January 18, 2015


Good morning, peaceful souls.

Today's message is about priorities. My angels and my spirit guide always tell me this message when I have decisions to make, and it's been put on my heart to tell it to you this morning.

Many of you must make decisions, right? We all do. Every single day we wake and are faced with decisions; however, how do you think you arrive at choosing what to do first? Your beliefs. So let's examine this quickly.

This is an example the angels just gave me. What's more important, buying another pack of cigarettes when you have no food in your fridge or buying bread and milk with that same money? What's more important, putting yourself on an exercise regiment or plopping down on the couch and telling yourself you'll start tomorrow?

The angels are saying that if you want to achieve your desired goal, you must choose your actions according to priority. Complaining and doing nothing about your situation gets real old.

If you have been wanting to do something and keep putting it off, ask yourself why? Something you want should not be ignored. If it's a thought that stays with you, there's a reason. Do it. If you know you want to do it, DO IT.

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