January 8, 2015


Angel message for January 8, 2015

My dear angels,

Today is a day of decisions. Yes! You must make firm decisions. I am being told that if you do not make your decisions, you will stop all progress from coming into your life.
If you can't decide on leaving a bad relationship, this may help you. Ask yourself why you are staying? The choice to stay in a bad relationship is a choice made by you; therefore, you must accept and own it. This means you have to take responsibility for your part in it and understand nothing will change unless you make the decision to leave.

All family matters: Many of you are in sticky situations with your families and feel trapped out of guilt. After all, how dare we dislike our own brothers, sisters, or parents... and our own children?
The angels are saying that you don't have to love your family; just recognize that you ARE NOT YOUR FAMILY and have the free will to state your mind and to act upon it.
Remember, you and your family made a vow on the other side to come together in the physical world to propose challenges for each other in order to grow spiritually. If you don't want to believe that, it's your choice.

Your friends... grrrrrrrr. The angels are saying that if you are in a one-sided relationship, and you know what I mean, it's time to ask why. Loving yourself is the Godly golden rule--the #1 of all the universal laws. You must love yourself and to do that, you have to go deep within and see how you are made in the Lord's image. Once you see how beautiful and divine you are, you'll snap out of taking abuse from anyone.

***I have received many messages for readings, and can't get to all of you today, so please bear with me. I will give you all appointments. Just hang in there.

Love to all

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