February 5, 2015


Angel message Feb 5, 2015

Good morning, my dear wonderful friends,

And I call you wonderful because you are. You're smart, you're compassionate, you're loving, you're caring, intuitive, and just down-right good souls. And never believe anything contrary to what I have just said. You are the best.

I woke with one message on my heart this morning, but I am now geared toward another message which I think trumps what I had originally planned to tell you.
The message for today is about judgment. This is a very crucial message for your growth, and is the number one problem when trying to attract all good things. What is judgment and how are YOU being judgmental?

The word judgment according to Webster's Dictionary is to form an opinion about (something or someone) after careful thought

To regard (someone) as either good or bad

law : to make an official decision about (a legal case)

Now, when we become a judge, we have taken upon ourselves to deem a situation good or bad. We have made a decision. We have become partial. We have become closed-minded. In other words, we now consider it done.

Judging could go in either direction. We can judge people as bad or good. We can judge a situation as bad or good. But when we judge something we have put a restriction on our own beliefs which now interferes with how we feel about the situation or person. In doing so, we now treat the person or situation in either a negative light or positive light, depending on which way we have leaned.

Many times, a person judges another without proof or evidence, which happens because of core beliefs. When this happens, they bypass the facts and judge by circumstantial appearances. Then they go through life harboring either negative or positive feelings on the situation which then LIMITS THEIR PERCEPTION as to how life should be.

The angels want me to explain that there are many facets of judgment.

Besides what I have stated, a person who thinks a situation should be handled in a certain way is judgmental. An example is you have a belief that money can ONLY be earned a certain way. This belief stems from a judgment.
You believe that love should come to you a certain way and because of this belief you don't see other opportunities to receive it. This is a form of judgment.
When you have a mind-set and are not flexible in your thinking, you are judgmental.



When we have become so self-righteous in our judgments, we push people away--we have closed our minds to all possibilities that exist outside the perimeters we have set. We then become blind to the light that shines in all other areas. Judgment stops good things from coming in. Judgment keeps all opportunities from entering your life.

If you believe life MUST happen a certain way, you are setting yourself up for a lonely, empty life. Think about it.

It's not easy being perfect. No one is. Give yourself a break. Give others a break. When you feel yourself getting ready to sit on your throne to cast judgment, ask yourself if you are perfect?

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