January 30, 2015

Angel message for January 30, 2015 CARD TRICKS

Good Friday, sweet friends of mine,

The angels are smiling and telling me that just because Friday is here does not mean that we should slack off. In fact, they are impressing upon me to urge you to read this message slowly so you can have true clarity of its meaning.

If I were to show you a barn, would you say it's a barn? Yes.

 If I were to show you a car, would you agree it's a car? Yes.

 If I were to ask you: Can that car be a barn? You would say no, of course not.

 If I were to ask you: Can you drive that barn? You would answer, no, of course not.

If I give you a deck of angel cards and tell you to choose from three--that whichever one you choose will be your destiny--despite what the card says, would you be so inclined to believe it?
What if the card you picked stated you will have abundance when you become a doctor? Or, what if the card you chose said, All your desires will come to pass if you believe? Believe in what?

What the angels are impressing today is that wishful thinking is just that ... wishful thinking. I've told this to you before. Pulling cards does not make a change. Pulling cards does not work. The messages on the cards may make you feel groovy, they may make you feel like a team-player, but let's be honest here, are you still in the same position you were in from a year ago?

The angels want you to be realistic. They want you to ground yourself. They want you to take messages in context; use your judgment. They want you to understand that it's only a printed message on a card, and that if you desire the change that is printed on the card, you must get up and take action in that direction.

If I lay out three cards and ask you to choose the card you feel guided to, would that card change your entire life and make all your problems disappear?

My beautiful friends, today the angels want you to begin thinking. Use judgment. Apply knowledge. Get into gear. Go buy a book and make your direction happen, instead of waiting for some card to come to pass.

They love you very much, but they will not tell you untruths to disillusion you.

I will be doing clearings all morning. If you want a reading, please message me. If you want to be friends, I welcome all.

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January 29, 2015


Angel message for January 29, 2015

Good morning, dear friends,

As the morning begins, I am told a message that may not be received too well. But by now you should know that what the angels give me is always for your best and highest good. Now, this is going to sting a little, but like most ointments, will be a healing agent down the road.


Many people say that they want to know the truth, and when they hear it, they either deny it or get angry at the person delivering the truth. The angels are saying that to listen to another with your ears opened wide and your eyes opened wide, as well as your heart opened wide, can be a life altering experience for you.

When you ask a person to tell you the truth, be prepared. Most people only want to hear what they believe the truth should be, but I am here to tell you that quite often, the truth isn't what you had expected or thought it would be.

When you come to another with a question, it would behoove you to keep an open mind. A good person will not lie to you just to keep you quiet. A loving person will not distort the facts to ease your fragile ego. If you want an answer, please be prepared for the answer.

When we expect others to sugarcoat answers, we are setting ourselves up for disappointment. It's similar to when your best friend asks if a certain dress makes her look too fat, and you know she looks very heavy in the dress but you don't want to hurt her. Should you lie and say she looks wonderful? Or perhaps you could say she would look more appealing in another outfit.

 I believe in delivering the truth with kindness. If you ask a question be prepared for the answer.
My angels and my guide have been answering many of my questions, and sometimes, it's not what I want to hear. Stepping out into the unknown to further oneself is not the answer most want to hear.


January 28, 2015


Angel message for January 28, 2015

Well, today's message is a real eye-opener, which I didn't see coming; although, I should have expected it.

Down below, I posted an incident which happened to me today. The post was to inform all of you about respect and boundaries. I had told you about how a person had invaded my boundaries by making an assumption that because they had paid me for a one-hour reading, that it allowed them to inundate me with questions concerning their domestic troubles. In turn, because I didn't give in to this person's demands, she requested a refund on the reading which I gave two weeks ago.

My angels told me just now, while in conversation with them, that what happened to me is a lesson in how to set boundaries within any relationship, because when we don't set boundaries, it results in suppressed frustration and resentment. Is this beginning to sound like you?

The angels told me that each person here today who has read this message or who will read this message knows EXACTLY what this means and should begin implementing their boundaries starting today.

My beautiful family of sisters and brothers, aren't the angels stunningly witty? This wasn't just for me. It was for you too, as most of you had commented below knowing full-heartedly that respect is an ethic in which we all must abide.

The question posed to you today is: Are ready to set boundaries on all the people in your life who expect blood, but give nothing in return?

Aren't the angels amazing?

January 27, 2015


Good morning everyone,

Group Clearing

This Sunday, Feb. 1, I will do the group reading. It will take place at 2 pm Eastern time, so please google your time zones if you want to participate. We will be doing a general clearing for one hour, so make sure you drink water prior to joining in. As many of you recall from the last clearing, participating can leave you exhausted, light-headed, giddy, or spaced-out. It's only the energy being lifted from the deep corners of your core. So, please don't worry over it.
Please be on time.

Angel messages

The angels want me to warn you about energy vampires. An energy vampire is someone who complains all day to you, controls the conversations, has nothing good to say, and who demands attention all the time. These types of people will drain you of your energy and will cause you to feel anxious when you are around them. If you allow these people to take over your life, you will continue to feel lousy.

The angels want you to understand that you attract others' energy in the same fashion as you attract all things through the law of attraction. So begin to take notice of how you feel when you are around an energy vampire. In addition, we pick up others' ailments as well, so if you find that all of a sudden you don't feel well, or have a pain that comes from out of the blue, more than likely you are picking up the energy of another. There are ways to stop this from happening.


January 26, 2015


We are entering a new mindset

Good morning, sisters and brothers.

As I sit here writing this, the snow falls outside my window, and I am reminded once again of the reason why I am here, on this planet. There isn't anything as pure as the snow. It falls without worry-- it drifts where the wind blows it, and it stays perfect, until it melts and returns to its original form. It is life in the purest sense.

My angels have put on my heart to paint a picture for you. They know you well, and know how you appreciate description.

