January 16, 2015


Angel message for Friday, January 16, 2015

Rise and shine, my beautiful friends. Today's message will require plenty of thought, followed by action.

My angels are posing a question to each of you, and they tell me at some point in your lives, you've asked this. The question my angels have for you is this: WHY ME?

I know that I've said this countless times in my life, and I can pretty much bet so have you. However, I'm being shown that many of you not only say this, but you truly believe there is a curse on you. The angels understand why you do it. They know your history, they know about your path and how you arrived at being who you are at this moment. But they say that you don't know how you arrived at being you, and THE TIME IS NOW to find out.

The angels want you to know that there are no curses; however, if you believe in curses then so it will be. They want you to know that there are no vows; however, if you believe in vows--be it in this lifetime or a past lifetime--then so it will be. They want you to know if you believe in evil, then so you shall see it in your lives. Once again, REPEAT AFTER ME . . . LIFE HAPPENS THROUGH ME, NOT TO ME. And now, the angels want me to explain this to you.

Follow me, ok? Most humans look at their lives and believe that all their situations--jobs, family, friends, romance, accidents, bad health, poverty--is what is affecting them. They say comments such as: Well, if my boss wasn't such an ass, I could be happy at my job.

OR, they say: If the country was in better shape, I could earn more money.

OR, they say: If my family only understood me, we'd get along.

OR, they say: If my health was better, I could go to work

OR, they say; If Joy wasn't such a bad person, maybe I'd accept her.

All of these examples are to demonstrate how people blame the OUTSIDE world instead of understanding that they had attracted the bad job, the bad health (and this is fact), the bad weather, (another fact we'll discuss another time) etc.

You believe that the outside world is affecting you, when the truth is YOU AND YOUR BELIEFS are creating the outside world and it's being reflected back to you so you can see it, and change it.
LAW OF ATTRACTON KIDS. There is no, why me? when you understand this.

The angels say many of you are playing the victim role. Find out why and clear it up, now!!!!

*****Yesterday there were over 100 messages and I believe I got to all of you. YES, I AM DOING READINGS and Yes, I will get you in if you are serious.******
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