January 10, 2015

FEAR OF FAILURE IS HOLDING YOU BACK Angel message Jan 10, 2015

Happy Saturday, my lovelies,

So, this is going to be one of those messages where you bow your head and raise your hand to admit that this describes you.

You want to see change. You want more money in the bank. You want a loving trusting relationship with your partner. You want to kick the addiction. You want your kids to be happy, healthy, and successful. You want to know your purpose. You are gung ho~

The angels have shown me that to have all of the above, you cannot be wishy-washy, meaning, you cannot have one foot in the door and one foot out of the door. You're either in or out!
Now, in the beginning of the week, they were showing me that you were fired-up and ready to take on the challenge. However, they are telling me that many of you now feel depleted, as though it will never happen for you, and you are quickly reverting to your defeated attitudes. It's okay, my angel hearts. This is the nature of the human psyche.

HOWEVER!!! You must take a deep breath, look defeat in the eye, and tell yourself that all things, all good changes, come to those who persist.

The angels say that if you look through history at all your great inventors and athletes, scientists, writers, and even Jesus, you will see that all of them struggled. This is called progress, and without the struggle, you can't achieve greatness.

Greatness is obtained and gained when you kick the ass of your fears and carry on right through it. It's this fear of failure, and not being worthy and good enough, that throws you back into the mindset of defeat. This fear lives in your core beliefs and governs all your thoughts and actions. I realize some of you do not understand this, and some of you do not want to believe it, and some of you do not want to accept it. And whether you do or you don't, it still is true. If you are saying to yourself every single day of your life that you want love, you want money, you want a great career, you want to quit smoking, quit eating, quit alcohol, and it's not happening, I BELIEVE IT'S TIME TO FIND OUT WHY!

The angels are telling me to have a three card Angel reading for you, because they are saying you love this and have been wanting me to do this, so I will do it for you maybe on Tuesday of next week. I don't like to pull cards for a group because I feel they are vague and can apply to anyone, but my angels say there is a strong reason for me to do this, and so, I will.

***MY MESSAGE BOX IS FULL, AND I AM TRYING TO ANSWER YOUR MESSAGES CONCERNING READINGS. I am truly grateful that you want me to read you. Please be patient. I am trying to get to you.

Love to all

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