Imagine a balloon which does not have air in it. Now imagine blowing air into it. The balloon has become alive and able to rise to all heights. This is you as your spirit enters into the physical world.
The angels want you to understand that you come from one single cell; and likened to a seed that gets planted into the earth, your spirit from the other side enters the seed, or the single cell, once it is planted into the womb of your mother. Your spirit then gives the seed direction of how you will form. And when you have lived out your life and leave this world, your body remains, while your spirit returns to the other side; just like a flower which dies in the winter, all that remains is the wilted shell.

YOU ARE MAGINIFICENT BEINGS OF LIGHT, who use a physical body in order to manipulate the physical realm, and once you've achieved what you came here to achieve, you leave your body and return to the other side.

My angels want you to do what it takes to understand what you are. Your troubles and pain are to serve a purpose; it's to show you that you are what you have created. Your life, right this second, every single part of it, right down to what is in your refrigerator, is a choice you have made, be it on a conscious level or unconscious level.

You may get upset when you read that you have caused your poverty, your family hardships, your sicknesses, and the world around you, but I'm here to tell you, you have, and it's up to you to get your heads straight and take one problem at a time, and find out what the lesson is for you to learn.

The angels are beautiful, loving, and always around you, but you must do this, you must unmask what drives you in order to be free.

I am doing clearings this morning. If you want to schedule a reading or clearing, please message me and I will get back to you.

January 24, 2015


Angel message for January 24,2015

Namaste, sisters and brothers,

The message I have for you today may appear to be simple, but I can assure you that it is one of the most important steps in your journey. For today, the angels are saying to stay quiet. Yes, stay quiet.

Often, our heads are so filled with quandaries over how to accomplish our goals. We are in constant mental chaos over what to do first. On top of the chaos, there is a running dialogue that hums ever-so-quietly in the corners of our minds telling us that we aren't good enough or loveable enough.
This faint dialogue is in each of you, and it's this faint dialogue that never shuts off. Combined with your daily mental chaotic chatter, it wreaks complete havoc and causes your vibration to drop tremendously. Why does it matter if your vibration drops? Simply put, if your vibration drops, you will attract situations and people who are a vibrational match to yours.

Example. You're in a bad mood and you're telling yourself that life sucks, people suck, you hate everyone, you hate yourself, you're a beast, you're a fat pig, you're an old shriveled up prune, etc. Now, all this negative mental chatter is not only running, it's backed by feeling and that is why you're in such a bad mood. It's not just words, you actually feel horrible. And feeling is the principal behind the law of attraction. If you're in this totally negative state, truly hating the world, your vibration is low and will attract other people who are on your vibrational level. These people could be anyone who is suffering mentally. They could be junkies, thieves, murderers, con artists, or a person who is so angry at the world that they get in their car and speed off, not caring about the world they hate, causing a car crash with you. You have attracted this negative person your way.

The angels are telling me to take a day off from your mental grind. Keep to yourself. Don't engage in big conversations. Don't listen to anyone's troubles today. Just take a mental break and chill by yourself. Separate your life from the lives of others. You need to do this. You need to just be alone. And if anyone asks why you're not talking, just say, I HAVE NOTHING TO SAY TODAY. And then leave it alone.

This is my angels message for today. You can take it or leave it. It's all about free will.

Sometimes, you just have to take a minute and step away. Sometimes, you have to just observe and do nothing else. It's in these moments when your sacred space opens for you to receive clarity and understanding, as well as the answers you were seeking. Take time to reflect.

I will be in clearing sessions for half the day, so if you require a reading, please leave me a message and I will get back to you when I'm done.

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January 23, 2015


Angel message January 23, 2015

Rise and shine, my earth angels, big messages for you today!

It's 5:36 am, eastern time, as I write this. I literally woke at 5:30 with messages to give you. I made a pit-stop to the ladies' room, went to my coffee maker and pressed the button, and now I'm here at my desk, over flowing with messages which just came from a dream that was power-packed. This is for you, today.

My angels want me to paint a picture for you because they said you like it and it makes better sense for you. Now, come with me and just imagine.

You're driving down the road on your way to work. It's the same road you've driven down thousands of times. The road is pitted and full of pot holes, but you keep driving down this road because you know it and because you don't want to take the time to find another way. Because of you driving down this pitted road, your car suffers tremendously. You've gotten a few flat tires, your muffler came down, your shocks are beginning to wear, and overall, your car is taking a beating, and needless to say, so is your wallet. But, you insist on coming down this road instead of finding a new way.
Today's first message is about change. My sweet friends, you cannot make strides and get to your desired outcome if you are unwilling to make a change in your life. If you are doing THE SAME EXACT THING EVERYDAY, you will not see change. YOU MUST MAKE AT LEAST ONE NEW CHANGE. DO IT NOW!


Here again, my angels want me to paint a picture, so follow me on this, if you please.

 Imagine that spring has arrived and you're anxious to begin planting flowers. The ground must be prepared as the winter was harsh. The first thing you do is till the soil because you want to get in there and open the ground and bring new dirt to the top. You want to get the soil prepared for the seeds or the plantings. And you do all of this in order for the seeds and plantings to receive the sun and nourishment.
What you're actually doing is scraping away the top coating of earth to ALLOW new growth, and the angels want you to know this and learn this.

TO RECEIVE blessings you must scrape away the top coat of your beliefs. You must begin to shed them, purge them, wash them away in order to allow the Creator's blessings to come into your life. If you do not do this, all your affirmations will have been in vain, because it's as though you have put a layer of coating over yourselves. Without removing the coating, the law of attraction is bouncing off you. YOU MUST ALLOW IN ORDER TO RECEIVE.

Saying I ALLOW ALL GOOD THINGS isn't how it works. You can only fool yourselves for so long. Has it worked so far?

Dear friends, please, this is so big and I want you to really get this.

