January 21, 2015


Good morning, my eternal soul family,

You wanted a message? Well, have I got one for you. Buckle your seat belts because you're in for a big one.


Yep! This message is about your defense mechanisms. What is a defense mechanism? It's something you do to avoid getting emotionally hurt. It is a subconscious belief that has been with you since childhood which has grown into a monster-size belief that has you acting in a certain way when you feel threatened by people or situations.

Here are some examples of a defense mechanism and the probable reason you have it.

You eat when you are upset; you eat when you are happy; you eat when you are lonely; and you eat when you are bored. The subconscious belief is that you are unlovable and unworthy of being loved, and don't deserve to be happy, and when you find yourself alone, bored, or in a situation where you're feeling happy, you eat to distract yourself from the negative thoughts that are trying to enter your consciousness. These thoughts are, I'm unlovable, and I don't deserve to be happy.
Is this you? When something good happens, you expect something bad to follow???
Think about that.

Headaches. You seem to develop a headache when you're faced with a situation you don't want to deal with. The headache comes on and now you have an excuse for not dealing with the situation.

You bite your nails, you grind your teeth, you have nervous ticks, you tap your feet as though you were a drummer in a band. These defense mechanisms more than likely have a subconscious connection to your belief that you must be perfect in order to be respected. When you bite your nails and grind your teeth, or tap your foot, you are trying to grind away your pain, or bite away a part of your emotional pain of the fear of not being perfect. Just for the record, no human is perfect.

You get dizzy. Yes, dizzy. I know this one all too well as I have suffered half my life with it. If you have gone to the doctor for dizziness and the doctor can't find anything wrong with you, your dizziness is more than likely connected to your subconscious belief that you must do it all and be it all in order to make a contribution in this world. The dizziness comes on when you become overloaded and don't know what to do first; when you want to fix everything and make it right. In other words, YOU WANT TO CONTROL EVERYTHING AND YOU CAN'T. It's a control issue. The dizziness is a metaphor for chaos.

The above examples are just a few of what a defense mechanism is. The angels want you to step back and examine if you have a defense mechanism. Why? Because they have shown me that you are using them to avoid living your life. You are using them and making excuses to not take that first step.

Yes, sweet friends, it's about dealing with things. And no one knows how difficult this is better than me.

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