January 1, 2015

Angel Message For the New Year 2015

Good morning and Happy New Year

My angels are strongly telling me that starting in this moment, you must make decisions based on your feelings and not someone else's. They want you to know that they are always with you, and are here to guide you, HOWEVER, they will NOT interfere with your choices. You must make your own decisions. It's called free will.

They are telling me that lessons must be learned in order for your soul to expand.

Health issues: They are telling me about back problems. Those of you right now suffering from lower back issues please, please examine how you feel about your home life and money. This is the root of your pain.
Breathing problems and chest pain: The angels are saying that besides the obvious, such as smoking, those who are having difficulties breathing must examine their relationships and why you are allowing people to step all over you?

MONEY: This year is a pivotal moment for you to step up your game. If money is what you're looking to achieve and it's not happening, you have a deep belief that you aren't deserving and that you can't handle it. Examine this and clear this belief and things will change for you!!

I hope this helps.

The angels are very excited to be reaching out to you. God bless


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