As always, if you want a reading, please message me for price and availability. If it's a clearing you need, that's a longer session so please message me.

 If you just want to be friends, I would love that. Send a request.

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January 22, 2015


Namaste, soul family,

I've read your comments from last nights' message concerning dreams. And I don't have the time to delve into it too deeply, but I would like to at least touch base on some of your questions.

I say this all the time, and if you look over my past posts, you'll agree that my biggest thing about life is belief. When you study the human psyche to the extent that I do, and when you open your abilities to communicate with the other side, you gain a knowledge that can only be explained. I can articulate my experiences as best as I can; but when another does not experience what I've experienced, then belief becomes a shallow possibility.

Having said this, I will answer some of your questions as best as possible, but please keep in mind that my experience is what I base all my answers from.

Most of your comments were about the contents of your dreams, which indicated to me that perhaps you didn't get the gist of my message. It's my belief that the dream state is another life, another reality equal to the life you live in your waked state. That means you have two experiences each day--one in your waked state and one in your sleep state.

Your waked state is what makes sense to you, it's what you accept because you're conditioned to believe it's normal; however, it too, is an illusion, just as your dream state is an illusion. The reason why you can't fathom the dream state as being real is because it seems totally whacked out, right? However, while we sleep, our subconscious, which is our soul's connection, is unrestricted and free to release the worries that plague us during the day. Our ego has been put to rest, and now the true captain of our lives takes over to express our daily concerns. We then have the ability to act-out our worries in the state which I believe is the spirit realm where ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE. If you believe in life after death, and angels, then it would behoove you to take a moment to ponder what I am going to say. In my mind, the other side is perfect. There isn't sickness, poverty, hate, or fear. In this realm, all you have to do is think what you want and it is so. We are pure consciousness, and when we pass, our bodies die, but our consciousness keeps going. That is how I can communicate with those who've passed. So, when you're sleeping, it's your spirit's way to release from the physical form and to seek out freedom to express your concerns which are in the form of symbols.

What's a symbol?

You know those crazy dreams? You could be flying, or fighting monsters, or turning yourself into a horse? These are symbols which your spirit is fully in tune with, but when it comes through your brain's filtering system, you're waking up and saying, WHOA, WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT ALL ABOUT? And you question if you can fly, or are monsters real? Or am I going to give birth to a baby with three heads?

They are symbols that you must decipher. It's like a code which your spirit totally understands, but when you wake up, your human element can't make heads or tails of it, so you take it at face value and don't give it too much thought.

Again, what I've explained is my belief. If you'd like to discuss it more, write your questions below and let's kick-it around to see what we can come up with.

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January 21, 2015


Good morning, my eternal soul family,

You wanted a message? Well, have I got one for you. Buckle your seat belts because you're in for a big one.


Yep! This message is about your defense mechanisms. What is a defense mechanism? It's something you do to avoid getting emotionally hurt. It is a subconscious belief that has been with you since childhood which has grown into a monster-size belief that has you acting in a certain way when you feel threatened by people or situations.

Here are some examples of a defense mechanism and the probable reason you have it.

You eat when you are upset; you eat when you are happy; you eat when you are lonely; and you eat when you are bored. The subconscious belief is that you are unlovable and unworthy of being loved, and don't deserve to be happy, and when you find yourself alone, bored, or in a situation where you're feeling happy, you eat to distract yourself from the negative thoughts that are trying to enter your consciousness. These thoughts are, I'm unlovable, and I don't deserve to be happy.
Is this you? When something good happens, you expect something bad to follow???
Think about that.

Headaches. You seem to develop a headache when you're faced with a situation you don't want to deal with. The headache comes on and now you have an excuse for not dealing with the situation.

You bite your nails, you grind your teeth, you have nervous ticks, you tap your feet as though you were a drummer in a band. These defense mechanisms more than likely have a subconscious connection to your belief that you must be perfect in order to be respected. When you bite your nails and grind your teeth, or tap your foot, you are trying to grind away your pain, or bite away a part of your emotional pain of the fear of not being perfect. Just for the record, no human is perfect.

You get dizzy. Yes, dizzy. I know this one all too well as I have suffered half my life with it. If you have gone to the doctor for dizziness and the doctor can't find anything wrong with you, your dizziness is more than likely connected to your subconscious belief that you must do it all and be it all in order to make a contribution in this world. The dizziness comes on when you become overloaded and don't know what to do first; when you want to fix everything and make it right. In other words, YOU WANT TO CONTROL EVERYTHING AND YOU CAN'T. It's a control issue. The dizziness is a metaphor for chaos.

The above examples are just a few of what a defense mechanism is. The angels want you to step back and examine if you have a defense mechanism. Why? Because they have shown me that you are using them to avoid living your life. You are using them and making excuses to not take that first step.

Yes, sweet friends, it's about dealing with things. And no one knows how difficult this is better than me.

January 20, 2015


Angel message January 20, 2015

Life was simple when I was a child

Good morning, my sweetest friends,

Today's angel message is about romance and love and why things aren't working out the way you planned.

My angels want me to tell you that this message is very rudimentary, meaning, it's basic knowledge which you already know, but yet to believe or truly understand.

 Many of you, I'm being told, are suffering in bad relationships. Because of the anxiety and mistrust in your relationships, your bodies are in pain, and this includes big STOMACH issues and female issues.
The angels are telling me that the reason for your toxic relationships is your lack of understanding that you must love yourself; and I know that if I were to ask each of you if you truly loved yourself, you'd say, YES, OF COURSE, VAL.


I'm being told that you don't, and it's because of family matters that you witnessed and endured as a child. I know this is a fact, and I also know that if you do not reconcile it by going deep within and clearing these issues of non-self love, you won't find love and will end up remaining in your toxic relationships or going into another toxic relationship.

