April 4, 2015


A peaceful Saturday to each of you!!!

Our existence here on earth revolves around coming full-circle. We always end up back to a place where we admit that we should have known better, or we admit that what we were looking for was right under our noses all along.
Most often our journey on earth is about coming full-circle. Our journey is about the long, hard road that leads us back to the realization of "why didn't I listen when I had the chance?"

But what would our journey be if we didn't have these aha moments? What would life be if we didn't have the realizations? In my opinion, they'd be very humdrum and not worth the effort. So I believe that the aha moments are a part of our journey, designed to be triggered and brought into our consciousness when we are in alignment with our truth. It's like the Lord gave us this soul level knowledge and said, "Here, when you finally get it, you'll get a pop on the head and you'll say, 'Aha! So that's it.'"
TODAYS' ANGEL MESSAGE is about the aha moment in your life. The angels are saying that you have been having many of these aha moments but are either pushing them from your acceptance by denying them to yourself or you're receiving them but not acting upon them.
The angels are asking you to ask yourself "Why am I in competition with my neighbor, co-worker, friend?"
There is a major conflict here and I'm being told that many of you are in this situation right now. You need to have this aha moment when you read this. As you read this, your aha moment should be telling you to live your own life, move at your own pace, and do what you feel inspired to do and not follow what someone else is doing in order to up them.

Guys, I love you all. We've been on our journey as a group for four months. This is a pivotal moment here which the angels are saying to PAY ATTENTION. YOU NEED TO HAVE YOUR AHA MOMENT, right now, today.

 Wake up to what is happening around you. Be who you are. Stop competing. There is no competition as there simply cannot be. If you are fulfilling your purpose, then only you can lead the way in that role.

I wrote in House Of Intention that AHA moments suck. And they do. Because AHA moments usually bring a truth into light, YET without letting that truth have its moment to shine, you cannot get your life on track.
Can I please get an AMEN for our angels love and guidance today?


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