February 22, 2015


What if I told you that your mind, the intangible element of you, does not belong to you. It belongs to someone else. And the only power you truly have is to choose from the ideas that enter it?
If you can wrap your logic around what I just said, then let's continue.

That mind, which does NOT belong to you, is the Mind of God. And within the mind of God, is EVERY CONCEIVABLE IDEA, AND EVERY INCONCEIVABLE IDEA, floating through space and time, etched in the atoms, waiting for you to pick from.

The mind which you believe is yours, isn't yours. It's Gods. Chew on that.
My beautiful soul family, we gather in this group to receive love, friendship, prayers, and of course, angel guidance. When we do this, when we gather and chat among ourselves, what is actually happening is we are sending out energy across this planet. This is not just some ridiculous theory. Studies have shown that a meditation group of 200 people, meditating at the same time for peace in the middle east, actually stopped the fighting during the time of the meditation. The test was done many times to ascertain that it wasn't coincidental. If you only knew how powerful your mind is, you'd be scared; because to finally realize that you are THAT powerful is like first realizing that you've been walking around with a time bomb in your pocket and that it could have gone off at any moment. YOUR THOUGHTS ARE THAT POWERFUL. But remember, they are only powerful when backed by the feeling.

Today's angel message is about the imagination. Oh, yeah, the imagination.

Each human on this planet has an imagination. And I can bet that each human at some point in their lives has heard the saying IT'S ONLY YOUR IMAGINATION. But now, I am going to tell you a secret about the imagination, and it would behoove you to really pay attention.
Your imagination is where ALL manifestation begins. Your imagination is where ALL ideas begin. Your imagination is where ALL creation begins. Your imagination is reality.

How so?

Because imagination is GOD'S MIND SHARED BY ALL.
Now, reread that.
Can you IMAGINE that the space between your eyes, that place where you think, that place that does all the chattering, all the calculating, all the worrying, all the manipulating is the mind of God-- THE universal mind--given to each human, each animal, every mineral, all vegetation, to share and use and to create from? The word WOW, doesn't begin to describe the magnitude of this realization when you really think about it.

Do you want to know how the greatest thinkers know more than others? Do you want to know how the greatest inventors invent? Do you want to know why I can know what you're thinking, or what happened to someone whom I've never met? Because I can tap into the universal mind.

When you close your eyes and see darkness, and see the colors and crazy shapes that appear, what you're seeing is your thoughts moving about. Now, if you can keep your eyes closed and just relax your thoughts, those shapes slow down, and the colors slow down, and what you may then experience is just peaceful darkness. THIS IS GOD'S MIND--THE SPACE OF SOLITUDE WHICH WILL ALLOW YOU TO TAP INTO THE ANSWERS-- Which will allow you to tap into your guides and angels. But most of all, which will allow you to tap into God.




My beautiful friends. It was put on my heart today to tell you about your imagination. Learn about it. Go and buy a book about it. Understand who you are and how powerful a tool your imagination is. You spend your days imagining the worst; imagining revenge; imagining poverty, poor health, bad news. Gosh, if you only knew, you'd freak.

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