I can preach about love and how you must love yourselves; but why? I am not a preacher, only a messenger. And what good would it do if I preached this message, when deep down, you won't accept it? Acceptance is key and is the path toward spiritual growth and deep inner peace.
My beautiful, sweet friends, life is too short, and if you must wake each day in fear of being left by your partner, or abused by your partner, or being cheated on by your partner, then it's time to take the bull by its horns and do something about it.

The angels are ready to help you, but you must take that first step toward helping yourselves.
As always, I will be doing readings. If you want a reading, please message me on FACEBOOK for availability and price.

January 18, 2015


Good morning, peaceful souls.

Today's message is about priorities. My angels and my spirit guide always tell me this message when I have decisions to make, and it's been put on my heart to tell it to you this morning.

Many of you must make decisions, right? We all do. Every single day we wake and are faced with decisions; however, how do you think you arrive at choosing what to do first? Your beliefs. So let's examine this quickly.

This is an example the angels just gave me. What's more important, buying another pack of cigarettes when you have no food in your fridge or buying bread and milk with that same money? What's more important, putting yourself on an exercise regiment or plopping down on the couch and telling yourself you'll start tomorrow?

The angels are saying that if you want to achieve your desired goal, you must choose your actions according to priority. Complaining and doing nothing about your situation gets real old.

If you have been wanting to do something and keep putting it off, ask yourself why? Something you want should not be ignored. If it's a thought that stays with you, there's a reason. Do it. If you know you want to do it, DO IT.

January 17, 2015



The angels have been talking to me since 3 am this morning, filling me with all types of ideas that they wanted me to express to you. They want me to emphasize the power of facing the truth. I know this is a given--we all know the saying that the truth shall set us free. But did you know that most of your issues are caused by not dealing with YOUR TRUTH?

The angels are telling me that denial is NOT just a river, and that to deny your emotional pain, is to deny your very existence, which ultimately results in the body breaking down. I'm being told many of you are facing a betrayal in your relationships, low self esteem, and the pain of accepting that your parents weren't loving to you. My heart aches for each of you. But dear friends, this too shall pass.

The angels are telling me to tell you that the past is only a thought that you hold onto, and the reason you hold onto it, is because you feel you have nothing to believe in, in the now. SO NOT TRUE.

We will be dealing with letting go of the past. If you stick with me, we will begin to unmask these issues with the guidance of my angels and yours.



January 16, 2015


Angel message for Friday, January 16, 2015

Rise and shine, my beautiful friends. Today's message will require plenty of thought, followed by action.

My angels are posing a question to each of you, and they tell me at some point in your lives, you've asked this. The question my angels have for you is this: WHY ME?

I know that I've said this countless times in my life, and I can pretty much bet so have you. However, I'm being shown that many of you not only say this, but you truly believe there is a curse on you. The angels understand why you do it. They know your history, they know about your path and how you arrived at being who you are at this moment. But they say that you don't know how you arrived at being you, and THE TIME IS NOW to find out.

The angels want you to know that there are no curses; however, if you believe in curses then so it will be. They want you to know that there are no vows; however, if you believe in vows--be it in this lifetime or a past lifetime--then so it will be. They want you to know if you believe in evil, then so you shall see it in your lives. Once again, REPEAT AFTER ME . . . LIFE HAPPENS THROUGH ME, NOT TO ME. And now, the angels want me to explain this to you.

Follow me, ok? Most humans look at their lives and believe that all their situations--jobs, family, friends, romance, accidents, bad health, poverty--is what is affecting them. They say comments such as: Well, if my boss wasn't such an ass, I could be happy at my job.

OR, they say: If the country was in better shape, I could earn more money.

OR, they say: If my family only understood me, we'd get along.

OR, they say: If my health was better, I could go to work

OR, they say; If Joy wasn't such a bad person, maybe I'd accept her.

All of these examples are to demonstrate how people blame the OUTSIDE world instead of understanding that they had attracted the bad job, the bad health (and this is fact), the bad weather, (another fact we'll discuss another time) etc.

You believe that the outside world is affecting you, when the truth is YOU AND YOUR BELIEFS are creating the outside world and it's being reflected back to you so you can see it, and change it.
LAW OF ATTRACTON KIDS. There is no, why me? when you understand this.

The angels say many of you are playing the victim role. Find out why and clear it up, now!!!!

*****Yesterday there were over 100 messages and I believe I got to all of you. YES, I AM DOING READINGS and Yes, I will get you in if you are serious.******
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January 14, 2015

Doreen Virtue Angel Card Reading Today by Valentine deFrancis

UPDATE: THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT SO PLEASE READ IT THOROUGHLY. Before you continue to read today's angel card reading, I've been guided to tell you that the angels WILL NOT REMOVE FEARS AND DOUBTS AND THIS IS BECAUSE OF TWO REASONS.
1--Free will. You must make the concrete decision to work on your fears
2--Your fears serve a major purpose in your spiritual ascension. It is to help you navigate through your journey to finding your truth.

Good morning, eternal seekers of truth,


As promised, as well as guided by my angels and spirit guide, I am doing a three-card Angel card reading. I am using the Angel Tarot Cards created by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine and have chosen the three cards by using prayer, command, and the law of attraction. The picture is at the bottom of this post.

I have asked the Creator to assist me in picking the cards that would be in everyone's highest interest, and these are the cards that I shall be working with.

First card picked which represents your immediate past is FOUR OF EARTH

Second card picked which represents your present is EIGHT OF EARTH.

Third card picked is the KNIGHT OF WATER which represents the future.

So, this is very very interesting and quite a wonderful thing for all of you. The Earth card represents our everyday living; our material possessions, our homes, lives, finances, our connection to natural resources. Now, the first card pulled is the FOUR OF EARTH, which indicates your immediate past. This card is about being either too cautious with money or too frivolous with money. Also, it offers the idea that you could make a good business decision. And perhaps giving to those less fortunate.


