March 1, 2015

DONT LET ANYONE STAND IN YOUR WAY Angel message March 1, 2015

Time is a fleeting idea; an illusion of mental movement, meant as a means to give you a sense of accomplishment.
Peaceful Sunday, dear soul family,

Many years ago, my father said to me, "Keep your enemies close, but your friends closer."
After hearing my father explain the above statement, I understood the depth behind it. Why would we have to keep our enemies close but our friends closer? We can all understand keeping our enemies close; because in doing so, we can keep watch if they try to betray us, or harm us.
But why do we need to keep our friends closer than our enemies?
One word . . . Jealousy
Many a relationship between best friends, including family members, have broken up over jealousy. The best person in the world, one who truly loves you, can sometimes feel jealousy. And having experienced both sides of this issue, I can vouch that jealousy is such an uncomfortable feeling. It makes you anxious. It makes you overthink. It makes you try to up-one your friend. It makes you a monster. It makes you feel so insignificant and unworthy.

Why do the ones we love feel jealousy toward us when they should be supportive and caring?
SIMPLE: they haven't done what you've done to get to where you are today.

Here's an example.

Many years ago, I went back to college. I loved it and did extremely well. While I attended, I truly believed my best friend was proud of me. Then one night, out of the blue, she was showing anger toward me. As the night progressed, the anger worsened, and before you know it, I couldn't take any more of her abuse and we got into a fight. During the fight, I kept asking her what her problem was. She wouldn't answer except to say that I thought who I was. To me, that wasn't an answer, so I headed toward my car to leave. That's when she screamed across the front yard that just because I was in college it didn't make me better than her. WOW! I stopped cold in my tracks and just stared at her. All through my four years of college, I thought she was happy for me and proud of my accomplishment, but she was resentful and angered over the fact that I was moving up.
I remember yelling back at her, saying that she could go to school too, if she wanted to; that if she wanted a better paying job with more security that this is what she should do. The fight went on for a while and then I got in my car and sped off. I was deeply hurt that my best friend was jealous of me and wanted to see me fail.
The above story may sound familiar to many of you---perhaps with different circumstances---but let me explain the reason people get jealous when you are doing well. It's because they feel they will be left behind. They feel you're growing and are going to branch off and do well. It makes them feel like THEY ARE GOING NOWHERE AND ARE STUCK with little hope. In other words, it forces them to view their life and acknowledge that they will need to step up their game; which in turn forces them to admit that they may fail. It's the fear of not being good enough.
The angels are urging me to tell you about this today. They DO NOT WANT YOU TO STOP YOUR PROGRESS BECAUSE OF ANOTHER.

The angels want you to keep going. It is the responsibility of each human on this planet to make a better life for themselves; and many times, people will not move forward if they think their friend or family member---and this includes husband, wife, or partner---will become angry or upset with them. UNACCEPTABLE. You must move forward with your life. Life is a series of accomplishments. As you accomplish one task, you move to another. This is one reason for the illusion of time. It's for you to keep going. Keep moving on. Keep dreaming and working toward that dream. Move. Move. DO NOT STAY COMPLACENT.


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