January 28, 2015


Angel message for January 28, 2015

Well, today's message is a real eye-opener, which I didn't see coming; although, I should have expected it.

Down below, I posted an incident which happened to me today. The post was to inform all of you about respect and boundaries. I had told you about how a person had invaded my boundaries by making an assumption that because they had paid me for a one-hour reading, that it allowed them to inundate me with questions concerning their domestic troubles. In turn, because I didn't give in to this person's demands, she requested a refund on the reading which I gave two weeks ago.

My angels told me just now, while in conversation with them, that what happened to me is a lesson in how to set boundaries within any relationship, because when we don't set boundaries, it results in suppressed frustration and resentment. Is this beginning to sound like you?

The angels told me that each person here today who has read this message or who will read this message knows EXACTLY what this means and should begin implementing their boundaries starting today.

My beautiful family of sisters and brothers, aren't the angels stunningly witty? This wasn't just for me. It was for you too, as most of you had commented below knowing full-heartedly that respect is an ethic in which we all must abide.

The question posed to you today is: Are ready to set boundaries on all the people in your life who expect blood, but give nothing in return?

Aren't the angels amazing?

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