I am getting the message that this card is about fear; fear of not having enough money. What happens when we fear not having enough money? We become overly cautious with spending. My angels are saying that a wise person must watch how he spends his money if he is low on cash, but to have a fear of not having money brings the law of attraction into play and this, in and of itself, will attract MORE OF NOT HAVING ENOUGH MONEY. I am being told that this is many of you, so it's up to you to find out what is buried in your belief system about money and clear it up. I am also being shown that your belief systems hold this fear from watching your parents struggle.
Now, being too frivolous isn't good either. Spending your money with little regard will come back to bite you. Some of you have a sabotage issue where a vow of poverty is in place, and how that works is if there is a vow, you could have millions of dollars, but your vow states you must be poor and therefore, you will spend it all until you end up that way.

The next card is the EIGTH OF EARTH which represents the now. And phew, thank the Lord that this card is next to the FOUR OF EARTH.
So, let's talk. Have I not been telling you that knowledge is key? Look back on all my posts thus far and read how I have been saying that the angels want you to learn about yourselves. Take courses, go to the library, get your butts in gear. This card is saying your skilled work is going to be rewarded. R E W A R D E D. It also states that learning all there is to know about a given topic---your purpose---will aide in this reward. Going back to school is a great thing.


The third card, which is about your future is the KNIGHT OF WATER. Now in tarot, the WATER card represents how deep our emotions run. This is about love, opening our hearts, and accepting who we are. It revolves around romance, relationships of all levels, commitment, and can also mean opening ourselves to the idea of letting our psychic abilities develop.

 My angels say that this card is about balancing your emotions and if you can learn to do that, relationships will flourish, marriage proposals may result, and families will gather. In life, it's all about balance, because too much of any particular thing will upset the apple cart. The KNIGHT OF WATER is about stepping back and looking at how sensitive you are. Very deep feelings about a relationship that is impacting your decisions. Please view how you are feeling over someone or something and ask yourself if this is how you truly feel.


I picked the cards, and told you their basic meaning, but like I have said in my posts, picking cards can be general and apply to anyone if they try to make it fit. But my angels are telling me that THESE CARDS were meant for each of you, and if you go back to the ANGEL REQUEST PAGE, WHICH HAS OVER 660 COMMENTS, AND READ THE COMMENTS, THIS ANGEL CARD READING IS IN FACT MEANT FOR EACH OF YOU.

Wow, I am truly impressed with this reading because if I didn't see it for myself, and if I didn't read all your 660 comments about what you desire, and what ails you, and what worries you, I wouldn't believe it.

As I write this, it is put heavy on my heart to hold a group clearing for you. Yes, I will do this for you, but I must have a show of hands below for those who want to participate, as this will be huge, and very involved.

January 13, 2015


Angel message for Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Good morning, sweet souls,

Well, I have to say that when I'm guided to tell you something, I am GUIDED. Today the angels want me to talk to you about blocks. What's a block? A block could be a number of issues that keep you from obtaining your goals. How do you know if you have a block? Simple. You know you have a block when you have done everything in your power to obtain a goal or desire and you can't. Often, the block is in your core belief system and until you uncover the block, or the belief that holds you back, your issue remains a part of your life.

My angels and my spirit guide want me to impress upon you that these blocks could have been placed within your energy fields from either a past life which perhaps had not been dealt with and carried into this life, or from when you were a young baby in this life. Either way, if you aren't getting results from all your efforts, time to find out what the block is.


Now, what the angels want me to tell you next does not have to do with religion, so please know this and don't over react.

They want me to tell you that while you are in prayer to please be bold when speaking with the Creator. Yes, be bold. This means that you must begin to talk with authority. Tell the Creator that you are ready, and able, and most certainly willing to take your place in this world and to bring it on. When you do this, you have placed YOUR FIRM DECISION to accept the challenges brought upon you, and this will allow the law of attraction--otherwise known as the CREATOR-- to smile down on you and begin the process of delivering your dreams.

Did you know that when you speak to the Creator in a mushy, fearful, pleading way, not much will happen? However, the angels say that if you speak to the Creator in a firm, yet loving way, with authority, decision, and command, all things will begin to happen. It is not blasphemous to pray with authority, as this is how the Lord has created us.


Finally, the angels want you to know that our egos will create situations to accommodate our belief systems. What this means is if our core belief is that we are unworthy of making money, our ego will give us ideas and thoughts to back up the subconscious and will gear us into making the wrong choices or decisions. What does that mean to you? You will tell yourself a lie to justify why you didn't get the job, or why your relationship is failing, or why you are always right in an argument. Your ego will give you false hope and lie, but this is because that is its function. LEARN ABOUT THE MIND and you will begin to see change.

As always, if you want a reading, please message me for time and price, and if you want to just be friends, send me a request.

Love to all


January 12, 2015



Angel message January 12, 2015

Happy Monday, dear angel hearts,

So, this message is probably going to get a few people ticked-off at me, but when I'm told to give a message, I give it. So, before you react, please read it carefully. Deal?
The angels want me to start off by giving you the example first.

If I tell you there will be a million dollars waiting for you at the end of a road, and it will be coming soon, you'd be jumping for joy, right? But after I tell you about the million dollars, what happens next? Do you just sit around and wait, and wait, until a year goes by, and you find yourself disappointed and disgusted? After all, I told you there would be a million dollars waiting for you at the end of the road? Didn't I?


Do you ask: What road? Where is this road? What do I have to do to claim it? Should I get the directions? Make a plan, Stan?

YES! You do all of the above.

If I tell you that a supermarket has your favorite drink on sale but the sale ends tomorrow, and I give you directions to the supermarket, but you don't go, will you get your favorite drink at half-price? NO!
Why didn't you go? Were you thinking there will be another sale, or, I don't feel like going out in the cold, or, I have other things to do, I'll just wait for the next sale? If you thought these things, guess what? You don't have your favorite drink.

