January 9, 2015


Good morning, beautiful souls.

This message is MONSTROUS, so please re-read it if you have to. The angels just gave me this: BEGIN YOUR LEVELS

Now, you may be saying what are the angels talking about? What they are referring to is the major ascension of your soul. This is where your belief and deep knowledge about you, as a spirit soul, comes into play.

Most humans believe that they are humans determined to live a spiritual life; however, that is incorrect. You have come to the physical world to experience the human condition, with all it's problems and imperfections, to ascend your soul's experience for a higher understanding of the Divine.

I know this is very deep, but the angels want you to begin pondering this information. Why? Because if you understand why you are here, why you are going through the hardships you are experiencing, you will take the next step in your journey with less fear of change. They want you to ponder that you, along with the family you have chosen, the friends you have chosen, the co-workers you have chosen, came to the physical world upon an agreement to help each other learn these lessons in order for your soul, as well as theirs, to achieve enlightenment. In other words, your plan was to come to earth to overcome a particular obstacle. You planned it with the others. You wanted it. You knew you could do it; until you arrived in your earthly body and lost all memory of how simple it would be.
This is major stuff. It's so important to grasp this that the angels are telling me that you should begin your ascension by reading, talking to others, meditating, or whatever it takes to understand this. This, my friends, is what it's all about---understanding why you are here. When you understand the makings of the mind, why you are doing what you are doing, and why we are created under the LAW OF ATTRACTION, you will not only be enriched, you will not only be on your way to a fabulous life, but you will become fascinated. WE ARE FASCINATING CREATURES.

Did you know your mind is so powerful that you can read other minds? Did you know that each of you can move objects with your minds? All of you have this ability. All of you can do this. Jesus said it best, and Jesus knew the power of the mind. He said, What I can do, ALL men can do, and Jesus was correct.

Many of you have written me about core healings and core issues. This is what I do. This is what I specialize in. Find out what is driving you. Learn what your purpose is. Understand why certain people get under your skin and you can't shake them loose. It all about YOUR LESSONS AND WHY YOU CAME HERE. Go to the library or book store. Read. Learn. Or you can come to me.

As always, if you need a reading, please message me. Love to all


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