January 7, 2015



I am the creator of my life, and I deserve all good things. From today on, I will take one day at a time to better myself so that I can raise my vibration.

I was brought into the physical world by my higher self's choice, and I will now begin to allow myself to remember this fact. When I contemplate this, I will allow myself to experience it in my mind's eye.

I am not my parents and I am not anyone's beliefs. I now recognize that I have my own life and will alter my beliefs for my best and highest good.

As the creator of my own life, I hereby create all good things. Money, love, friendship, joy, laughter and so it is.

I am truly God, here on Earth, and as such, I will begin acting in my own greatness.

Angel message for January 7, 2015

Oh, my lovely spirits, you are so MAGNIFICENT. I am honored to be among you because your energy is astounding and full of loving vibrations.
My angels are so proud of you and want me to tell you to keep up the work. It will ABSOLUTELY PAY OFF. But they are emphatic about you understanding the concept of sowing and reaping.

Now, I know most of you know that when you plant your seeds, you've begun the process of reaping a harvest. Right? The angels want you to know that THIS IS THE SAME WITH THE LAW OF ATTRACTION. WHAT YOU SOW, YOU WILL REAP. Begin planting your thought-seeds of abundance, love, good health, and deservingness into your subconscious. There are many ways to do this but my angels advise writing your words first. Writing your words has a way of sinking into the subconscious very deeply. It works, so I suggest to begin here.

My angels also want you to understand the universal law of forgiveness. Many people hold onto grudges. They do not want to forgive the person who has hurt them. But did you know that when you don't forgive, YOU TIE UP YOUR NEGATIVE ENERGY AND BLOCK MONEY AND SUCCESS, LOVE AND ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIP FROM ENTERING YOUR LIFE?
Yes, this is an absolute universal truth. Your anger and your unwillingness to forgive is actually keeping you from getting what you want. WHEN YOU ARE IN ANGER AND UNWILLING TO FORGIVE, YOUR VIBRATION IS EXTREMELY LOW AND YOU ATTRACT ANYTHING THAT IS EQUIVALENT TO THAT LOW VIBRATION.

My angels want you to please, please, learn this. You must forgive. It's not for the other person... it's only for you, so you can have all your dreams come true.

Love and blessings to all who read this. Please share it.

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