The message today is about taking action.

I can deliver wonderful news to you about your future, but unless you take action, the message is useless and a moot point. The angels are excited that you look to them for help and for guidance, but they truly want you to get your act together and realize that disappointment will be had if you follow cards, horoscopes, fortune cookie messages, and things of that nature without taking action. Because, although cards could deliver a truth, without you taking the action, it won't come to pass.

Everyone wants the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, but only those who seek answers and then follow it by taking action, will know where the gold is and will get it. Angel cards and oracle cards are fun and often have very true information, but my friends, if a card was pulled a year ago telling you that abundance is in your future, and there still is no abundance, it's time to stop playing the card game and time to start taking action.

Waiting around for some thing to pass is wasting your life. LIFE HAPPENS THROUGH YOU, NOT TO YOU. YOU MUST MAKE IT HAPPEN.

My angels want me to do a three-card Angel reading for you, and as much as I am not wanting to, I will do it because they are telling me to do it. I will do the three-card reading on Wednesday if any of you are interested and willing to participate.

I have readings this morning and will see you a little later. If any one wants to schedule a reading, message me for an appointment. If anyone wants to send me a friend request, please I welcome all.

January 10, 2015

FEAR OF FAILURE IS HOLDING YOU BACK Angel message Jan 10, 2015

Happy Saturday, my lovelies,

So, this is going to be one of those messages where you bow your head and raise your hand to admit that this describes you.

You want to see change. You want more money in the bank. You want a loving trusting relationship with your partner. You want to kick the addiction. You want your kids to be happy, healthy, and successful. You want to know your purpose. You are gung ho~

The angels have shown me that to have all of the above, you cannot be wishy-washy, meaning, you cannot have one foot in the door and one foot out of the door. You're either in or out!
Now, in the beginning of the week, they were showing me that you were fired-up and ready to take on the challenge. However, they are telling me that many of you now feel depleted, as though it will never happen for you, and you are quickly reverting to your defeated attitudes. It's okay, my angel hearts. This is the nature of the human psyche.

HOWEVER!!! You must take a deep breath, look defeat in the eye, and tell yourself that all things, all good changes, come to those who persist.

The angels say that if you look through history at all your great inventors and athletes, scientists, writers, and even Jesus, you will see that all of them struggled. This is called progress, and without the struggle, you can't achieve greatness.

Greatness is obtained and gained when you kick the ass of your fears and carry on right through it. It's this fear of failure, and not being worthy and good enough, that throws you back into the mindset of defeat. This fear lives in your core beliefs and governs all your thoughts and actions. I realize some of you do not understand this, and some of you do not want to believe it, and some of you do not want to accept it. And whether you do or you don't, it still is true. If you are saying to yourself every single day of your life that you want love, you want money, you want a great career, you want to quit smoking, quit eating, quit alcohol, and it's not happening, I BELIEVE IT'S TIME TO FIND OUT WHY!

The angels are telling me to have a three card Angel reading for you, because they are saying you love this and have been wanting me to do this, so I will do it for you maybe on Tuesday of next week. I don't like to pull cards for a group because I feel they are vague and can apply to anyone, but my angels say there is a strong reason for me to do this, and so, I will.

***MY MESSAGE BOX IS FULL, AND I AM TRYING TO ANSWER YOUR MESSAGES CONCERNING READINGS. I am truly grateful that you want me to read you. Please be patient. I am trying to get to you.

Love to all

January 9, 2015


Good morning, beautiful souls.

This message is MONSTROUS, so please re-read it if you have to. The angels just gave me this: BEGIN YOUR LEVELS

Now, you may be saying what are the angels talking about? What they are referring to is the major ascension of your soul. This is where your belief and deep knowledge about you, as a spirit soul, comes into play.

Most humans believe that they are humans determined to live a spiritual life; however, that is incorrect. You have come to the physical world to experience the human condition, with all it's problems and imperfections, to ascend your soul's experience for a higher understanding of the Divine.

I know this is very deep, but the angels want you to begin pondering this information. Why? Because if you understand why you are here, why you are going through the hardships you are experiencing, you will take the next step in your journey with less fear of change. They want you to ponder that you, along with the family you have chosen, the friends you have chosen, the co-workers you have chosen, came to the physical world upon an agreement to help each other learn these lessons in order for your soul, as well as theirs, to achieve enlightenment. In other words, your plan was to come to earth to overcome a particular obstacle. You planned it with the others. You wanted it. You knew you could do it; until you arrived in your earthly body and lost all memory of how simple it would be.
This is major stuff. It's so important to grasp this that the angels are telling me that you should begin your ascension by reading, talking to others, meditating, or whatever it takes to understand this. This, my friends, is what it's all about---understanding why you are here. When you understand the makings of the mind, why you are doing what you are doing, and why we are created under the LAW OF ATTRACTION, you will not only be enriched, you will not only be on your way to a fabulous life, but you will become fascinated. WE ARE FASCINATING CREATURES.

Did you know your mind is so powerful that you can read other minds? Did you know that each of you can move objects with your minds? All of you have this ability. All of you can do this. Jesus said it best, and Jesus knew the power of the mind. He said, What I can do, ALL men can do, and Jesus was correct.

Many of you have written me about core healings and core issues. This is what I do. This is what I specialize in. Find out what is driving you. Learn what your purpose is. Understand why certain people get under your skin and you can't shake them loose. It all about YOUR LESSONS AND WHY YOU CAME HERE. Go to the library or book store. Read. Learn. Or you can come to me.

