March 11, 2015


Angel message March 11, 2015

Good morning, dear soul family,

I posted a message on my page last evening about moving with the ocean; allowing your body and mind to integrate. I just want to explain what that means as I feel it's very important for us to do on this Wednesday.

When you're in the ocean, you move in slow motion. The force of the water keeps you from moving quickly. And when you're in the ocean, you instinctually jump when a wave moves toward you. You tend to blend with the flow. When you're in the ocean, you are focused on the water; your mind is caught up in the way it feels. You are one with it. Your mind and your body are free to be, free to experience the power behind the force, and it fills you with peace. When you are in the ocean, you can actually hear your thoughts. You can hear your breathing. You can feel the way your body slows down. In essence, you are in the now. You are in the moment.

Staying in the now is a difficult thing to do. When we have problems, we tend to go to the future, where we imagine negative outcomes. We tend to then believe these outcomes, which aren't real, which haven't happened, and we carry it with us all day long---even for days.

Staying in the now is a difficult thing to do; but if we can begin to control it, and if we can begin to reel in our thoughts by catching ourselves drifting to the future, we can begin to experience peace.
I know it's a difficult exercise to command the mind; but we must do this if we want to stop creating negative outcomes.

Why do we imagine the worst? Why do humans go to the future with their thoughts? This is something for me to ponder on, and I will have to go to the Creator for some answers.

For now, the angels want you to begin catching yourselves when you feel yourself drifting into the future. When you catch yourself, simply say I REFUSE TO CREATE A NEGATIVE OUTCOME and then focus on your body by breathing slowly and watching your hands. Try it.

Readings today. If you would like a reading, please message me for the details.

Love to all heart emoticon

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