January 30, 2015

Angel message for January 30, 2015 CARD TRICKS

Good Friday, sweet friends of mine,

The angels are smiling and telling me that just because Friday is here does not mean that we should slack off. In fact, they are impressing upon me to urge you to read this message slowly so you can have true clarity of its meaning.

If I were to show you a barn, would you say it's a barn? Yes.

 If I were to show you a car, would you agree it's a car? Yes.

 If I were to ask you: Can that car be a barn? You would say no, of course not.

 If I were to ask you: Can you drive that barn? You would answer, no, of course not.

If I give you a deck of angel cards and tell you to choose from three--that whichever one you choose will be your destiny--despite what the card says, would you be so inclined to believe it?
What if the card you picked stated you will have abundance when you become a doctor? Or, what if the card you chose said, All your desires will come to pass if you believe? Believe in what?

What the angels are impressing today is that wishful thinking is just that ... wishful thinking. I've told this to you before. Pulling cards does not make a change. Pulling cards does not work. The messages on the cards may make you feel groovy, they may make you feel like a team-player, but let's be honest here, are you still in the same position you were in from a year ago?

The angels want you to be realistic. They want you to ground yourself. They want you to take messages in context; use your judgment. They want you to understand that it's only a printed message on a card, and that if you desire the change that is printed on the card, you must get up and take action in that direction.

If I lay out three cards and ask you to choose the card you feel guided to, would that card change your entire life and make all your problems disappear?

My beautiful friends, today the angels want you to begin thinking. Use judgment. Apply knowledge. Get into gear. Go buy a book and make your direction happen, instead of waiting for some card to come to pass.

They love you very much, but they will not tell you untruths to disillusion you.

I will be doing clearings all morning. If you want a reading, please message me. If you want to be friends, I welcome all.

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