As always, if you need a reading, please message me. Love to all


January 8, 2015


Angel message for January 8, 2015

My dear angels,

Today is a day of decisions. Yes! You must make firm decisions. I am being told that if you do not make your decisions, you will stop all progress from coming into your life.
If you can't decide on leaving a bad relationship, this may help you. Ask yourself why you are staying? The choice to stay in a bad relationship is a choice made by you; therefore, you must accept and own it. This means you have to take responsibility for your part in it and understand nothing will change unless you make the decision to leave.

All family matters: Many of you are in sticky situations with your families and feel trapped out of guilt. After all, how dare we dislike our own brothers, sisters, or parents... and our own children?
The angels are saying that you don't have to love your family; just recognize that you ARE NOT YOUR FAMILY and have the free will to state your mind and to act upon it.
Remember, you and your family made a vow on the other side to come together in the physical world to propose challenges for each other in order to grow spiritually. If you don't want to believe that, it's your choice.

Your friends... grrrrrrrr. The angels are saying that if you are in a one-sided relationship, and you know what I mean, it's time to ask why. Loving yourself is the Godly golden rule--the #1 of all the universal laws. You must love yourself and to do that, you have to go deep within and see how you are made in the Lord's image. Once you see how beautiful and divine you are, you'll snap out of taking abuse from anyone.

***I have received many messages for readings, and can't get to all of you today, so please bear with me. I will give you all appointments. Just hang in there.

Love to all

January 7, 2015



I am the creator of my life, and I deserve all good things. From today on, I will take one day at a time to better myself so that I can raise my vibration.

I was brought into the physical world by my higher self's choice, and I will now begin to allow myself to remember this fact. When I contemplate this, I will allow myself to experience it in my mind's eye.

I am not my parents and I am not anyone's beliefs. I now recognize that I have my own life and will alter my beliefs for my best and highest good.

As the creator of my own life, I hereby create all good things. Money, love, friendship, joy, laughter and so it is.

I am truly God, here on Earth, and as such, I will begin acting in my own greatness.

Angel message for January 7, 2015

Oh, my lovely spirits, you are so MAGNIFICENT. I am honored to be among you because your energy is astounding and full of loving vibrations.
My angels are so proud of you and want me to tell you to keep up the work. It will ABSOLUTELY PAY OFF. But they are emphatic about you understanding the concept of sowing and reaping.

Now, I know most of you know that when you plant your seeds, you've begun the process of reaping a harvest. Right? The angels want you to know that THIS IS THE SAME WITH THE LAW OF ATTRACTION. WHAT YOU SOW, YOU WILL REAP. Begin planting your thought-seeds of abundance, love, good health, and deservingness into your subconscious. There are many ways to do this but my angels advise writing your words first. Writing your words has a way of sinking into the subconscious very deeply. It works, so I suggest to begin here.

My angels also want you to understand the universal law of forgiveness. Many people hold onto grudges. They do not want to forgive the person who has hurt them. But did you know that when you don't forgive, YOU TIE UP YOUR NEGATIVE ENERGY AND BLOCK MONEY AND SUCCESS, LOVE AND ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIP FROM ENTERING YOUR LIFE?
Yes, this is an absolute universal truth. Your anger and your unwillingness to forgive is actually keeping you from getting what you want. WHEN YOU ARE IN ANGER AND UNWILLING TO FORGIVE, YOUR VIBRATION IS EXTREMELY LOW AND YOU ATTRACT ANYTHING THAT IS EQUIVALENT TO THAT LOW VIBRATION.

My angels want you to please, please, learn this. You must forgive. It's not for the other person... it's only for you, so you can have all your dreams come true.

Love and blessings to all who read this. Please share it.

January 6, 2015

3 FREE READINGS ON FACEBOOK Angel message Jan 6, 2015

Important Update for January 6, 2015

Good morning, dear hearts,

The energy last night was soaring on this page, and the angels are excited for this group. They are saying that so many of you are determined to heal your lives and they will guide you to do that. But you must take action first, so please, take that first step. I want to give you all a gentle reminder that I charge a fee for my readings; however, once a month I give free readings, and am making the announcement ...that I will be giving 3 free readings tomorrow for the first 3 people who respond to tomorrow's post. So, if you're in need of a reading, stay close. If you're on Facebook, ring me up.


The angels just now said that they would like to see all of you take a deep look at your everyday routine. They are saying... LOOK, SEE, OBSERVE. This applies to all your actions, from the time you wake, shower, and take off for your day. Why? They want you to see that you must change a few of your actions to begin your journey to receiving a new job, and a new romance.
Now, these changes must be made. It's up to you to see how big of a rut you've created. We all have our ruts, but if we want love and if we want more money, we must break the cycle. And you can do it. Pay attention to how you say the same sentences every day, to the same people every day. It's extremely important that you do this. Start answering questions differently, they are saying. If someone asks how you are today, say, "I'm on my way to becoming great. Thank you!" In other words, STOP COMPLAINING. When you complain, you will attract more of what you're complaining about.

Single moms and single women of all ages: you will be okay. The angels understand about loneliness and the fear of what will become of you, your children, and your finances. They want you to become proactive and reach out to them through prayer. Seems like a no-brainer, right? But they are saying that many of you are complaining and not doing the internal work to fix it.

Depression: THIS IS BIG. I am being told that one of the main reasons for your depression is due to you NOT FULFILLING YOUR PURPOSE, so examine what it is that makes you smile and set out to make the change to incorporate that into your financial routine.
As always, please send me a friend request if you'd like a reading, OR, if you'd just like to be friends.

My heart is open to receive you.


January 5, 2015

Don't Stay Poor ANGEL MESSAGE FOR JAN 5, 2015

Good morning, to all of you,

I want to thank you all for your emails, messages, support, and love. My spirit guide and my angels are extremely happy with the outpouring of love and acceptance that you've have shown them. They came upon me early in the morning, around 3 am, and filled me with a message to relay to you today, all based upon your comments and readings yesterday.

