January 3, 2015


HUGE angel message for January 3, 2015

****See below for muscle testing answer****

Good morning, sweet friends.

By now you know I am a psychic medium, healer, and CACR. I am thrilled to be able to deliver messages from the higher realm. Today, my angels are urging me to tell you that you will absolutely be able to change your circumstances if that is what you truly desire.
They are saying that most of you want to see change, but deep down on an unconscious level, fear the very change you seek. This is because most of you have become very comfortable in your situations, even the bad situations.

The angels are saying that they want you to venture out of your comfort zones. They are saying to do this, get a pad and pen and write down what you want from this one God-given life. Write until your hand hurts. Next, read it, then re-read it. When you are done, muscle test what you've written.
What is muscle testing? It is a way to find out what your core (subconscious) beliefs are. Here's the thing. You really want to find out what these beliefs are because they are controlling your actions... all of them. These beliefs are keeping you poor, keeping you in addiction, keeping you in that abusive relationship, and the big one, KEEPING YOU IN POOR HEALTH. These beliefs cannot be broken until you know they are there, and to find them, you must muscle test yourself.
Gentle hearts, I know this is quite a bit of information, but the angels are telling me to tell you that KNOWLEDGE IS YOUR TICKET TO FREEDOM.

It's all about you and the universal law of attraction!!!!!!!

Message me if you have questions. Love to all

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