March 18, 2015


Angel message March 18, 2015

Good morning, everyone,

Today's message is about drama. Why do we become dramatic? Now, I don't have to tell you the reasons why you become dramatic, but there is one reason which the angels feel you need to learn about which you may not be aware of. This is a little deep, but you're a very evolved group who will totally get this.

Okay, so on an everyday level, you understand that you become dramatic if someone offends you, or if you're angry at a situation. There could be a number of outwardly reasons for becoming this way. However, what I was told to tell you is that drama is an addiction, like all addictions, and stems from the idea that you need to feel your own self or you want to suppress your pain.

I'll elaborate.

Humans need love and attention. We need to express. We need to create. We need to know why we are here on this planet--what our purpose is. This, my friends, is who we are. But there are many of us who feel unloved, insignificant, undeserving, and unworthy. These beliefs more than likely have been formed from an early childhood due to poor family conditions. What happens over time is these beliefs shape who we are; they determine what we attract; and they make us act in ways to support them. So, it's like this . . .

We are spirit, pure and divine, and we come to this planet to actualize our thoughts and make them flesh. We come to this planet to create and to witness the creations. We come to this planet to grow and learn new experiences. This is who we are. It's my belief, and I got this belief after reading a dozen or so books, 5 times each, and then testing them, that on the other side of the veil, we are pure consciousness---in other words, a mind without a body. And we are blissful. However, we are in an eternal state of growth and will always seek to grow as this is within our God-state.

 Since we need to grow, and since we don't see physical proof on the other side, we come to the physical world where we CAN SEE physical proof of our creations. Our thoughts, here on earth, manifest into actuality. They become physical. We come here to see our thoughts turn to "real". This is the law of attraction.

Now, in the physical world, since we NEED to see proof of our existence by way of creating, we will create WHATEVER we need in order to see and feel our own existence. We need to feel ourselves. We need to know that we exist apart from our own self. We will do anything to feel this; and that includes creating inward drama, just so we can have SOMETHING to feel.

If our lives are meaningless, and if we feel unloved and ignored by family and friends, we will develop sickness, and this sickness keeps us feeling that we are alive on this planet. This sickness makes us know that we must be real if we're experiencing it. Again, keep in mind that this is the reason we come to earth. We come to feel and to witness and to create because on the other side, we are pure consciousness which does not need anything. However, again, since we are eternal, we continually come to earth and we do this to feel and to learn from what we have felt.

Why do people stay sick? Aside from wanting to feel themselves, people stay sick to ensure they will never be alone. A person will stay sick if they believe it's the only way to garner the attention of family and friends. This, my friends, is what the angels refer to as DRAMA.

Are you being dramatic? Are you setting yourself up for disappointment by acting in such a way that you are creating your own negative situations?

The angels are here to help get you on your path; and to do this, they bring light to the dark areas of your search.

Think about it.

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