January 26, 2015


We are entering a new mindset

Good morning, sisters and brothers.

As I sit here writing this, the snow falls outside my window, and I am reminded once again of the reason why I am here, on this planet. There isn't anything as pure as the snow. It falls without worry-- it drifts where the wind blows it, and it stays perfect, until it melts and returns to its original form. It is life in the purest sense.

My angels have put on my heart to paint a picture for you. They know you well, and know how you appreciate description.

Imagine a balloon which does not have air in it. Now imagine blowing air into it. The balloon has become alive and able to rise to all heights. This is you as your spirit enters into the physical world.
The angels want you to understand that you come from one single cell; and likened to a seed that gets planted into the earth, your spirit from the other side enters the seed, or the single cell, once it is planted into the womb of your mother. Your spirit then gives the seed direction of how you will form. And when you have lived out your life and leave this world, your body remains, while your spirit returns to the other side; just like a flower which dies in the winter, all that remains is the wilted shell.

YOU ARE MAGINIFICENT BEINGS OF LIGHT, who use a physical body in order to manipulate the physical realm, and once you've achieved what you came here to achieve, you leave your body and return to the other side.

My angels want you to do what it takes to understand what you are. Your troubles and pain are to serve a purpose; it's to show you that you are what you have created. Your life, right this second, every single part of it, right down to what is in your refrigerator, is a choice you have made, be it on a conscious level or unconscious level.

You may get upset when you read that you have caused your poverty, your family hardships, your sicknesses, and the world around you, but I'm here to tell you, you have, and it's up to you to get your heads straight and take one problem at a time, and find out what the lesson is for you to learn.

The angels are beautiful, loving, and always around you, but you must do this, you must unmask what drives you in order to be free.

I am doing clearings this morning. If you want to schedule a reading or clearing, please message me and I will get back to you.

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