January 2, 2015


Good morning, sweet angels

Yesterday's angel message has brought many situations into the light and many questions concerning health and relationships have been raised. I want to tell you that all your concerns have been addressed, and here are the messages I have for you today.

My angels are very delighted that you are listening to their messages; however, they say that you must take action. If you do not take action, your situations will not change. If you do not take action, your dreams will not come to fruition. The action you must take follows:

Addictions: Some of you are addicted to drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, food, and bad relationships. The angels are saying that to love yourself you must find out the reason for the addictive behavior. This is easy to do; however, many of you fear what you will learn. Do not fear. The truth is never going to hurt you. Tears are a part of the healing process. So face the truth. And let the healing begin.

Love: This is big. The angels are saying that you must ask yourself why you are staying in your bad relationships? They want me to tell you that fear of having no place to go, or having enough money to make ends meet, or being alone are not valid reasons. They are saying that you will have the money if you truly desire to get out of your bad situation. Ponder it. Think it over. Why are you in your bad relationship?
The angels are telling me that your physical bodies are suffering because of pent-up frustration and withheld or misplaced anger. The true anger is at yourself because deep down, you know you should be leaving and you're not doing it.

The angels are truly on your side and want the best for you; but they are putting this heavy on my heart to warn you that pulling cards, chanting, and all types of parlor activities are only good if you're willing to do the work. A card that says you will come into money does not mean you will come into money. HOWEVER, if you're willing to do the internal work of finding out why you do not have the money, then and only then can the card hold any value. Does this make sense?

My beautiful friends, I am honored to help you and my angels are thrilled that you are willing to hear them. Please listen.



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