January 6, 2015

3 FREE READINGS ON FACEBOOK Angel message Jan 6, 2015

Important Update for January 6, 2015

Good morning, dear hearts,

The energy last night was soaring on this page, and the angels are excited for this group. They are saying that so many of you are determined to heal your lives and they will guide you to do that. But you must take action first, so please, take that first step. I want to give you all a gentle reminder that I charge a fee for my readings; however, once a month I give free readings, and am making the announcement ...that I will be giving 3 free readings tomorrow for the first 3 people who respond to tomorrow's post. So, if you're in need of a reading, stay close. If you're on Facebook, ring me up.


The angels just now said that they would like to see all of you take a deep look at your everyday routine. They are saying... LOOK, SEE, OBSERVE. This applies to all your actions, from the time you wake, shower, and take off for your day. Why? They want you to see that you must change a few of your actions to begin your journey to receiving a new job, and a new romance.
Now, these changes must be made. It's up to you to see how big of a rut you've created. We all have our ruts, but if we want love and if we want more money, we must break the cycle. And you can do it. Pay attention to how you say the same sentences every day, to the same people every day. It's extremely important that you do this. Start answering questions differently, they are saying. If someone asks how you are today, say, "I'm on my way to becoming great. Thank you!" In other words, STOP COMPLAINING. When you complain, you will attract more of what you're complaining about.

Single moms and single women of all ages: you will be okay. The angels understand about loneliness and the fear of what will become of you, your children, and your finances. They want you to become proactive and reach out to them through prayer. Seems like a no-brainer, right? But they are saying that many of you are complaining and not doing the internal work to fix it.

Depression: THIS IS BIG. I am being told that one of the main reasons for your depression is due to you NOT FULFILLING YOUR PURPOSE, so examine what it is that makes you smile and set out to make the change to incorporate that into your financial routine.
As always, please send me a friend request if you'd like a reading, OR, if you'd just like to be friends.

My heart is open to receive you.


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