when something good happens, you and your parents say, ‘Praise God’ for the miracle. The miracle then becomes the evidence or the product of that which you couldn’t see. And you say that you have faith.

“You were brainwashed into believing in something that you’ve never seen or felt. You can call it faith or you can call it a belief. For me, it’s all about knowing. And you can’t truly believe if you don’t know. You have seen the ocean. And by seeing it, you believe it’s there. And you have trust that it will be there tomorrow, even though you probably won’t see it tomorrow. So you could say that you have belief or faith that the ocean will be here tomorrow, right? Aren’t they then interchangeable?”

“Yes, they are. You make a really good point.”

“Look, Darcy. For me, belief is something that can change. One day you can believe in the goodness of people but that could change if someone hurts you. You could also believe in God until something goes wrong and He doesn’t come through for you, like what happened to me. As you grow and experience life’s lessons, what doesn’t suit you will be eliminated from your belief system. And that is perfectly fine. Belief is established when you want something to happen and it happens. And if you put your faith in a person who you’ve trusted and whom you know you can count on, aren’t you really saying that you believe without a doubt that that person will always be there for you, even if you don’t always see proof of them being around?

“So, then, what’s the difference between the two? When you have faith, you believe in something; when you believe, you have faith in it. My question is how does a person have a true belief in anything if they haven’t established witnessing the first cause? Unshakeable belief is established after you’ve witnessed the first cause. Faith and belief stem from the first experience of that in question.”

“Gosh, Val, you’re right. I never thought of it like that. You really gave me something to think about. There isn’t any difference.”

“Well, there isn’t, but when someone comes along and tells you to put your faith in that which you have never seen, how do you do that?”

She threw her hands in the air and bobbed her head. “Thank you! That’s what I’m trying to say. How can I believe in something that I’ve never seen or heard?”

I smiled and said, “You don’t, not at this stage of your life, not without investigating it.”

“And how do you do that?” she said, once again throwing her arms over her head in total frustration.

“By asking God to show you, that’s how.”

“Okay, you have to back up a minute. Explain this to me.”

Through an exasperated breath I said, “Darcy, listen. Before I made my connection, I didn’t believe in anything—not spirits, not ghosts, and not even God. Then I had a very desperate moment, and I begged for proof. I begged for something to believe in. Because let’s face it—many humans say they have belief—they say they have faith, but deep down, they don’t. Right?”

“Well, I always believed in God,” she said.

“Oh really? Why? Because you went to Catholic school and your parents believed in God? Because you had it drilled into your head from the time you were old enough to speak? Because you were brainwashed into having the faith that something existed without seeing it? Then throughout your life when you called on that which you had never seen, and it didn’t answer you, it rattled your faith? Right now, right this very minute, prove to me that God exists. Tell me something, tell me anything, that makes you have the faith in His existence.”

She cocked her head and narrowed her eyes and looked at me with suspicion. “This is another trick question, isn’t it?” she chortled.

I shrugged.

She let out a deep breath and nodded, taking on the challenge. “Well,” she began, “I know that God exists. That’s without a doubt.”

“How do you know?” I asked.

“I don’t know. I just know.”

“But how do you know?” I pressed. “Where is God? Have you had any experiences with God where you can claim, as fact, that your proof or evidence of His existence came from Him? What makes you know this?”

Suddenly her smile went taut, and her eyes turned glassy, and without warning, tears filled her eyes. “Darcy, don’t cry. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to get you this upset.”

Her tears were now falling down her cheeks, and she just let them. “Val, I don’t have an answer and I don’t know. And to be honest, there have been many times when I doubted God’s existence but felt guilty for doing so. You’re right. I can’t prove it. I don’t have that deep unwavering knowingness. I don’t have total belief. I guess I don’t have faith.”

I gave a sympathetic shrug and a small smile. “But I do,” I said. “And I didn’t just get it by having it pounded into my freakin’ head. I got it by asking for it. I got it by going within and seeking it. I asked, and I received. And that’s how I got my proof of that which I can’t see. That’s how I got my faith.”

She pulled both sleeves of her light jacket over her hands and wiped her face. “Teach me,” she said. “I want to know more.”

“Teach you?” I repeated.

I looked back to the ocean and asked myself, Am I the one to do this? And I heard, Yes, you are.