February 10, 2015


Good morning, dear ones,

Well, yesterday's message started the week with a bang, and now, to add to it, the angels are going to direct you to observe your addictions.

Now you might be thinking, I DON'T HAVE ANY ADDICTIONS, but I am here to gently say, YES, YOU CERTAINLY DO.

So, let's discuss ADDICTION

Addiction is the physiological need to repeat actions. I won't get into the chemistry of the brain and how the brain releases dopamine as a result of your actions, which in turn, affect the pleasure centers, which then form the habit of needing more of the said action, as it is deep and complex, so by all means, if you feel you need a better understanding of this then I urge you to look it up and read as much as you can.

Addiction encompasses many things, and we are addicted to most things, including the responses we get from our actions. We can be addicted to food, drugs, gambling, smoking, sex, love, but did you know that you can be addicted to anger? And revenge? And hate? And depression? In other words, you can be addicted to the feeling behind each of the above.

Did you know that you can be addicted to the need to feel yourself conquering problems? Did you know that you will unconsciously sabotage your life just so you can rise above and figure things out, all so you can pat your own back and say, WOW, I AM WONDERFUL. LOOK HOW I OVERCAME AN OBSTACLE, ONCE AGAIN? Yes, this is a fact. You could be addicted to the pleasure you get from figuring things out; so much in fact, that you will create problems just so you CAN figure them out.

Yes, my beautiful friends, addiction is the repeating of thoughts and actions even when we are aware that we are doing it. Unfortunately becoming aware isn't enough. And neither is will power. Your will is not enough to conquer any addiction. The brain's pleasure center will win out, every time. However, becoming aware is the first step, but you will need deliberate secondary steps to overcome it.

Now, the angels know that in the physical world, you will have addictions. It's all connected to the development of the brain and the subconscious. And if you throw in the fact that you are here to learn to overcome issues, well, you can almost say that addiction is a part of the learning process. And I agree. And the angels are nodding their heads that they agree.

So, what addictions are you dealing with that should be overcome? I would venture to say that drugs, gambling, smoking, and overeating, are the usual vices that need to be addressed first. And why do we want to kick those habits? Because they are being used to not move forward.

My friends, when we stand on top of a mountain and view the dramatic expanse before us, the picture becomes clear and we gain true perspective. This life is what we make of it. It will never be anything more, or anything less. If you want a fantastic life, filled with all of your dreams, you must stand at the mountaintop and take notice that you are in charge.

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