January 22, 2015


Namaste, soul family,

I've read your comments from last nights' message concerning dreams. And I don't have the time to delve into it too deeply, but I would like to at least touch base on some of your questions.

I say this all the time, and if you look over my past posts, you'll agree that my biggest thing about life is belief. When you study the human psyche to the extent that I do, and when you open your abilities to communicate with the other side, you gain a knowledge that can only be explained. I can articulate my experiences as best as I can; but when another does not experience what I've experienced, then belief becomes a shallow possibility.

Having said this, I will answer some of your questions as best as possible, but please keep in mind that my experience is what I base all my answers from.

Most of your comments were about the contents of your dreams, which indicated to me that perhaps you didn't get the gist of my message. It's my belief that the dream state is another life, another reality equal to the life you live in your waked state. That means you have two experiences each day--one in your waked state and one in your sleep state.

Your waked state is what makes sense to you, it's what you accept because you're conditioned to believe it's normal; however, it too, is an illusion, just as your dream state is an illusion. The reason why you can't fathom the dream state as being real is because it seems totally whacked out, right? However, while we sleep, our subconscious, which is our soul's connection, is unrestricted and free to release the worries that plague us during the day. Our ego has been put to rest, and now the true captain of our lives takes over to express our daily concerns. We then have the ability to act-out our worries in the state which I believe is the spirit realm where ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE. If you believe in life after death, and angels, then it would behoove you to take a moment to ponder what I am going to say. In my mind, the other side is perfect. There isn't sickness, poverty, hate, or fear. In this realm, all you have to do is think what you want and it is so. We are pure consciousness, and when we pass, our bodies die, but our consciousness keeps going. That is how I can communicate with those who've passed. So, when you're sleeping, it's your spirit's way to release from the physical form and to seek out freedom to express your concerns which are in the form of symbols.

What's a symbol?

You know those crazy dreams? You could be flying, or fighting monsters, or turning yourself into a horse? These are symbols which your spirit is fully in tune with, but when it comes through your brain's filtering system, you're waking up and saying, WHOA, WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT ALL ABOUT? And you question if you can fly, or are monsters real? Or am I going to give birth to a baby with three heads?

They are symbols that you must decipher. It's like a code which your spirit totally understands, but when you wake up, your human element can't make heads or tails of it, so you take it at face value and don't give it too much thought.

Again, what I've explained is my belief. If you'd like to discuss it more, write your questions below and let's kick-it around to see what we can come up with.

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