March 26, 2015


Angel message for March 26, 2015

Good morning, dear soul family

I hesitated to post a message today because the message was a bit unclear to me. But as I ran some morning errands, the message began to unravel, and as it did, it was confirmed by my guides.

Today's angel message is about giving a person enough time to ponder their actions toward you.

Sometimes, people hurt each other. Sometimes, it's unintentional, and other times, it's deliberate. The angels are saying to step back and not react to the person who's hurt you. By not immediately reacting and walking away to cool down, you allow the other person time to absorb and reflect on what they had done.
In other words, be the bigger person and know that God takes care of all things, and that karma, or the law of attraction, will always be at play. You don't have to do anything but wish the person well and move on.

Get it? Chill a little and let the forces that be take care of everything.

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