Today is the day to examine the law of attraction. They want me to give you this analogy as an example which should be applied to any problem you may have:
If you're looking to shed weight and begin a diet, one of the things you must do is cut your calories. But, if you go and eat 10 low-calorie cookies, are you truly accomplishing cutting your calories? No. All you've done is tricked yourself into swapping out one bad habit for another. Why can't you lose weight, and keep the weight off permanently? Because you have a subconscious belief that you need to stay overweight, and if this is true, no diet will permanently help you. So, all the things that gear you toward eating for comfort begin to pop up, and its these triggers or situations that you have actually attracted and created. Why? Because we are beings who are governed and driven by subconscious beliefs. This is who we are. The subconscious will ALWAYS make you take action to keep the stored beliefs in tact: UNTIL YOU FIND OUT WHY YOU HAVE THE BELIEF.

Another analogy: You meet a guy and he treats you terribly. After taking all his abuse, he dumps you, and you find another guy who treats you the same. And you keep asking yourself "Why can't I meet a nice guy?" The reason is you don't believe you deserve a nice guy, OR deep down, you believe you need a guy just like your father, who was abusive to your mother. It's because of this that you attract every wrong guy. He comes to you like a magnet, no matter how much you think you want a nice guy. It's no coincidence. You've attracted him through the universal law of attraction.
MONEY: My angels are saying that it's time to get off your merry-go-round and make a firm commitment to take 30 minutes in the morning, and 30 minutes in the evening to quiet your mind and ask the Creator: SHOW ME THE BELIEF THAT IS KEEPING ME IN FINANCIAL DISTRESS.
They are saying to do this without interruption and to be patient. Let it come to you. Don't judge how long it takes or if you're doing it correctly. You are true and pure creators and now is the time to let this knowledge come back to you. It never left. It's only been buried by layers of life.


I am a healer, medium, and NLP master, and I can tell you if you don't examine your beliefs, you will not see permanent change. It takes time. Please love yourself and do this.

January 3, 2015


HUGE angel message for January 3, 2015

****See below for muscle testing answer****

Good morning, sweet friends.

By now you know I am a psychic medium, healer, and CACR. I am thrilled to be able to deliver messages from the higher realm. Today, my angels are urging me to tell you that you will absolutely be able to change your circumstances if that is what you truly desire.
They are saying that most of you want to see change, but deep down on an unconscious level, fear the very change you seek. This is because most of you have become very comfortable in your situations, even the bad situations.

The angels are saying that they want you to venture out of your comfort zones. They are saying to do this, get a pad and pen and write down what you want from this one God-given life. Write until your hand hurts. Next, read it, then re-read it. When you are done, muscle test what you've written.
What is muscle testing? It is a way to find out what your core (subconscious) beliefs are. Here's the thing. You really want to find out what these beliefs are because they are controlling your actions... all of them. These beliefs are keeping you poor, keeping you in addiction, keeping you in that abusive relationship, and the big one, KEEPING YOU IN POOR HEALTH. These beliefs cannot be broken until you know they are there, and to find them, you must muscle test yourself.
Gentle hearts, I know this is quite a bit of information, but the angels are telling me to tell you that KNOWLEDGE IS YOUR TICKET TO FREEDOM.

It's all about you and the universal law of attraction!!!!!!!

Message me if you have questions. Love to all

January 2, 2015


Good morning, sweet angels

Yesterday's angel message has brought many situations into the light and many questions concerning health and relationships have been raised. I want to tell you that all your concerns have been addressed, and here are the messages I have for you today.

My angels are very delighted that you are listening to their messages; however, they say that you must take action. If you do not take action, your situations will not change. If you do not take action, your dreams will not come to fruition. The action you must take follows:

Addictions: Some of you are addicted to drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, food, and bad relationships. The angels are saying that to love yourself you must find out the reason for the addictive behavior. This is easy to do; however, many of you fear what you will learn. Do not fear. The truth is never going to hurt you. Tears are a part of the healing process. So face the truth. And let the healing begin.

Love: This is big. The angels are saying that you must ask yourself why you are staying in your bad relationships? They want me to tell you that fear of having no place to go, or having enough money to make ends meet, or being alone are not valid reasons. They are saying that you will have the money if you truly desire to get out of your bad situation. Ponder it. Think it over. Why are you in your bad relationship?
The angels are telling me that your physical bodies are suffering because of pent-up frustration and withheld or misplaced anger. The true anger is at yourself because deep down, you know you should be leaving and you're not doing it.

The angels are truly on your side and want the best for you; but they are putting this heavy on my heart to warn you that pulling cards, chanting, and all types of parlor activities are only good if you're willing to do the work. A card that says you will come into money does not mean you will come into money. HOWEVER, if you're willing to do the internal work of finding out why you do not have the money, then and only then can the card hold any value. Does this make sense?

My beautiful friends, I am honored to help you and my angels are thrilled that you are willing to hear them. Please listen.



January 1, 2015

Angel Message For the New Year 2015

Good morning and Happy New Year

My angels are strongly telling me that starting in this moment, you must make decisions based on your feelings and not someone else's. They want you to know that they are always with you, and are here to guide you, HOWEVER, they will NOT interfere with your choices. You must make your own decisions. It's called free will.

They are telling me that lessons must be learned in order for your soul to expand.

Health issues: They are telling me about back problems. Those of you right now suffering from lower back issues please, please examine how you feel about your home life and money. This is the root of your pain.
Breathing problems and chest pain: The angels are saying that besides the obvious, such as smoking, those who are having difficulties breathing must examine their relationships and why you are allowing people to step all over you?

MONEY: This year is a pivotal moment for you to step up your game. If money is what you're looking to achieve and it's not happening, you have a deep belief that you aren't deserving and that you can't handle it. Examine this and clear this belief and things will change for you!!

I hope this helps.

The angels are very excited to be reaching out to you. God bless