March 31, 2015


Angel message for March 31, 2015

In the middle of the night is when we become real

Good morning, dear friends,

Today's message is a continuation of yesterday's message concerning money. If you've read yesterday's message then you're on your way to understanding the idea behind the vibration of money.

Yesterday, I explained that money has a specific feeling to it. Depending on your experience with money, it can hold a tremendous energy of either lack and panic or joy and freedom. But there is so much more to know about the causes behind these feelings. Let's start with some questions: why do so many people say that they want abundance and yet are in financial difficulty? Why do so many people affirm to opening their hearts to receiving money but still do not have money? Why do so many people say they are deserving of money but remain in debt? The answer to all these questions is belief.

Now, you cannot hold a true feeling of wealth if you don't have wealth, because deep down you know you're lying. And if you don't have wealth and are experiencing financial difficulty, then your thoughts are consistently revolving around how to obtain more money. And behind those thoughts of "how" do I get more money is the powerful feeling of panic and doom, not to mention a major judgment over how money is supposed to be earned. In addition to the feeling of panic and doom, and judgment, you're driving yourself crazy over "how" you're going to get this money and always come up with a block or reason why it won't work!

Moving on . . .

You can't hold a positive thought about money and feel negative. The negative is more powerful and that is due to the experiences that you've had which back it up.
And despite the numerous ways to make ends meet, including affirmations, pulling cards, quick-fix schemes, prayer, even joining groups, you're still you're not receiving money. Why? Because your feelings are what's controlling the show. NOT your thoughts, your feelings. If you've exhausted your efforts to obtain more money then there is an obvious block. And this is where your beliefs come into play.

These are just a few of the money blocks that many people have in their core value system.

1--Money is the root of all evil ( this is HUGE and most people got this from their parents)

2--Only the rich get richer; the poor get poorer

3--If I have a lot of money people will make demands on me

4--My parents struggled, so I must struggle too; after all, I love them so it must be the way to live


6--You have a vow of poverty

The above list is just the tip of the iceberg concerning why you don't have money. I do clearings all week long, and most of the people I clear have one or all of these beliefs combined.
If you don't have money, there is a reason. What do you feel when you think and talk about money. Examine it. You just may have a core block that needs to be cleared

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