January 27, 2015


Good morning everyone,

Group Clearing

This Sunday, Feb. 1, I will do the group reading. It will take place at 2 pm Eastern time, so please google your time zones if you want to participate. We will be doing a general clearing for one hour, so make sure you drink water prior to joining in. As many of you recall from the last clearing, participating can leave you exhausted, light-headed, giddy, or spaced-out. It's only the energy being lifted from the deep corners of your core. So, please don't worry over it.
Please be on time.

Angel messages

The angels want me to warn you about energy vampires. An energy vampire is someone who complains all day to you, controls the conversations, has nothing good to say, and who demands attention all the time. These types of people will drain you of your energy and will cause you to feel anxious when you are around them. If you allow these people to take over your life, you will continue to feel lousy.

The angels want you to understand that you attract others' energy in the same fashion as you attract all things through the law of attraction. So begin to take notice of how you feel when you are around an energy vampire. In addition, we pick up others' ailments as well, so if you find that all of a sudden you don't feel well, or have a pain that comes from out of the blue, more than likely you are picking up the energy of another. There are ways to stop this from happening.


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