January 20, 2015


Angel message January 20, 2015

Life was simple when I was a child

Good morning, my sweetest friends,

Today's angel message is about romance and love and why things aren't working out the way you planned.

My angels want me to tell you that this message is very rudimentary, meaning, it's basic knowledge which you already know, but yet to believe or truly understand.

 Many of you, I'm being told, are suffering in bad relationships. Because of the anxiety and mistrust in your relationships, your bodies are in pain, and this includes big STOMACH issues and female issues.
The angels are telling me that the reason for your toxic relationships is your lack of understanding that you must love yourself; and I know that if I were to ask each of you if you truly loved yourself, you'd say, YES, OF COURSE, VAL.


I'm being told that you don't, and it's because of family matters that you witnessed and endured as a child. I know this is a fact, and I also know that if you do not reconcile it by going deep within and clearing these issues of non-self love, you won't find love and will end up remaining in your toxic relationships or going into another toxic relationship.

I can preach about love and how you must love yourselves; but why? I am not a preacher, only a messenger. And what good would it do if I preached this message, when deep down, you won't accept it? Acceptance is key and is the path toward spiritual growth and deep inner peace.
My beautiful, sweet friends, life is too short, and if you must wake each day in fear of being left by your partner, or abused by your partner, or being cheated on by your partner, then it's time to take the bull by its horns and do something about it.

The angels are ready to help you, but you must take that first step toward helping yourselves.
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