April 27, 2015


Angel message April 27, 2015
Monday, Funday, time to Run-day, and good morning,

I want to address the emails that I've received since yesterday concerning the one-hour exercise of jotting down your thoughts. I think it will benefit everyone in the group.

A thought

Your thought is a way for you to witness your own self. You know you have thoughts because it is coming through and rising into your consciousness. You are pure consciousness with a physical body. When you depart your journey here on Earth, you will slip back into pure consciousness but leave the physical body behind. Your thoughts are to make you aware that you are alive; that you exist. However, believe it or not, your thoughts are not all yours. You are co-existing with billions of beings, and each of you are tapped into consciousness, and consciousness is THE MIND OF GOD, SHARED BY ALL.

Now, this consciousness that is shared by all also includes every idea you could think of and imagine, and what you can't even fathom.
The thoughts that you have all day long, the ones that seem to be on a loop, that you can't shake, are part of your belief system. When they run all day long, you know they're running, but you're believing you can't do anything about it. You are allowing them the freedom to trick you. You are not exercising your birthright to claiming your peace.

The exercise yesterday will aide you in claiming your peace. Writing your thoughts, to me, is THE most important tool any human could use simply because by writing your thoughts on paper, you see for your own eyes what the heck you've been thinking. You see it, and are faced with it, and now are aware of it. Once you are aware, you can't become unaware. Never! Awareness is the reason we are here. We come to this realm to see our thoughts manifest into the flesh. This world is the physical world and it serves a purpose. The purpose is to watch our thoughts turn into flesh. And it's our job to train ourselves to have beautiful thoughts that are congruent with how we feel, so that all these feelings of beauty and success can become flesh!

Take charge of your thoughts. This is your job. No one is going to do this for you.

I hope I've answered all those emails. Thanks, guys, for allowing me into your lives. 

April 26, 2015


Allow peace and you'll receive peace

Good morning, dear friends,
Step One
This is an exercise which the angels want you to do. Grab a pen and pad and carry it with you, and for one hour monitor what you're thinking. Every time you have a thought that is nasty, hurtful, hateful, or defensive, CATCH IT, and simply jot it down. No need to judge it or to get upset, just jot it down.

If you are serious about getting your life on track, if you're serious about having your dreams come quickly, if you are tired of not seeing results, DO THIS TODAY. This exercise is very easy but extremely important for changing your beliefs. You will have wonderful results if you do this step. As you do this step, and continue to do it, you'll feel a shift. You will see on paper what you're actually thinking. Your deliberate and intentional act of monitoring your thoughts is the most important key in the law of attraction. Why? Because your thoughts are rising into consciousness based upon what your beliefs are in your subconscious.

I have done this exercise for weeks. I still have the note pads to remind me of how far I've come on my journey. I have shifted my thoughts to such amazing heights and I have manifested so many great things. Do I still have messed-up thoughts? Of course. I'm human. But when they surface, I realize I'm not feeling good. When they first surface, I don't catch them. But as the minutes tick on and I suddenly realize that I'm NOT FEELING right, I stop and ask myself, WHAT DID I JUST THINK TO MYSELF? WHAT WAS THAT THOUGHT THAT I LET SLIP PAST ME?
It's in this process that I catch those pesky thoughts that sneak through the cracks and begin to examine why I have them. Once I examine them, I clear the connection of why they popped in, and I release them.

This is life here on planet Earth, kids. There is no escaping who we are while we are in physical bodies. However, doing this work will reward you beyond your expectations. Doing this work is the key to manifesting your desires. If you don't do the work, well . . . you know the rest.

Love to all.

April 24, 2015


Angel message April 24, 2015

In the still of the night, all can be seen

Quiet good morning, dear friends,
I AM what I am. I AM perfect. I AM talented. I AM brilliant. I AM relentless. I AM a warrior. I AM ever-so grateful for my blessings. I AM a creator. I AM capable of anything I set my mind to. I AM deserving of all good things. I AM good, just the way I am.

I AM are the two words in any language that carry the most importance. They are the two most powerful words for mankind. I AM states your existence. It declares your intention. It sets the record straight. I AM tells the universe that you're in charge--that it must respect and obey what you are.
How many times a day do you say I AM? Think about it. But when you speak these two powerful words, do you speak them in congruence with the Lord? Do you speak them with conviction? Do you speak them with love? Or do you speak them with venom? Do you speak them with disgust? Do you speak them with hate? Do you speak them while feeling unworthy?

I AM moves the universe and translates what you command into the flesh. When you say I AM, you are telling the world, and the universe, but more importantly, God our Creator, and yourself what you are truly declaring. Do you declare yourself as a loving, caring, competent, intelligent, honest, forthright person who deserves all good things? Or do you declare yourself as being fat, no good, stupid, pathetic, undeserving, and worthless? Because, the law of attraction is governed by what you believe you are. How do you view yourself?

