February 18, 2015


You can think what you want all day long, but unless you believe it, it's just not happening.

Angel message Feb 18, 2015

Good morning, soul family,

Today, the angels are telling me to make something clear to you concerning the law of attraction. There seems to be confusion over how we create. Having said this, they want me to paint you an image, so bear with me as I do.

Imagine you're on the beach searching for the perfect spot to set your blanket. You look to the left, you look to the right, and then you spot a nice peaceful area to rest.
You drudge through the sand, get to your spot, lay out your blanket, and lay down; however, every now and then, the blanket becomes covered in sand, and it's annoying. You get up, give the blanket a quick shake, lay it down, and get on it. But again, the blanket becomes covered in sand. Why? Because there is sand beneath it, and that is the place that you must tend to first. If you don't tend to the area where it originated, you will continue to get sand on your blanket.
Your thoughts are equivalent to the blanket in the above scenario. You can shake them out, make them nice and clean, but they come back because you haven't gotten to where they originate. The place of origination is your belief system, and your belief system is governed by feelings. You are a being who is driven by feelings. And feelings stem out of a belief. And a belief is when you have made a judgment on a thought and deemed it to be true because of an experience that backed it up. And this happens in cycles. Why? Because you have attached feelings and significance to each of your beliefs, so when a thought comes up about a particular belief, the feeling also pops up with it---AUTOMATICALLY. Test it for yourself. Think of a person who gets you mad. As you pull up the THOUGHT, examine how your body is reacting. Is your head pounding, your stomach tightening, your heart racing? THAT, MY FRIENDS, is the key to the law of attraction. The feelings that you are now feeling is the whole key to what you will attract. You are a being who is governed by the universal law of feelings, or the law of attraction.

Many people are under the impression that thoughts are the key in the law of attraction, but this is not true. It definitely helps to have good, loving, healthy thoughts, but unless you believe them, it's not going to work. If you hate your neighbor because of several incidences that had occurred between you two, and then I tell you to think loving thoughts about your neighbor, because if you do, you will get a lot of money, can you suddenly change your thoughts about your neighbor? Well, you try, and you begin to tell yourself that you really like your neighbor, and that you are being the good person by having these nice loving thoughts, but if you cringe when you think about your neighbor, do you truly believe that you have changed your feelings and thoughts about your neighbor? NO, YOU KNOW YOU HATE YOUR NEIGHBOR. You can tell yourself she's great all day long because you think you're going to get money if you change your thoughts; however, deep down, you're not believing one word of what you're thinking. Behind those new loving thoughts are feelings of hatred, and it's those feelings that are attracting their equivalent.

I see people pulling cards concerning the law of attraction, and they are beautiful cards, but you must know the meaning if you are to attract what the cards say. The angels are strong on this. They see you grasping at straws to make yourself feel better. They want you to understand how you think, how you tick, so this way YOU CAN TAKE CONTROL OF WHAT YOU ATTRACT.

My beautiful friends, we are together in this journey. I am here because you have attracted me, and you are here because I have attracted you.

I wrote this in HOUSE OF INTENTION and I believe it. When the student is ready, the teacher will arrive. I don't know where the saying originates, but it couldn't be more true.

Think about the your thoughts and then examine the feeling you get from your thoughts.

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