January 23, 2015


Angel message January 23, 2015

Rise and shine, my earth angels, big messages for you today!

It's 5:36 am, eastern time, as I write this. I literally woke at 5:30 with messages to give you. I made a pit-stop to the ladies' room, went to my coffee maker and pressed the button, and now I'm here at my desk, over flowing with messages which just came from a dream that was power-packed. This is for you, today.

My angels want me to paint a picture for you because they said you like it and it makes better sense for you. Now, come with me and just imagine.

You're driving down the road on your way to work. It's the same road you've driven down thousands of times. The road is pitted and full of pot holes, but you keep driving down this road because you know it and because you don't want to take the time to find another way. Because of you driving down this pitted road, your car suffers tremendously. You've gotten a few flat tires, your muffler came down, your shocks are beginning to wear, and overall, your car is taking a beating, and needless to say, so is your wallet. But, you insist on coming down this road instead of finding a new way.
Today's first message is about change. My sweet friends, you cannot make strides and get to your desired outcome if you are unwilling to make a change in your life. If you are doing THE SAME EXACT THING EVERYDAY, you will not see change. YOU MUST MAKE AT LEAST ONE NEW CHANGE. DO IT NOW!


Here again, my angels want me to paint a picture, so follow me on this, if you please.

 Imagine that spring has arrived and you're anxious to begin planting flowers. The ground must be prepared as the winter was harsh. The first thing you do is till the soil because you want to get in there and open the ground and bring new dirt to the top. You want to get the soil prepared for the seeds or the plantings. And you do all of this in order for the seeds and plantings to receive the sun and nourishment.
What you're actually doing is scraping away the top coating of earth to ALLOW new growth, and the angels want you to know this and learn this.

TO RECEIVE blessings you must scrape away the top coat of your beliefs. You must begin to shed them, purge them, wash them away in order to allow the Creator's blessings to come into your life. If you do not do this, all your affirmations will have been in vain, because it's as though you have put a layer of coating over yourselves. Without removing the coating, the law of attraction is bouncing off you. YOU MUST ALLOW IN ORDER TO RECEIVE.

Saying I ALLOW ALL GOOD THINGS isn't how it works. You can only fool yourselves for so long. Has it worked so far?

Dear friends, please, this is so big and I want you to really get this.

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