The angels put this heavy on my heart; enough so that I had to get out of my bed at 2 am, this Friday morning, to deliver the message.

I AM here to deliver messages and to teach. I AM capable of doing this. I AM anything I want to be. I AM truly God, here on earth. And as such, I can have anything I desire. I can move mountains. I can heal. I can prosper. I can! The universe doesn't know the difference between I can and I can't. However, it knows the difference in the feeling behind each word spoken. I can and I AM declares the positive and carries power and intention. And I can't and I AM not, declares defeat and lack.

Today, make the effort to catch how you speak. Make the effort to control your words. Think about what you are saying. Think before you open your mouth.

I AM. Therefore, I exist.


April 20, 2015



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April 18, 2015


Angel message April 18, 2015

Saturday, and all is well.

Today's angel message is about revenge and the law of attraction.

Here is an example to help explain today's message. Imagine that someone has hurt you terribly. Let's say it's a co-worker. And let's say this co-worker has gone to the boss to tell them that you were on your cell phone when you should have been working. After you've gotten called into the boss's office, you swear you're going to get even with your co-worker. You're so pissed that you can't see straight. You go home and plot ways of getting even. You call your best friends, one by one, and tell them the story of how your co-worker ratted you out to your boss. From there, you call your sister or brother and tell them too. You're so consumed with anger that you take it out on your kids, or your partner. Yes, YOU WILL get even.

Then you go to sleep and the following morning, you have a change of heart. You have come to terms with what had happened, and you make the decision to simply not engage with your co-worker. After all, maybe the co-worker was justified in feeling overworked. Maybe you HAD been taking advantage by being on the phone just a little too much.

And now, you go to work.

What happens to the thought of getting revenge? Where did it go? Did it truly leave your mind? The answer is perhaps, but, not entirely. Why? You are now carrying the feeling and the energy of what had happened. The good news to the above scenario is that you made the decision to not take action. The bad news is you're carrying the plotting and the anger with you, and it's a big feeling. And even though you say you're not going to engage with the co-worker unless it's work related, that big feeling of anger and revenge bubbles-up and stays on your mind. And every time you walk into your office, you immediately think of the co-worker. She's become a trigger for your emotions. And now, because this negative feeling is living within you, your vibration is low, and anything around you that has the same vibrational equivalency as you, is what you will attract.

What to do? Don't let it get that far. Either talk it out with the co-worker so that you can resolve the issue and let it fizzle out, or forgive the co-worker, or clear your feelings with whatever technique works best for you.

YOU WANT TO CLEAR THIS as soon as possible. This applies to anything that results in the thought of getting even. If you don't clear this, you will attract more of whatever is equal to your low energy. You don't want this. Believe me.

Thoughts are fleeting, this is true. But the feelings are what lingers and causes the reactions that you must deal with.

April 17, 2015


Angel message April 17, 2015

Peaceful Friday, soul family,
New day, new way of delivering an old message. This is simple yet important.


If you want money and you're doing everything you can to obtain it, and you're still not getting it, then more than likely you have a block.

How could you possibly have a block? You went to college. You were loved. You have great kids. You have the best partner. YOU HAVE A BLOCK? Can't be.

But I'm here to tell you, yes, absolutely. If you're struggling and doing whatever you can and nothing is working, you have a block. Why you have it is something you'd have to dig deep to uncover. What type of block? Could be a vow of poverty, or it could be a belief that you don't deserve good things.
Take time to examine your life. Can't tell you this enough, kids. Saying YES to money will not bring the money. Getting on the band-wagon and saying YES to receiving, will not get you the money. Has it worked so far? NO.

Find the block and remove it. Period.

Have a great day, my friends. If you want to schedule a reading or clearing, please PM on FB. Until then, peace.

April 16, 2015

Angel reading April 16th. STOP LYING

Angel message April 16, 2015

Good morning, dear friends,

Today's message is procrastination. Just typing this I can feel so many of you rolling your eyes and raising your hands. Why do we put things off?
It's easy for me to say that you're just plain lazy, and that would be a fair answer, but you're not getting off that easy, as the angels are next to me guiding me to give you the correct response.

Procrastination comes from fear. Period. It usually hides behind the mask of being scared of making the wrong decision. And under the guise of fear of making the wrong decision is the worry that if you do, you will be humiliated, mocked, judged, and finally, stuck with it.

The angels are saying that procrastination is one of the biggest lies created by the ego. And it won't do any good to teeter on believing this because this is the only truth about procrastination. It's a lie you tell yourself in order to not deal with whatever it is you have to deal with. Telling yourself that you'll do something later stems from either a lazy attitude or fear. That is it.

