February 4, 2015


Angel message for Feb 4, 2015

Good morning, my sweet, beautiful soul friends,

Today I woke with a confused mindset. I didn't sleep well and had to ponder if it was due to something deeply based or an emotion trying to surface.
 As I sat having my morning coffee, it was put on my heart to deliver the message concerning grudges.

Now most of us know what holding a grudge means. It means telling a person you're okay with them, when deep down, you're upset with them over something that could have happened a hundred years ago. Holding a grudge is a form of self-righteousness and self-indulgent behavior. What this means is you feel justified for feeling angry with them; yet, you've not told them why you're upset. As you hold a grudge against someone--someone who may not even know that they've done something wrong-- you're behavior toward them is distant and curt. They may ask you if something is wrong but you respond by saying you're fine with them, while deep down, you're angry or annoyed and acting as such. The angels have placed this on my heart today and want you to examine if you are holding a grudge against another? If you are, let me tell you what happens to your body, your health, and your situations.

When you are holding a grudge you have a mindset of negativity. This mindset is full of anger. The anger is buried and works against your body by attacking your weakest point. So, let's say you have always had lung issues and have always been prone to chest infections. By holding a grudge, and holding in this deep resentment and anger, your body begins to break down at its weakest point, which is your lungs, and you find that you have developed asthma, emphysema, or worse, lung cancer.

 In addition to your body becoming sick, the law of attraction kicks in, and you attract people who are just like you---people who also hold grudges---and you find yourself faced with the same treatment as you're giving another.

The angels want you to understand that holding anger deep within is by far the worst enemy for your body and life. Ask yourself why you are not confronting the person you are angry with? Often, people don't have any idea that you're angry. Most cases, people have no clue that you've been upset. They only know that you've become distant and curt and don't understand why.

If someone you loved is acting distant toward you, wouldn't you want to know why? Talk it out. Tell the person why you're angry. Many relationships end because of unspoken anger.

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