March 16, 2015

Are People Showing YOU Their True Colors Angel Message March 16

Angel message March 16, 2015

If it quacks like a duck, is it truly a duck?

The angels have put on my heart to bring up a very important message today. They are saying that not all appearances are genuine. 


There are people who have fears of being rejected. They have fears of not being loved. They have fears of not fitting in. People have become a plethora of fears, and it's these fears which take away the quality of life and instead, fill it with blocks, regrets, and misguided motives.

If you're going to be a part of an angel group, as an example, wouldn't it be prudent to show love, respect, and concern for your fellow group members? If you're going to be part of an angel group, wouldn't it benefit the entire group to leave your petty jealousies at the door?

Why be a part of an angel group if you have hate, anger, and revenge in your heart? If you come to a group such as this, trying to overcome these obstacles, that's wonderful. But if you're in this group and you preach the virtues, (no pun intended) but act in ways that are petty and full of jealousy, why bother?

 It's likened to preaching your love for Jesus, but behind closed doors, you hate your neighbor.

This angel message today is about being true to your persona. What is your motive? Do you have a motive? Are you part of a group because you feel the connection? Or are you part of a group to be looked upon as a do-gooder?
Amen to those of you who walk the walk, in front of the door and behind the door.

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