Now, if you're going to be lazy about your own life, don't complain that you don't have the things you desire in life. And if you're going to lie to yourself, then don't complain that you don't have the things you desire in life. Either way, taking care of your business should be the number one act you should be performing. Whether it's washing your clothes, cleaning your house, doing your homework, getting that cracked tooth fixed, and doing internal healing work, (my favorite), you must focus on you. You. There is nothing without YOU. Without YOU being consciously aware there is nothing.

Here's an image. How many of you have had surgery and been put out? While you were under anesthesia did you know you existed? Did you know about life? Or did you NOT know of ANYTHING? Once you came out of anesthesia is when you became aware of being alive, right? Without YOU being conscious, there is nothing. You matter. You're awareness is what makes YOU alive.

Get off the couch and do what you have to do. Step away from the mall and take care of your real business. Putting things off won't get you where you want to be.


April 13, 2015


Angel message April 13, 2015
Can there be peaceful moments to bask in? Can we take that moment to remember a peaceful memory? Can we listen to our favorite song and allow our smile to return? It's in the smallest moments when we feel the greatest joy.
Many people in this group have had hard times; those who've struggled with the loss of a loved one, unemployment, a break-up of a romance, sickness, and unspeakable loneliness. Where did it go wrong? How did you end up in this mess? What happened to your life? This isn't how it was supposed to be.
My heart is filled with overflowing questions, as well. We start our journey innocent and pure and end up on a path filled with strife, hardship, and little hope. I am going to say this and it may not bring comfort now, but it will give you hope: all of this, all of the struggle and hardship is so that you will make the concrete decision to choose life and love. And you may say right now that you do choose life and love, but I can assure you that you're choosing anger, bitterness, jealousy, and vengeance instead.
Please examine your choices. This is your ANGEL MESSAGE FOR TODAY.
Your choices on how you're reacting to these hardships are the reason you're not coming out of them. Please learn about your life and how you are attracting all your struggles.

April 12, 2015


Angel message April 12, 2015

Good morning, earth angels,

Read these next words slowly. Read each one individually. Grasp the meaning of each one. Then feel the essence behind each one.

Creator, I release this anger to you.

 I release the venom of this anger to you.

 I release the particles of this venom of this anger to you.

 I release it all to you.

 I say I release it to you as it no longer serves me.

 It no longer serves me because my life isn't better with this anger.

 It no longer serves me because my life has not changed with this anger

 Creator, I release this anger to you

 I release it to you because it makes me feel sick

 I release it to you because it makes me feel old

 I release it to you because it makes me poor

 I release it to you because I know of no other way.

I willingly, intentionally, and lovingly release my anger to YOU, Lord.


Angel message for today is too many of you are holding onto deep anger.
Better get hold of it before it's too late.


April 4, 2015


A peaceful Saturday to each of you!!!

Our existence here on earth revolves around coming full-circle. We always end up back to a place where we admit that we should have known better, or we admit that what we were looking for was right under our noses all along.
Most often our journey on earth is about coming full-circle. Our journey is about the long, hard road that leads us back to the realization of "why didn't I listen when I had the chance?"

But what would our journey be if we didn't have these aha moments? What would life be if we didn't have the realizations? In my opinion, they'd be very humdrum and not worth the effort. So I believe that the aha moments are a part of our journey, designed to be triggered and brought into our consciousness when we are in alignment with our truth. It's like the Lord gave us this soul level knowledge and said, "Here, when you finally get it, you'll get a pop on the head and you'll say, 'Aha! So that's it.'"
TODAYS' ANGEL MESSAGE is about the aha moment in your life. The angels are saying that you have been having many of these aha moments but are either pushing them from your acceptance by denying them to yourself or you're receiving them but not acting upon them.
The angels are asking you to ask yourself "Why am I in competition with my neighbor, co-worker, friend?"
There is a major conflict here and I'm being told that many of you are in this situation right now. You need to have this aha moment when you read this. As you read this, your aha moment should be telling you to live your own life, move at your own pace, and do what you feel inspired to do and not follow what someone else is doing in order to up them.

Guys, I love you all. We've been on our journey as a group for four months. This is a pivotal moment here which the angels are saying to PAY ATTENTION. YOU NEED TO HAVE YOUR AHA MOMENT, right now, today.

 Wake up to what is happening around you. Be who you are. Stop competing. There is no competition as there simply cannot be. If you are fulfilling your purpose, then only you can lead the way in that role.

I wrote in House Of Intention that AHA moments suck. And they do. Because AHA moments usually bring a truth into light, YET without letting that truth have its moment to shine, you cannot get your life on track.
Can I please get an AMEN for our angels love and guidance today?